These are the days


These are the days when everybody wants to be outside except me. These are the days where I tilt my blinds half-closed to keep it cool in my room, where I listen to the birds sing from the privacy of my room. I don’t hate summer. Summer is that one season I’m okay with for a week or two and then I’m ready for it to leave. Summer is a gorgeous thing to look at from behind glass, but I’m a cold-blooded girl and 90+ temperatures and humidity don’t agree with me. These are the days when I miss cold weather and sweaters and cloudy days. I’ve said my piece about disliking Summer; but I should probably mention the things I love about it. I love the birds and the green leaves everywhere. I love that if I stand out on the deck, the wind carries the sound of kids playing at recess. I love the sense of adventure summer brings. I love the rain showers, even the tornado warnings because tornado warnings = pretty awesome storms. These are the days when I tell myself yes, I’ll work out and get that perfect swimsuit body, and then I chuck that idea in the air and say “Whatever I’d rather go write another chapter.” These are the days when I bury my head in books, finishing up the last of my school. These are the days when I’m busy critiquing stories, working on art commissions that are late, getting Monster ready for publishing, soothing unwritten characters, and reading the occasional chapter in Shakespeare. These are the days when I open my window, flop down on my bed, and turn on some of my favorite music to study or draw or write to, or just to sit and think. These are the days that I have a love-hate relationship with; so I think I’ll blow a raspberry at Summer and enjoy it as much as I can while waiting for Autumn (from the air-conditioned indoors).


8 thoughts on “These are the days

  1. Oh, I love you. This IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! AMEN TO THIS WHOLE POST…Autumn cannot get here soon enough though right now it’s not too bad. Though Tornado’s usually make me go hide, childhood terror of them what can I say? But they are cool.

  2. Just be glad you don’t get 112 degree days like I do. XD (And I agree with out about enjoying it from a distance…) I’d rather stay inside and write any day!

  3. I completely agree. While I love Summer, it is so much better when observed from a safe ( preferably indoor ) distance. 🙂

  4. Mirriam:

    Here’s a short video on current events. It is not important whether you agree or disagree with the speaker. The important question is, “How many of these topics are familiar to you? How many could you knowledgeably write about? Is your current area of interest as a writer broad enough for you to make a living?

    Have you and your peers read “Agenda 21” to prepare yourself for the real world you will be living in? Do you understand the underlying agenda of the “Hunger Games?” Are you prepared to live in the socialist society that is even now forming all around you?

  5. I spend my time outside pretty much 24/7. I love the fact that summer is here, though I am sad that we kinda missed spring altogether. I love the fact that I am not freezing my petunia off in the 8 degree weather, as I trudge through knee deep snow drifts to take care of my horses or when I am at work. I love not having to break ice off of frozen water buckets or getting snow down my boots. Mind you, I do “like” winter, I think it is pretty from the indoors, with a book and hot chocolate watching the snowflakes. 🙂 Other than that, give me spring, give me summer. Find some shade, sit back and relax. (HA! Like I have time to relax, but you get my gist.)

    I love that we are different in this aspect, but still get along smashingly well. 🙂

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