Aaand round two!

Well, without further ado – round two!

“Can you talk more about Diamond Black and the other books you mentioned in that post about playlists?”

In other words, you’re asking an author to talk about their books? Honey. Of course I can. Diamond Black is one I haven’t begun writing yet, but I’ve outlined and plotted it so I can start when I finish the round of novels I’m currently working on (Not to Be, Acceso, and The Meaning of Always). Diamond Black is about a young man with empathic abilities that a small government experimental group has tapped into. If he cares about someone, he automatically takes on their pain. Example: if he cared about you and you both got in a car wreck, you would walk away fine while he was taken to the hospital with double injuries. The story of Diamond Black is one about caring, unconditional love, and sacrifice. I’m very excited to start writing it officially, but I’m forcing myself to wait.

The Care and Keeping of Jupiter  is the story of a girl in the future who orders a ProtoHuman online with no idea of what she’s getting in to. What do you do when the person you grow to love only lasts for 300 days? I love Jupiter’s character, because he’s so eager in every little detail. He loves the act of living and everything about it, even the pain, while Mercury is more of a cynical realist.

Fragile Things is the story of six college students in a therapy group, their various problems, relationships, and levels of faith. The different personalities are already so much fun, just to plot out – keeping myself from actually BEGINNING these novels is nearing Level: Physical Pain.

When the Moon Howls was an idea that originally began as a fun, werewolf-parody novel but quickly showed me that it had much more heart to offer. It follows Cris, a mama’s boy with fragile health and a kind heart with no backbone to back it up, after he’s bitten by a wolf during a photo shoot in the woods. He has to come to terms with his new self, and learn to stand up for others and himself. It’s about a sensitive but weak boy who becomes a brave, honorable man, and I fell head over heels in love with him AND the story. I’m trying to push down all my other current novel ideas because those four (+ NaNo) are definitely enugh for next year.

“How much did it cost to self-publish Monster?”

Not as much as I thought. Mom and Daid paid for it as my graduation present, and for the publishing process, it cost $150 – $125 for the ISBN from Bowker (I wanted to buy my own instead of using a CreateSpace ISBN because then you own everything free and clear)  and then it was $25 to open the Expanded Distribution channel, making it available in bookstores like Barnes&Noble. There were a bunch of other packages you could buy, from several hundred dollars to several thousand, that included things like custom covers, interior design, a press release, etc. but those were way out of budget. The minimum price I was allowed to set for my novel was $14, so I made it $15.99 and I earn around three dollars every time a book sells.

“Will you ever write another parody?”

I’m still shocked at the amount of love my Lord of the Rings parody gets – and has gotten, over the years. I may do another one some day – The Hobbit, The Avengers, who knows.

“What book do you hope to publish next?”

Probably either Not to Be or Acceso. The Meaning of Always is carrying on a bit slower, though still steady. If you’re expecting them to be anything like Monster, though, you’re going to be either shocked or disappointed (or maybe both).

“Will you ever publish The Shadows Fall?”

*clears throat* I’m actually in the very slow process of rewriting it, and it’s completely turned on its head. The characters are the same – that’s about it. So yes, I hope to, but the original version that most people know is not the one that will make it to shelves.  

“Have you watched the BBC show ‘Endeavor’?”

No; should I?

 “Do you like waffles?”

I do, but I prefer French Toast. 

“How do your characters come to you? Do they waltz into your head, toss down their luggage, announce that they’re here to stay, and then commence unpacking? Or do they knock on the door of your brain and ask if you have room for another character that is cold and lonely and standing out in the rain? Or do you go looking for them? Or all of the above?” (Bonus; could you tell us how a couple of your charries came to you? Hiro, Pocky, Mercury, Leila, etc.?)
Most of my characters knock politely, but once I’ve opened the door they walk inside and refuse to leave. Now and then, I go looking for them because I have empty character-shaped spaces and I need them filled, but they’re always hanging around in my general vicinity. Hiro came to me after reading a lot of shoujo manga. Pocky came to me because I wanted Eva to have a mentor, and my friend Hannah’s guinea pig is named Pocky after Pocky Stix (which, by the way, are a food group. So if you’re ever around me and want to get on my good side, give me pocky stix. Chocolate, flavored, I don’t care. Just feed me). Mercury came about because I wanted a character named Mercury, simple as that. Jupiter was inspired by the manga Absolute Boyfriend; I thought it would be fun to have a similar story, but without the android aspect. I haven’t actually read the manga, but the plot synopsis was enough to give me a story. Leila…I don’t know where she came from. I knew Vey, in all his razor-sharp darkness, needed a bright and loving counterpart. I thought ‘Since he’s a musician, why not make her deaf?’ And it worked, though writing a deaf girl is occasionally difficult. I forget my own character can’t hear now and then, and if it weren’t for readers, I wouldn’t realize I’d forgotten!
“Do you accept dares? Are are you more cautious than that? Do you care?”
I accept dares if they’re interesting and non-stupid enough. I think most people are wary giving me dares, though, because I counter with less-than-flattering ones.
“Can you tell us three things you don’t like that we don’t already know about?”
1. I hate lasangna, even though pizza is my favorite food, and I don’t know why.  2. I don’t like coffee with cream and sugar in it anymore; I drink it black, or I have a ‘coffee drink’ from Starbucks, etc. 3. I hate it when dramas don’t release that one track that I really, really want.
“Have you always been good at making banners/covers for your books?”
Not until several years ago, when computers and graphics and geeky things began to interest me. I know people WAY more talented than I am, but I love making things aesthetically pleasing to myself, and book covers is one way I do that. I need to fit the picture I have in my mind.
“Do you have any weird, quirky habits?”
While watching a movie/drama/TV show with lots of emotion, you probably don’t want to sit next to me. I’ll strangle you, hit you, and squeeze your stuffing out. I talk and sing to myself a lot. I have a really hard time learning anything if it doesn’t stimulate my brain. (i.e. I took Spanish for years, and I can remember about 10 words. I LOVE Korea, and so I speak far more Korean than I ever did of Spanish.)  Also, I’m always losing my putty erasers. So if you ever fee like sending me anything, a putty eraser would be welcomed with kisses and instant reply mail.
Any more questions while the gate’s open? Send them my way!

8 thoughts on “Aaand round two!

  1. I noticed you changed your blog name to “Wishful Thinking.” Was there a reason behind that, or were you just tired of “Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden” ?

    Also, do you have a favorite Disney character?

  2. 1. I remember a few years back you began putting a Robin Hood story up on your blog. Did you ever finish that?
    2. If you had to hang out with one of your own villains, who would you choose?
    3. Worst novel you ever read?
    4. What is your favourite time period?

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