Nothing more and nothing less

cupIt’s been a while since I’ve posted some snippets, and as I’ve been writing constantly I have quite a few more to share. I hope you enjoy reading them – I’m nearing the end of This Mortal Coil (it will probably round out at about 200 pages, and once I add in scenes/edit it will be a bit lengthier; it isn’t intended to be a terribly long book) and I’ve left everyone hanging in Acceso, for which I apologize. When I’m spurred on one certain project, I can’t write in anything else. In any case, I’m having the time of my (writing) life. Read on.  


            She grins and motions for me to follow her, glancing both ways before running with delicate, hopping steps across the street. “Come on,” she calls again, “there’s something I want to show you!”

            I smile and break into a jog behind her.

            I see lights spill across the street, hear the screech of tires tearing around the corner. I glance over my shoulder to look.

            Leila screams as the front of the truck slams into my body and everything turns red.   – Acceso


 “Uh – I’m Mercury.”

            “You are?” His eyes squinted, looking me up and down.

            Oh, right. Every proto was given knowledge, like a computer hard drive. “Not the planet,” I said. “I was just named after it.”

            “Can I be a planet?” He was like an eager puppy, leaning forward out of his box, his eyes bright.

            I bit back a laugh. I hadn’t named him yet – I hadn’t even thought of them. “Sure, why not. What planet do you want to be?”

            He scratched his head. “Jupiter,” he said.

            I couldn’t help but be surprised. “Why Jupiter?”

            He recited, “It’s the third brightest planet in the sky, and it’s the biggest planet in the solar system. Oh,” he added, “and it has a red spot.” He pointed his finger at the air, as if the red spot were hovering somewhere in front of his face.

– The Care and Keeping of Jupiter


 Ezra’s grand entrance wasn’t all that different from anyone else’s, except no one was expecting him. So when he showed up at homeroom, all lanky limbs and dark hair swept across his forehead, everyone noticed. I’m pretty sure even a few of the teachers gave him a second glance – and probably a third, considering the same day he arrived, all he did was stand around and stare at everyone with a little smile below narrowed eyes, like he was sizing us all up. I only knew one thing about him – he was twenty years old, and for some reason he was still a senior.  – Daring Ezra


“I have seen the storm in the hunter’s eyes, and trust me when I say you may think you’ve won; you may think your queen has the king in checkmate; you may think you’ve grown so powerful not even God himself can stop you.” – This Mortal Coil

I broke an icicle off the mailbox. “I just don’t know what I want to do with myself yet.”

            “What do you like to do?”

            He was better than a boyfriend, I thought with a wry smile. Maybe Amie wasn’t as off-track as I’d thought. “I like to do everything, really.”

            “What do I like to do?”

            I stared at him. “I don’t know. You’ll have to figure it out yourself.”


            This was ridiculous. “By doing stuff. You know.” I waved my hand at everywhere in general. “Try everything and see.”

            “Stuff,” he repeated solemnly. “Okay.”

            “Sweet vanilla, is this how mom felt when I was a kid?”

            I hadn’t meant to ask that out loud – it was more a philosophical, probing question since I was quickly beginning to admire my mother more than I previously had – but Jupiter responded, “I don’t know. Do you want me to find out?”

            I pulled a wadded-up beanie out of my pocket and jammed it over my head. “Never mind.”

            We walked around the block. It wasn’t a long walk, but it was enough to get my blood flowing. Jupiter never stopped asking talking. “You get a lot of snow.” “Wow, an airplane! I’ve never seen an airplane before!” “Have you ever been on an airplane, Mercury?”

            Even Rin wasn’t this talkative. Or maybe Amie had just figured out a way to shut him up. Not that I hated the talking – I wasn’t a very talkative person myself, so I repeated over and over in my head with every crunching footstep, It’ll be good for me. It’ll be good for me. It’ll be good for me.  – The Care and Keeping of Jupiter


Angel laughed; a faint, breathy sound with more desperation in it than mirth. “I’m going to die,” he said in the syrup-slow voice of someone who had had too much to drink, “but thank you for coming.”

            Skata glared at the wisps floating around. “Looks like these things eat more than just your power,” he grunted, “they’re eating your sanity, too.” – This Mortal Coil


“Well, well. It’s been at least forty-eight hours since you darkened my door. I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.” – This Mortal Coil


Was the vampire deliberately ignoring him? Skata called Angel several unflattering names and stepped back to see if any of the windows on the floors above were open.

            Cupping his hands over his mouth, he shouted, “Get your hide down here.”

            A loud whinny from his horse made him turn around. Chaville had appeared seemingly from nowhere, stroking the animal’s muzzle with long, comforting strokes. “Throwin’ your voice at the window won’t bring him out,” she said. “He’s not here.”

            Skata walked down the front steps toward her. “Then where is he?”

            “I don’t know, but I’ve not seen so much as a hair on his head for a few days, at least. You think he’s in some kind of mischief?”

            Skata yanked the leather strap from his hair and tied it back to keep it from blowing across his face.  “I don’t think he can breathe without getting into some kind of trouble,” he muttered.  – This Mortal Coil


3 thoughts on “Nothing more and nothing less

  1. You’re so talented!! Geez, I’m jealous! lol! And I’d looooove to keep reading Accesso, but I don’t know if Mom would want that… She’s gotten very protective since what happened over the summer. :/ BUT KEEP WRITING AND KEEP BEING EPIC! I LOVE YOU!

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