The Other Side of the Mirror

This is just a piece of drabble I wrote up last night. I’ll be in Tennessee through Sunday, so have fun!


She stops to look at me every time she passes. Some days she smiles; she tilts her head left and right. She might even grin at me, showing teeth not exactly straight or white, but it’s a lovely smile anyway.

Other days, she sees me and frowns. Her eyes grow red and shiny, and she says things to me; hateful things. Ugly, she hisses. Fat. Nobody thinks you’re pretty. 

I watch in silent despair as she cries, or glares, or just stares at me with dead eyes in an expressionless face.

I never know how she’s going to be when I see her, but I know that looking at me will change her day. She will either grin and nod. Very nice. Or she will darken and hurry away. Don’t look at me.

I want to tell her what I see – unruly hair full of life, eyes that sparkle like sunlight on the ocean. I want to tell her how her strong nose suits her, that her mouth is perfect but that what it says is most important. She should know how beautiful she is; that her weight or height or complexion doesn’t make her ugly, it makes her her. The only one of her kind. Flawed and flawless.

But what can I do?

I’m only a reflective surface.


17 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Mirror

  1. Not to repeat everybody, but this was wonderful to read. Glad I’m not the only one that writes, as you put it, drabbles. To me, they’re really short short stories. If that makes much sense. I like ‘drabbles’ better.

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