Music makes the book go ’round

It’s no secret that I like music. Love it, more like. I listen to music pretty much all day – on iTunes, my mp3 player, with my robot speaker, my CD player…and when I can’ t do that, I sing it or I play it on the piano. Sometimes both (but not usually, because for some reason I can’t seem to sing and play at the same time).

I also listen to it while I’m writing. I create a specific playlist for each of my novels; some of which you’ve seen and some of which you haven’t. I pick different songs that fit the characters, the genre, and the theme; so I thought it would be fun to post my playlists for some of my novels here – who knows? You might find a new favorite song!


Brave – Nicole Nordeman

The Last Night – Skillet

Day by Day (Eng. Version) – Lunafly

This is Not a Test – She & Him

Stay Stay Stay – Taylor Swift

On Top of the World – Mandy Moore

To You – TeenTop


Wolf – Exo

She Wolf – David Guetta

Monster – Skillet

Trouble Is a Friend – Lenka

Corner – Allie Moss

Super Hero (Eng. Version) – Lunafly

I Would – One Direction


Red – Taylor Swift

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles

Love You Love You – Ran

No Other – Super Junior

If My Heart Was a House – Owl City

Daydreams – Breanne Duren

Everything About You – One Direction

Robot – C. N. Blue


 Alone Together – Fallout Boy

The Writer – Ellie Goulding

I Remember – Bang Yong Guk

Save You Tonight – One Direction

Trap – Henry

Punishment – Roh Ji Hoon

Iris – GooGoo Dolls


This Solemn Hour – Within Temptation

My Immortal – Evanescence

Give Me Your Heart – Romeo

Pax Deorum – Enya

Learn to be Lonely – Minnie Driver

Crazy – Daughtry

It’s the Fear – Within Temptation

Tick Tack – U-Kiss

Lost November – Diaura


Dead Inside – Skillet

Don’t Jump – Tokio Hotel

Kissed You (Goodnight) – Gloriana

Hero – Nickelback

Regret – Day of Fire

I Feel So Alive – Capital Kings

Treacherous – Taylor Swift

Demons – Imagine Dragons

 Innocent – Taylor Swift

Beautiful Disaster – Kelly Clarkson


Somethin Bout Love – David Archuletta

If Today was Your  Last Day – Nickelback

 All About Us – He is We

Falling For You – Colbie Callait

You Get Me – ZOEgirl

Can U Smile – INFINITE

Change My Mind – One Direction

Give Your Heart a Break – Demi Lovato

Blue Sky – Francesca Battistelli


Slipping Away – Greyson Chance

I See You – Leona Lewis

60 Seconds – Kim Sunggyu

They Don’t Know About Us – One Direction

Skinny Love – Birdy

My Song Knows What You Did in the Dark – Fallout Boy

Tiptoe – Imagine Dragons

Savior (Adam Young Remix) – Lights 




6 thoughts on “Music makes the book go ’round

  1. Holy cow, so that’s the first mention I’ve seen of Diamond Black and One Heart From Breaking. I know I asked you this like a week ago… but how many novels are you writing NOW??? XD Man, I wish I could write a billion novels at once like you do, girl… but I guess we can’t all do everything XD You’re awesome.

  2. Let me just start out by saying you have excellent taste in music, even if I am not one of those that enjoys One Direction’s music. I love at least half of this, so it makes of for that nicely. XD

    I do admit I’m glad I’m not the only one that listens to music while writing – it helps me, it really does. It’s interesting, because I don’t know that terribly many people that listen to stuff with lyrics while writing… here I won’t mention that I don’t know terribly many writers… of course not… ha.

    Yes. Excellent post. So will you be releasing details on your new projects soon or do we have to endure torture by waiting?

  3. Miriam. I know Acesso, Not To Be, TCAKOJ, (long acronym) and TMOA. BUT WHAT ARE THE OTHERS???!!! Are you writing or just brainstorming? 😀

  4. I absolutely love making playlists for my books. Only one of my books I’m writing is inspired by a song, but I find songs that just speak my books. That is one of the happiest things; finding a song that describes one’s book. ^-^

  5. Being in Korea, I definitely love the Kpop choices and the English choices are pretty good too! I love your taste in music, and I also listen to music almost ALL THE TIME!

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