The definition of ‘smoosh’


Once, I was chatting with my friend Brendan while trying to put a blog post up. The page was being difficult, so I logged out and asked him if he could log in with my username and password to make sure it was only my computer, not WordPress. He obliged, logged in for me, and told me everything was hunky-dory on his end. As he signed out, I asked, “So, what was it like, being me?” And his response was the most accurate representation of me I’ve ever heard. He said, “It was weird! I just – I loved so many things! I didn’t know what to do with them all!! So! Many! Things! It’s tiring being you!”

It was one of those candid moments where you aren’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the accuracy. (I ended up laughing.) I thought the story a fitting prologue for a question I received that I decided needed a post of its own.

“Who was your first fictional crush?”

crush definition

  1. n.
    the person on whom one has a crush; one’s main squeeze; one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. : I’m gonna go study with my crush tonight.


Personally, I think the word ‘crush’ doesn’t quite fit the way one feels about a fictional character, so I created another word and definition.


1.     n, occ. v.

         the character whom one is attached to within a certain piece of fiction (i.e. book, movie, television series, or drama). This word represents both the character and the feeling – that is, the urge – to ‘smoosh’ said character (i.e. keep them safe, love them, write characters just like them, etc.).

I think it’s an acceptable term; and ladies and gentlemen, I have had far more than just one. My first smoosh was, I believe, Attean from Elizabeth George Spear’s novel, The Sign of the Beaver. I saw the movie before I ever read the book, but heavens demergatroid, he was the One for me. Of course, that progressed until everything I watched or read provided a new smoosh. A few of my main squeezes when I was younger were; The Beast (Beauty and the Beast) Mullet Fingers (Hoot) Alan a’Dale (Robin Hood) Eomer (the Lord of the Rings) Thranduil (The Hobbit) Murtagh (Eragon)  Senri (+Anima) Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) Spud Spiller (The Borrowers) – the list goes on.  (As for whether or not they’re still smooshes – I’m not telling.) I would list my current literary loves, but I’m afraid that would take too long.

What about you? Any childhood smoosh you’d care to tell me about?


35 thoughts on “The definition of ‘smoosh’

  1. My first smoosh was Legolas. Ever since I was about…I dunno…old enough to watch LOTR. Still is my smoosh, but I’ve added Sherlock, Prince Caspian, Lemony Snicket, and A. Tahg’s charrie Exo since then. 🙂

    • AHA! *YOU’RE* Grace! You’ll be happy to know, I provided her with Siwon, Exo’s model. I also more or less gave her the name. I also gave her Chanyeol, London’s model. I’m quite proud of myself where Ashley is concerned. XD

      • I may/may not be the Grace she is talking about, since Grace isn’t my real name. Just my spy/ninja name. XD And London, too?! I ❤ London to pieces!!!

        • Well, I said ‘Grace’ but what I really meant was, “You’re the Exo fangirl!” *laugh* Yes, London, too. I also gave her Kamenashi Kazuya to use as Kannie. She really should thank me more often. 😀

          • Oh, she mentions when I say, “THAT CHARRIE IS SO CUTE ASHLEY I LOVE HIM” that you (usually) were the one that picked out his face. XD And yes, the Exo fangirl, very much so. 😉

            • I’m a fan of Exo; the character AND the group! I told her that A Splash of Purple is becoming a kpop fanbook. She seemed ok with that. 😉

            • *dramatic flourishing entry*
              HELLO. I HAVE ARRIVED.


              but also
              GOMEN NASAI MIRRIAM.
              FOR FACES.

            • *blinks at Ashley* Why did you just apologize for faces? I GAVE them to you!! Grace, really? I’ve decided to refrain from marrying my smoshes, as I don’t have room for a harem.

            • You didn’t steal Kamenashi or Chanyeol or Exo or Jaejoong (Hey, I gave you Jaejoong, too!) You didn’t steal Ren, either. I know I accuse you of stealing, but since *technically* what I did was say “Hey, I found a face for you!” I guess I don’t have many grounds to accuse you on.

            • She’s married to my dragon lovin’ god of fire, Vulcanus, or Vully, as she calls him (secretly, he’d murder her if she said that to his face.) Vully calls her “Ashes”, her book name is Mandi.

  2. as for my childhood smosh, my very very first smosh is, undoubtedly, Sherlock Holmes.
    This was before I knew what ‘fandoms’ and ‘fangirls’ were, and that is was totally normal to feel these thingers over someone fictional (…or famous….) so I was very very confused at these sudden feelings within me.
    Feelings that propelled me to throw the book across the room when I read Reichenbach falls (because no one bothered to tell me that Sherlock really didn’t die…) and cry.
    Don’t worry. I made it up to him for throwing him across the room like that.
    As since, Sherlock has still remained very near and dear to me, much like a first love, even if he hasn’t remained my utmost.

    • Ah, Sherlock. I think he’s every classic lit reader’s smoosh; I heartily approve. I forgot to mention Dustfinger in my list; you made me think of it since I threw Inkspell across the room when he died, too.

  3. My sis loves Alan aDale too and I was all like why is Will Stutely never in any Robin Hood movies. Sorry guys but be was my favorite, the unappreciated Merry Man! And aggggghhhh!! Murtagh is so amazing! Such a heart throb you are soooooooo right! But as for LOTR it’s Faramir for me dear, though I do love Eomer! I love fictitious heart throbs or smooshes, which is a flipping awesome word by the way!!

  4. …very embarrassing for me to admit but I had such a crush on…*whispers* Tonto from the Lone Ranger *AHEM* when I was six or seven. I have a dim recollection of cheering everytime HE got to take out the bad guy. XD My current “smoosh” is Mike from the Monkees. 🙂 And my little sister Gemma, who’s four, is smooshing (is that the proper way to use the word?) on Peter from the Monkees.

  5. Do you ever have smooshes on your own characters? After reading this post I dissected my feelings toward each of your characters and discovered the only one I have anything close to a smoosh on is Simon. SERIOUSLY, POLICE GUY WITH A GUN WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR ABUBRNEUKLGHWEIOEHNUIJKRGBFUIEFHERIU

    Okay, sorry. That was my fangirl showing. Wait… I’m not sorry. I AM UNASHAMED. The first smooshes I can remember having were on Aragorn, Eomer, and Faramir, rotationally XD (and sometimes Legolas, if I was in an Elf-y mood). And I seriously can’t remember any serious ones after that… unless you want to count when I watched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves earlier this year. (*whispers* Keven Costner as Robin Hood… yuuussssss…)


    • Simon ❤ My British teddybear with a gun. Yes, I smoosh on my characters all the time, but I didn't feel it was fair to mention a.) my own characters b.) my current smooshes c.) historical figures because that post would have taken up three miles of blog space!

  6. My current smoosh is Bilbo Baggins. He’s just adorable. ❤ Seriously, all I want to do is hug him. He's the kind of character you love to see bad things happen to, because then you can't [mentally] smoosh them. XD I know that sounds kind of heartless. :3

    It's funny though that one of your definitions is "write characters just like them," because I did actually loosely base one of my own characters after him. XD

  7. (This is a continuation of my previous post, as I posted it before I was finished! Oops!)

    My first ever smoosh (I really do love that word!) was a character from the Legend of Zelda game: Phantom Hourglass, named Linebeck. He wasn’t quite an antihero, but he was more selfish than he was virtuous…the kind of character who annoys you throughout the story but ends up proving his worth by the end, and I completely ADORED him. He remains one of my ultimate favorite video game characters, right after the Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3. He’s my second-most current smoosh, but I’ll spare you HIS endless list of flawlessness. 😉

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