The big G and beyond

In case you don’t happen to be my Facebook friend and therefore didn’t see my proclamation “SMEAGOL IS FREEEEE!” – yesterday, I graduated from high school. Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime happening, we made an evening of it – my family trooped to a lovely restaurant called The Hil and we went to my sister’s house for dessert afterwards. A gorgeous diploma came from Mom and Dad (their graduation present – publishing Monster – came earlier this month), a cell phone I have yet t0 name came from my brother, a glass box of pens came from my sister, and from my other sister and her family came beautiful notebooks and a feathr (which my nephew insisted I keep, because they found it at the beach and it has special properties).


Left to Right – Mom, Dad, Riah, Moi, Silas (nephew) Mac, Jake (brother in law). Maralie, Sister #2, is taking the picture.


A few people have asked how it feels to be graduated, and I tell them it probably won’t feel much different until I wake up on Monday and realize I have no school, and then shower Monday night and realize I don’t have to be in bed at a certain time. People said I was an adult when I turned 19, but it hasn’t particularly felt like it until now. I decided a few years ago that I wasn’t interested in college – I may take a few classes, but college didn’t (and still doesn’t) interest me. I’m going to expand my writing and my artwork, read a lot, learn to drive, get out and experience new things, but I don’t plan to hop on the first plane to New York with the “FREEDOM!” mentality. Sure, being an ‘adult’ means more freedom, but to be honest? I’m happy. I want to grow, learn more, and enjoy living as much as I possibly can. Here’s to a future full of love, adventure, and words!


13 thoughts on “The big G and beyond

  1. Yay! I’m not the only girl who doesn’t want to go to college! I kept meaning to ask you that, but I never got around to it XD I can’t wait til I graduate next year… I’m so happy for you!

  2. College is far overrated if your planned career doesn’t require it. I’d suggest investing in some online writing courses & a conference or two. That’s what I did in lieu of college, and it feels like my writing grew by leaps & bounds the two years I did so.
    And congratulations girl! 🙂 I remember how excited I was when I graduated & realized I no longer had a set bedtime. I stayed up til three in the morning, promptly forgetting I had a track meet at 8…

  3. Congrats, Mirriam! I’m so excited for you. 🙂 Best wishes for your future… I’m so excited to find out what God has next!!

  4. AAAHHH CONGRATULATIONS YOU AMAZING PERSON YOU!!! ^_^ *giggles at the Smeagol reference* And your lovely family! And look at gorgeous you in that picture!! And just yaayyyyy! Also, it may sound odd, but also congratulations to you on deciding not to go to college! I’m glad you have plans for a life of your own and I just wish you the very best! ❤ Love, adventure, and words sounds good! 😀 *hugs you forever*

  5. No, don’t bother with college. It’s a total waste of time and money. However, I would suggest to invest in continuing education classes at a local community college. That way you can take specific little things you’re interested in for a fraction of the price of a credit course. And the plus is that you’re actually interested in learning it, so it’s much more valuable than a piece of paper saying you completed X number of years of college. Dude, look where college got me, and that’s enough of a reason to not bother.

  6. Fabulous! Congrats!!! You look gorgeous in those pics by the way! I totally agree with your goals for the moment. College is for those who actually have a plan-since when did a writer ever really manage that?-or have nothing to do with their lives! Expanding your writing is always a good thing and something I will never encourage you to not do. But you can do that without college if you want to! “Go live your dream!”
    “I will.”
    “Your dream stinks, I was talking to her.”

  7. CONGRATULATIONS. no college, hmm? That is… admirable.

    I wonder how many kids go to college and bust the money just because they have nowhere else to go?

    Yeah, that’s me being the pessimist in a group of optimists right there. XD

    But for realz. Congrats. ^^

  8. I enjoyed college, but I agree that it’s overrated, and I wish I would have a clearer idea of yhe options that truly would have suited me better. So happy for yoiu. Congratulations! Take it as irt comes, trustibg Jesus to guide your paths… And, to be honest, you’ve accomplished a lot already. 🙂 You are one of the neatest “adults” I know….

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