An angelic (or not) sketch


I’ve had a bit of artists’ block lately; nothing I draw seems to come out how I want it, and so I was exercising my arm a few weeks ago, hoping to ge tback in the swing. I was trying to figure out exactly how I envisioned Angel, my vampire in This Mortal Coil, and at first I thought the sketch was turning out horrid and would eventually end up in the trash, but the more I erased and re-drew the more it began to flesh out. When the sketch was over, I had exactly what I wanted; and for those of you who were still curious abou this appearance, now you know. He’s very angular.


7 thoughts on “An angelic (or not) sketch

  1. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O Holy cow…that’s not how I imagined him at all!!! O_O …wow… I’ll send you the picture I always see him as…man that’s different. XD

  2. *whispers* I have temporarily stolen this..electric powered….device…thing. but i must tell you, Angel, darling, you truly must get more portraits done of you.
    Your eyes, ❤ (that is a heart).
    I shall see you shortly, darling.

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