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During my two weeks at summit, something happened I never expected – I became known as the Earring Girl. Apparently Grace, Ben and Ariel, the people who sat behind me, focused on my earrings during most of the lectures; Elizabeth, who sat next to me, always ran up to see what earrings I was wearing, people would stop me in the cafeteria to tell me how cool my earrings were. While I thought it was hilarious, seeing as how I never anticipated earring fame, my collection of jewelry became a popular subject for people. A few girls – and weirder, guys – asked where I’d gotten this pair, if my ear cuff was a real piercing, if my claw earrings were a special kind of piercing, etc.

And not just my earrings – my rings and necklaces were conversation points, too. So, in the spirit of jewelry and whatnot, I thought I’d take you through a small tour of my jewelry collection! (I excluded my bracelets; I love the ones I have but I don’t have very many, and they’re thrown haphazardly in an oversized Starbucks coffee bucket).


These are a few of my favorite necklaces.  I have a small box with various pendants, but I broke my last snake chain and need to buy another before I can use them.  Here we have a robot necklace (I can’t resist these little guys; they’re so cheap and adorable), a watch (it has a unique clasp so that I can actually wrap it around my neck, hook it, and wear it as a necklace), an endless knot from Iona my friend Hannah sent me, a GazettE band necklace given to me by Vivian, a girl who knows how to supply the fan in me, a pencil from my sister because, well, it’s self-explanatory, a steampunk rabbit from my sister Maralie who also knows just what I love, and a love potion necklace I had to get because we can all use a little more love.


A larger view of my shelf; there are books underneath, but I like to have all my bits of fluff in my room because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to walk to the bathroom to do everything. You can see my various lotions and body sprays and makeups, but this isn’t their story.


Here you can see (sort of) my rings; a mustache, two entwined snakes (currently face-down), a studded feather, a little pinky ring I found in the dirt in the backyard probably four houses ago, a knuckle ring, and my promise ring hanging around the rabbit’s ear. Isn’t it the cutest ring holder? Unnff. It makes me happy just looking at it.


And now, the earrings. Browse at your liesure.


And more earrings. I love wearing these.  Most of these I either bought, or my sister Maralie and my nephew Silas made for me – the fish earrings are some of my favorite. (I actually made the red peace-sign earrings, though. I have talent, too.) The best places to buy earrings are Claire’s (they have amazing sales) and Old Navy (they also have amazing sales); I can’t wait until I get my paycheck. Money? For me? To spend? That I made with book sales? Headphones, notebooks and jewelry, baby! + putting some aside, but that’s not the fun bit.  


Hey, you can see the TARDIS picture in the background, between my shoulder and the card on the mirror. Brilliant. I hope you girls (sorry, guys!) enjoyed this; it’s always fun to show off my shiny stuff.  Do you like accesorizing; and if so, where do you find is best to buy them?



10 thoughts on “bits & bobs

  1. I get the same attention. I take a class the local public school and every day they would look to see what necklace I was wearing. Weird. O.o

  2. I usually make my own. 🙂 I’m a big fan of unique jewelry, and I can make the pieces as unique as I want when I do them myself. I love your collection! But I love Claire’s for jewelry too, and also Charming Charlie’s. 😀 GREAT places for fun stuff!!! ^_^

  3. I love your owl ear-rings!

    I’m the ‘ring girl’. I have six rings I wear every day, and a few extra for special occasions. Most of my rings have a fun story associated with their purchase.

    I make most of my own necklaces and ear-rings, and as a result, I have far too many. 😉

      • I got Eustace Clarence (my dragon ring) at a place called Dragon Hall in Norwich, England. Two others were purchased from this super friendly Hispanic guy, and involved an awkwardly garbled conversation (his English was much better than my Spanish, but I still had to try…)

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