A Change of Plans and a few new introductions

You know a couple weeks ago when I said one of my plans for this month was to finish Acceso? Acceso said “No” and shoved me in the direction of This Mortal Coil, who embraced me with open arms. I’ve been writing in almost nothing but TMC for a week now, thanks to the willfulness of my novels. I’ve had a few people wonder exactly what my characters in This Mortal Coil look like, and after my review of Amanda Sun’s Ink, Jenny at The Penslayer did a post of her character’s faces, and so in proper pingback fashion, I’m going to respond with more character faces of my own. As casts go, I think mine is one of the most beautiful out there.

 guy - jason momoa

This is Skata, the main character and Lamia Venator guild Vampire Hunter. His personality walks a fine line between likable and unfriendly. He’s out for revenge on his murdered wife and unborn child while sumultaneously trying to do the right thing. A blunt, hard-hitting bounty hunter fresh from America, he has a dark eye for every non-human he comes across, until he begans to semi-befriend a few of them. His long leather duster, well-worn wide-brim hat and sawed-off mare’s leg tend to attract attention and don’t exactly shout “Londoner!” but he doesn’t care. He’s also one of the only characters I envision as Caucasian – my vampires were inspired by a Japanese rock band, so I can’t very well get that image out of my mind. It fits the eccentric non-human look very well, I think. Ruki-the-gazette-26273802-951-1280

 Rukiel is a fascinating little guy. I say ‘little’ because he stands no taller than five feet, four inches – but his presence is enough to fill a room. Not only does he hide every unexpected trick imaginable up his sleeves, but he always seems to know everything about…well, everything. He has innumerable sources, runs a very exclusive private lounge for non-humans, and is not someone you want to push around.

Oh, yes, and he’s also a shape-shifter. This isn’t his real shape – his real shape is much more like a shadow-bat – but he found it pretty and fascinating, like a shiny trinket, and prefers his current appearance. The only time he’s out of it is when he’s sleeping, which he does in the Cathedral bell tower.

While his appearance is always well-dressed – if a bit…’unique’ – his hair is always a feral golden mess and his wit always rapier-sharp.


Angel is a vampire who flirts incessantly with everyone who crosses his path. He loves to irritate Skata, but no matter how foppish his mannerisms might seem it’s only a thin facade covering an extremely wounded and extremely dangerous Creature.

He seems very well-mannered and is a highly entertaining conversationalist, but one thing that would be helpful to keep in mind when talking to him is this – everyone he hates is dead. He flits from woman to woman like a bee in a flower garden, and not even Rukiel knows the secrets of his past. A gifted mind-reader, he’s high on Skata’s suspect list.

(He also seems to have stolen the affections of most of my female readers – after several weeks of staunch dislike for him. He has a very winning way about him, and so I’m not technically surprised – as he says, “Charm covereth a multitude of flaws.”)


  Cassis is a half-breed; half-human and half-vampire. While Skata first pegs him as a Judas, betraying his own kind to the guild in order to lead a quiet life, Cassis only wants to be left alone. A withdrawn, sensitive, kind-hearted creature, Cassis takes in an unwed mother and her young daughter as servants in his house when no one else will. An outcast from both humans and non-humans, he fits nowhere and feels the pain of not belonging very keenly.

He’s one of my most beloved characters; I’ve felt a special fondness for him since the minute he showed up. He truly wants to co-exist, and this is fairly easy since no one wants anything to do with him. It’s really unfair, as his heritage is absolutely not his fault.

He looks a bit sharp and unwelcoming, but once you get to know him you find an extremely loyal and caring heart beneath the fine bone-china exterior.


Collins is a mystery, pure and simple. Skata’s guild superior, he always seems to show up when he’s most needed. No one knows anything about him, other than to be head Guild Venator your record has got to be impressive with a capital I. Quieter, intelligent, and watchful, Collins doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, but is very understanding nonetheless.


Jessamine Tailor, the only woman to catch Skata’s eye since his wife’s death, is a charming, flirtatious debutante in no hurry to settle down. Quite unlike the usual quiet, excessively polite women Skata is used to in England, Jessamine is energetic and witty and possibly far more involved in the vampire mystery than Skata suspects.

noomirapace6Chaville, a young gypsy woman, is beautiful and clever and has a vast, intricate knowledge of poisons. Born with prophetic abilities, she tries in vain to give warnings to Skata and when he refuses to listen, she decides the best she can do is try and find out everything he’s doing so she can get there before he does. (Isn’t it hilarious that both my female characters are from the respective Sherlock Holmes movies? I didn’t even realize that until just now. Hmm.)


Voltaire. You know nothing about him yet, except what I will tell you right now – he is most definitely not one of the good guys. 


 The nightcrawler.


The gravekeeper.

(They’re both second-novel characters. )

I have many more characters swirling around in my head, half-formed phantoms waiting to be born during the sequel and the character novellas I have planned out for the Lamia Venator series, but I won’t talk about them now. For those, you’ll just have to wait. *wink*


18 thoughts on “A Change of Plans and a few new introductions

  1. Skata…Jason Momoa, right? LOL! From how I’ve seen him on TV and how that picture seems to portray him, he seems different from caveman guy hell bent on slaughtering aliens (Have you seen Stargate Atlantis??), but I’m still sort of laughing inside! But somehow, yah it still fits. 🙂 I honestly don’t know too much about the character, but from now on I’m prolly just gonna see that, but hey he’s a Vamp hunter so its not that big of a jump really!

  2. But. But….Acesso. (I’m DYING here. You could have stopped at a less cliff-hanger-y place already!!!!) *screams*
    I think This Mortal Coil is awesome. Plus the cast is exceptionally good looking. And Adler’s in it?? GOOD. ^_^

    • I think my cast is exceptionally good-looking, too. It makes it more fun to write. *laugh* YES I LEFT YOU ON A CLIFFHANGER. I know what happens next, I’m just trying to figure out how to word it!

  3. I love it when you have posts like this! You always have the most amazing castings. Ha, I’d probably read it just based on the pictures, but This Mortal Coil wizard way beyond that. Hopefully it’ll keep cooperating with you for a while!

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