Round one

I got several questions already, so I decided to take the questions in parts. Round one, commence!

“Do you like test-reading books for fellow authors?”

It depends entirely if I like the book or not. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m reading several unpublished manuscripts and giving feedback; if you’re interested in getting my opinion on your book, send me a pitch! (It had better be good. 😉

“Do you intend to be cruel to your characters, or does it just happen naturally?”

A little bit of both.

“Can you explain your obsession with Asian people? I’m certainly not complianing; but I see it as a trend in your stories and am curious.”

 Can I give you a logical, well-reasoned explanation for it? No. I’m obsessed with Korea and Japan, both historical and modern, and my stories don’t feel complete without a character either Korean or Japanese. I think they’re beautiful, I love Asian music, Asian cinema, Asian fashion – I’m obsessed, okay? It isn’t supposed to be logical.

“What was your favorite part of Summit?”

O_O I’m going to leave out lectures, because nearly all of them blew my mind in completely different ways. My favorite experiences were (in no particular order) jamming with some of the students during a rainy day. They produced two guitars, a ukelele, and a bongo drum. I sang along to “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. It was fantastic. 2. Learning to play pool. I’m trying to convince Dad to buy a pool table for the storage room, but I’m not sure how it’s going. 3. Walking downtown nearly every day for a for a frappe at Harmony House. If I think something is fun in the heat and humidity, it is FUN. 4. Having one-on-one lunch with Rick Chalette. Talking for an hour with a guy who was only going to be there for part of the day – a fact I didn’t know until later – was amazing. 5. Discussing the origins of Lucifer with Ken Turner and trying not to stare unblinking into his eyes because, I kid you not, they were GOLD. 6. An entire afternoon spent with The Ducklings (my small group, and the most epic group on campus bar none) and a fantastic guy named Andrew who basically shared my opinions on everything except Star Wars. 7. Camping out on the grass after lunch with Sean and talking about anything and everything until we realized it was time for dinner. 8. Every small group session was a huge blessing. We laughed a lot, cried a lot, and grew closer than I knew  was possible in two weeks. We’re still keeping in touch; they’re an incredible group of women. 

I know I’m forgetting some things, but those were some major highlights. (Did I mention I had pizza and ice cream for lunch every day and didn’t gain any weight? All that walking came in handy!)

“What are your favorite movies?”

Hmm. I usually talk about books and music, don’t I? Well, LOTR + The Hobbit is an obvious choice. The Avengers, X-Men Origins, The Princess Bride, The Sum of All Fears, Kate & Leopold (No, I’m not Liev Schreiber biased, why would you say such a thing?) The Last Samurai, Rurouni Kenshin (Japanese), Werewolf Boy (Korean), Psychic (Korean), Red, Live Free or Die Hard, Batman: Dark Knight Rises, The Trouble with Angels, You’ve Got Mail, Terminator 2, I, Robot, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon, Equilibrium, Signs, Alien vs. Preditor, National Treasure, The Devil Wears Prada, Ghost Protocol, G. I. Joe, G. I. Joe: Retaliation – shall I continue?

Have more questions? Bring ’em in while the door’s open!


6 thoughts on “Round one

  1. What happened to the Mirri I used to know?

    If you had to choose between a day with Flynn Rider and a day with Toothless, which would you pick?

    What’s your favorite color? (boring but CLASSIC! :D)

  2. Mirriam:

    Not sure this will reach you or that you will even read this to the end. You and so many of your readers are so deep within the protecting bubble created by each other, by your families and by a government who considers you to be “children” under your parents roof until the age of 26 (Obamacare) and then manipulates legislation and entitlement programs that will help make you dependent on the State until you die, but here goes …

    You must inform yourself. This American Culture is dissolving and slipping away from you. Your reading audience is evaporating. How will you be able to sustain yourself in the years ahead by your writing? Do you understand how Common Core standards being put in place in our public school systems in every state will strip away and lower the reading standard of students so that they may all enjoy a passing grade? Who is going to read your books?

    I understand you have decided to delay college. How will you support yourself? Have your parents informed you yet that you must soon pay room and board? Why not?

    You proudly display a list of movies you and your peers have seen, and yet you have totally missed the underlying theme of, “Hunger Games”. When a government grows so large that it invades every area of your life, yet cannot fund itself. The sequel to the “Hunger Games” has been in the making for the past 50 years. It is out there for all to see in thousands of YouTube trailers.

    It is called, “Detroit”.

    You are the U2 Generation. Uninformed and Uninterested.

    You will probably remove me from you email list. So be it. I believe pain is the greatest teacher. That is why we were born, and will be born again. I hear and I forget. I see and I remember, but only when I experience (aka pain), can I understand.

    Frank Losos Pittsburgh, PA

    • Assuming this is a real person and not spam, dear Frank:
      Thank you for taking the time to promote awareness, even if you could have picked a better place to do it than my blog. I have not lived in a ‘protective bubble,’ but thank you for your concern. I am extremely well-informed. How will I support myself? I won’t have to; I have Christian parents who will support me until I’m married, and also I am making money off my novels and art commissions. And I haven’t decided to ‘delay’ college,’ I’ve decided not to do college at all, period. I have not missed the underlying theme of the Hunger Games, but once again thank you for assuming my ignorance. I agree many of my peers ARE uninformed and uninterested, but I myself am not. I’ve been very well-educated, especially in matters of politics and government. And I must disagree; I do not believe we were born to experience pain. Rather, we were born to live Christ and show His glory to others. I’m sorry to be this blunt, but I believe frankness deserves frankness in return.

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