Snippets and a surprise

I realized it’s been months since I’ve done a Snippets post! I’ve been working on so many things and been so busy with graduation and Summit, etc. that it plumb slipped my mind. (Fun fact: I’ve always wanted to use ‘plumb’ in a sentence. Amelia Bedelia taught me well.) But before I get on to the snippets, I want to announce a little bit of blog expanding! I have now created a Tumblr as a companion to {Wishful Thinking} – I’m not on pinterest, but on Pretty Wit & Shiny Things you’ll get to see what inspires and makes me happy. I hope you enjoy looking; it probably won’t be as regular as this blog, but I’m excited to show it to you.

~ Pretty Wit & Shiny Things ~

And now, on to Snippets – though I really should start calling them ‘sections’ as they’re too long to be proper snippets. I’ll give you one of each, since they’re lengthier than average.

I realize with a jump that the timer’s going off. I grab the oven mitts and pull out the last bunch of cupcakes. “The last herd’s out.”

            “The last what?”

            I pull the oven mitts off. Pink isn’t my color. “The herd. Flock. Group. Whatever you call a bunch of baked stuff.”

            Her face is turning the color of the mitts I just took off. “Batch,” she says through her teeth. I wonder when the laugh is going to burst through her stoic attempt at holding it back.

            “Fine,” I say. “That’s the last batch, then.”

– Acceso


I followed him as we climbed onto the bucket and pulled the door closed. I eyed it with suspicion. “Is that really supposed to keep us from falling out? I mean, the wheel in London was like a glass room, not…this.”

            “We’ll be fine, as long as nobody does this,” he said, and swung his legs. The bucket rocked backwards and my hands shot out, grabbing the side.

            “Don’t do that!” I shrieked, my heart hammering.

            “We aren’t off the ground yet,” he said, staring at me with an amused grin on his face.

            “Stop grinning before I punch your face,” I said, letting my hands slide off the side. “Seriously, I’m not good with…unsteady heights.”

            “I bet you are.” He leaned back, the picture of comfort. “I’m probably the one who’ll end up in your lap, screaming like a girl.”

            I gave him a sly sideways glance. “You’re just trying to end up in my lap, aren’t you?”

            “Chivalrous knights never take advantage of gracious fair maidens,” he answered. He leaned forward and I tensed, but he was not rocking the bucket, only looking at the door.

            I leaned forward, trying to balance my weight to prevent my headfirst topple, and read the words scratched into the plastic. A crude heart encircled the words H lovs S always.

            “I’m glad we got this seat,” he said, touching the words with the tip of his finger before relaxing again. “We can pretend that’s us.”

            “They misspelled ‘loves,’” I pointed out.

            “All the more for uniqueness.”

            “They probably aren’t even together anymore.”

            “They did say ‘always,’” he answered.

– The Meaning of Always


“For an American, you clean up rather well.”

            Skata looked in the mirror and sighed. Angel crossed the room behind him, eyeing the brown leather coat and hat strewn across the bed with distaste. “You aren’t going to wear those, are you?”

            “What, you don’t think they go with my suit?” Skata was wearing a suit for the first time in years, and felt distinctly uncomfortable. The gray fabric was hard to move in; every seam and stitch seemed designed to keep him from freedom of movement.

            “You might say that.”

            “I’m wearing them.” Skata lifted a blackwood stake, a vial of coriander, and a small pouch of salt from the dresser and watched as Angel inched away out of caution. He tucked them into his waistcoat and pulled the jacket on.

            “I hope you aren’t planning on wearing them inside,” said Angel with distaste. The vampire had arrived at Skata’s apartment to make certain the hunter didn’t attend the party ‘looking like a beggar.’

            “I’ll take them off in the foyer, same as everybody else.” Skata shrugged the coat on and set the hat on his head. At least with those two items, he felt a bit more like himself and less like the fashionable vampire.

            “I suppose you’ll have to do,” said Angel critically.

            “You look like a fop,” said Skata.

            Angel expertly tugged the lace around his wrists into position. “Is that supposed to offend me?”

            “You’d better get going,” said Skata. “We can’t have the host being late for his own party.”

            “How thoughtful of you.” Angel turned to the door, the tails of his long coat swishing about his ankles. “I would invite you to join me in the carriage, but as I know you’ll refuse I’ll simply say stay dry, and don’t be late.”

            “Can’t help it if it rains,” said Skata, “and I won’t be.”

– This Mortal Coil

“Okay, sooo.” Talking aloud, I clicked onto the ProtoTypes Lab website. Just glancing at the prices on the side was enough to make my bank account scream for mercy. $250,000 for a used proto with only three weeks left? Who on earth spent half a million dollars on a proto and then gave it away before its time ran out?

            I clicked the tab that said Customize Your Order. A new page opened and images spilled across the screen – eyes, lips, noses, arms, hair, skin color.

            I opened my media player and turned on some music. This was going to take a while.

– The Care and Keeping of Jupiter


8 thoughts on “Snippets and a surprise

  1. HERD OF CUPCAKES!!!!! That makes me giggle helplessly any time I think about it XD

    And Angel keeps getting more and more irresistible… O___O I think I’m teetering close to the edge of actually loving him XD

  2. ACESSO….*crushes internal screaming* I kind of like herd of cupcakes now that I come to think about it…ohmygosh, to that scene anyway. And that last book? OH. OH. Okay, let’s just putting it plainly, I just want to read everything you write. The end.

    • Acceso is simultaneously one of my funniest and one of my darkest books. Vey’s a mixture of suicidal depression and razor-sharp sarcasm, and I love him dearly.

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