The Unveiling

Okay. So I’ve been falling behind on my book reviews, but now that I’m about to graduate and I’ll have more time to read, I wanted to re-vamp it. And then I thought “Well…’the book fae’ doesn’t really FIT me.” And then I thought “It would be cool to make it a Tumblr; I could reblog other cool book stuff.” And then I asked my writing group, the Tea-Spitters (awesome girls, every one of them) what I should call it. Scarlett suggested I call it “Mirriam’s Peic Book Reviews” because ‘peic’ is a word we created, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you —-

Peic Books: The good, the bad, and the other in (mostly) YA lit. 

I hope you have fun – expect lots of peic things!


3 thoughts on “The Unveiling

  1. FIRST TO POST. yes.
    Since I don’t have a tumblr and I don’t really want one, let me just say here that I look forward to silently following this project and I loved the Kneebone Boy.

    *goes off to add ‘peic’ to dictionary*

  2. 1 My internet is too slow for tumblr, but I’ll definitely be popping in on your lovely place. 🙂
    2 Peic is an interesting word!
    3 Who are the Tea-Spitters?
    4 Knoweth thou of Goodreads?
    5 More time to read after we graduate? Yes please! I am soooo timeless right now (and not in an Elvish way… >.>).

    That is all…

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