The third round takes flight

A quirky, random round of questions! You guys ask such fantastic questions. You’re fun. Have I told you that?

“Are you ever going back to writing (good) medieval fantasy?”

I have no idea whether you’re implying the fantasy I write now a. isn’t good or b. you’re complimenting me. In case of the first, yes; I do still want to write good medieval fantasy and I will in the future. In case of the second, refer to the first.

“If you could choose between a day with Flynn Rider and a day with Toothless, which would you pick?”

Toothless, because flying on the back of an adorable dragon just beats everything.

“What’s your favorite color?”

Silver, and silver-tinged colors.

“When will The Care and Keeping of Jupiter be up for beta-reading?”

In the very near future; I’ll probably write one more chapter before sending it out.

“What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?”

Ah….Christmas? The Doctor’s regeneration? NaNo?

“Is there a specific program you make your book covers with?” and GIMP, for the most part. I mix and match.

“Do you like dragons?”

Yes. I like dragons. In fact, I LOVE dragons.


“I noticed you changed your blog name to “Wishful Thinking.” Was there a reason behind that, or were you just tired of “Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden” ?”

Wishful thinking had been the tagline for quite a while; I just decided to change it up a bit. Knowing me, it’ll probably revert back to Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden eventually.

“Do you have a favorite Disney character?”

The Beast. V_V Hands down.

“I remember a few years back you began putting a Robin Hood story up on your blog. Did you ever finish that?”

No, but I actually ran across a good chunk of it the other day when I was nosing through my old documents!!!

“If you had to hang out with one of your own villains, who would you choose?”





The tables have turned. I’d probably have to say…Areum from the rewrite of The Shadows Fall, because he’s not technically very villainous, though he works for Caranthir. And he can kill you with music.

“What’s the worst novel you’ve ever read?”

The absolute, utmost worst? My goodness. I’m going to be harsh on popular books and say City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Prince was pretty terrible, too.

“What is your favorite time period?”

The Japanese reformation time period, during the Meiji era. So many fascinating things happened around that time in Japan, I read historical accounts with as much gusto as I read novels!

“What does your plotting process look like?”

First of all, describing it as a ‘process’ is a very grand word and will probably give the idea airs. What generally happens is I see a picture/watch a music video/hear a song that gives me one random idea. I fit the idea to a character, I name the character, and create a story around them. My stories always begin with characters and the story comes later, but I know people who are struck with stories and have to figure the characters in later. Once I’ve come up with a story, I brainstorm. I search through pictures, create a playlist, jot down anything that comes into my head, and pretty soon I’ve got a first draft.

“Would you ever consider teaching writing? Or tutoring fellow writers?”

I’ve considered it, actually. I love using my blog as a way to teach and explore, but a few people have wondered if I’d be willing to do more one-on-one, hands-on-type mentoring. I might start offering services – from critiquing to maybe mentoring aspiring authors. I’m really not certain, but I’ve toyed with the idea – what say you?  



7 thoughts on “The third round takes flight


    And good thing you like dragons. Regillion and Thorn strangled me this morning and demanded I write some shtuff XD

    And… I liked Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden better. Maybe just because that’s what your blog has always been(since I’ve started following it), and because I don’t like change. You’re just… zee shieldmaiden. Wiff a shieldmaiden blog. XD

    • Exactly. We’ll figure that out. And besides, writing services is a good way to earn money when you’re a writer. There aren’t THAT many options. 🙂

  2. I love the name change. 🙂 I would also love if you started mentoring/teaching/sharing general wisdom. It would be really helpful I think as well as just plain fun.

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