Finally, the giveaway I’ve been talking about…

For a while now I’ve been dropping hints as to a giveaway for Monster’s release date on the 15th (Saturday! Tomorrow! Good gracious!) Several people thought it would be a copy of the book, but nooo – that will come later. This is something even more special, something unique, something brainstormed between myself and Ashley, the owner of Etsy’s Avalyn Designs. We wanted something Monster-themed, but not necessarily Monstrous, if you know what I mean. And so, together we came up with something we decided most girls, even those who haven’t read Monster, would enjoy winning. Behold her simple, elegant creative genius.


These earrings she designed to resemble Mir’s black tears in the novel, since we wanted something to represent Monster in a subtle, classy way. I can let you know that these have sat in my room since I went to Florida, and I’ve considered just keeping them more than once. (I’m not saying I take them out of the box to watch them gleam in the moonlight, stroke them and whisper “My preciousss,” but…)

Would you like to win them? Enter by clicking the link below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, check out these interviews and leave a comment – it’s worth extra points in the giveaway! The questions varied from the expected to the hilariously fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed every interview! Give the lovely ladies some love.

Scribbles and Ink-Stains

Whisperings of the Pen

Seek Him First

The Splendor Falls 

God’s Daughter

Chai Tea and Quills

The Notebook Sisters

Of a Writerly Sort

An Ink-Made Maiden

And a special, actual Monster review by the crazyamazing Ashley at Cheery-O!

Now, what I’m hoping for.

I’m hoping for a Blitz tomorrow on Amazon when Monster becomes available for order – if you order the book tomorrow, you’ll boost my ratings, and make me easier to find on Amazon! If you do this, you’re a fantastic fish, and I’ll love you forever.

Monster Blog


23 thoughts on “Finally, the giveaway I’ve been talking about…

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!! 😀 *is very excited for you* Dude, that’s awesome. XD And those earrings… @_@ *ogles* *huggles, throws glitter, and gives you cake*

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  3. Okay I think this is where I comment for the one entry…anyways…. I want to read monster because it sounds like something I would TOTALLY read (it’s definitely this girls *points to self* genre) SOOOOO want to read this!

  4. EEEEP!!! 😀

    (I’ll see if I can order it tomorrow…!)

    (Also, you should put it on Goodreads — or have Amanda or me or somebody put it there — because that’s where all the readers are! XD)

    *squirrels off to read all the loverly review linkys*

  5. I know I’ve read Monster before, BUT I WANT TO READ IT AGAIN!! Plus, holding the real, physical book in one’s hands is a surreal experience that I want to have. I want to see the mysterious, thrilling cover in real life!

  6. FJKSDHAGJKADFHGDFJK!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’ve read Monster at least five or six times, but I read it again and again because I love Mir, Eva, the plot, June’s adorable, I *seem to* enjoy weeping over scenes, and it’s an awesome book. XD *incoherent with joy*

  7. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ this is exactly what I've been wanting ever since probably the middle of the book when I realized if there was some jewelry that somehow fit the story I would wear it every day. XD And what you picked is BRILLIANT. love love love the perfection.

    Why do I want to read Monster? Because if this book was a person, I’d marry it. That’s how much I love it. XD

  8. Aaah! I’m so EXCITED!!!! I wish I had a credit card, or some monies, or anything!!! I’ll have to beg my parents to lend me the amazon account. I’m so excited to see the changes you’ve made, I’m just so excitedsoexcitedsoexcited and so wonderfully happy for you you have no idea my heart is pounding and I’m pretty sure I’m about to misspell something because my fingers are moving so fast (and ohmyword I feel so secret-agent-y) and I just can’t I can’t I can’t I’m so excited for you and for me and for the world and for Mir and I should probably stop now.

  9. I want to be shocked again. I want to come out of my scientific shell again. I want to take off my glasses and really look at the world and people as they are again. I want to learn from a wise, witty professor again. I want to learn to care for a person again. I want to fall in love again. I want to do everything possible to protect that person again. I want to rescue my love again. I want to fight for my love again. I want to stand before the court again, nervously rehearsing the arguments in my head. Basically, I want to live again.
    That’s why I want to read Monster.

  10. The thought of holding Monster in my hands makes me squeal with excitement!! If, no, WHEN I read it, I cannot wait to relive every moment, every thought, every gasp, every heartbeat.

  11. I don’t just want to read Monster… I think that a part of me knows I NEED to read Monster. Sanctity of Life in this way: “use earthly tales to tell heavenly truths.” You make me want to accomplish what you have…to write a story that has not been told in the same way, unpredictable, and touching to the very soul. Life- changing… It’s amazing to me that you already have that knowledge, that knowledge that your words, the ones inspired by Spirit, can be used to truly REACH THE SOUL. I was like that… as a kid. NOw, I want to return to that… You. Inspire. Me. Thank you so much…

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