Summit, TN

I suppose you curious types are probably wondering where I’ve been for the last two weeks. Well, I was at the best event of my life – the Summit Worldview conference-camp in Tennessee. In a mind-stretching, grueling, fantastic, fun, hard two weeks, I learned so much about subjects ranging from postmodernism to homosexuality to Islam and economics that my head hurt. I shared my dorm room with my sister, and we shared a bathroom with Hannah and Abby, two girls who were in my small group. We were up between 6 and 7 a.m. every morning for breakfast at 7:15. At 8:15 we were in Rudd Auditorium, and we had four lectures in the morning. Then we had lunch at 1:00, another lecture, and from 2:00 to 5:15 we had the afternoon off to play sports, walk downtown, or lounge about. (I either played pool, read, or walked into Dayton. I got a tan and my leg muscles improved; the entire walk back is uphill and it’s over a mile.) Then we had dinner, worship, another lecture, small group meetings, and we had to be in bed with the lights out by eleven. Lather, rinse, repeat. I’ve never slept so soundly in my entire life as I did the past two weeks, or had my brain hurt, or met so many people. I literally met, sat with, talked to, and befriended at least 100 people, which is roughly a third of the students there. I took some pictures of the campus, Harmony House (the Summit hangout downtown where everything tastes delicious) and various people.


The view from the back of Arnold, our dorm.





And now, Harmony House…


(We came in during dinner time, so it was shockingly empty. During the afternoon hours, Harmony is buzzing with Summit students drinking frappes and smoothies and discussing theology and Doctor Who)







L-R: Some guy whose name I didn’t know, Sean (theater student) and Darren (troll).


 Yours Truly. I occasionally went to desperate measure to keep myself awake during lectures; doodling being the primary distraction.


The general store was another popular hangout.


The music store was also awesome.


Riah, drinking carbonated lemonade (I’m pretty sure God gave the recipe to mankind).



Caleb, who taught me how to play pool, playing guitar.


One of the Summit students playing a violin.


There were bicycles parked inside the music store. Ask me not why, for I know not.


And finally, the Summit Class of 2013! Let’s just say, if you can find me I’ll be REALLY impressed.



I met so many amazing people:  Sarah, Elizabeth, Elizabeth D, Hannah, Hannah D, Deborah, Abby, Annie, Garret, Sean, Jake, Jake 2, Jake 3, Darren, Caleb, Bruce, Lane, Andrew, Tae’shawn, and Tyler; and the speakers I got to meet and speak with; Rick Chalette, Jeff Myers, Ken Turner, White Jones, Nabeel Quareshi, and John Stonestreet.

And last, but most important; Mom and Dad. Thank you so much for sending me to two of the best weeks of my life. 




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