I like to read Fenelon in the morning after family Bible study. If you haven’t heard of him, you should try to get your hands on one of his books – this is coming from someone who doesn’t ordinarily like classic authors, even classic Christian ones. His letters are short, simple, poignant, and perfect for thought and study.


And, of course, school. Though fortunately Mom let me swap out Hamlet (which was driving me up the wall because I can’t stand anyone in it) for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is  much more suited to my tastes. I’ll take Puck over the good Dane any day.


There is much coffee and tea-drinking throughout the day. Any day. Every day.


And of course, music. I got this beautiful new mp3 player from my brother for my 19th birthday and it’s been getting a lot of good use.


Also, lots of handwriting if we go anywhere.


Wandering around in the car…not the most fascinating thing ever, but a change of scenery often jogs the mind.


Putting the finishing touches on Monster. I’m now (more or less) diving head-first into the self-publishing world. My parents are fantastic, by the way. They’re behind it full-throttle, and my excitement just keeps growing.


On Tuesday mornings Mom, Riah and I bring the laptop downstairs and watch the latest episode of Revolution.


And lately, I’ve had yet *another* skill to hone – digital art. My parents bought me a Huion Digital Art tablet for my birthday, and it’s an entirely new medium that I’m still trying to get the hang of.  This was my first (and also best) attempt – everything since has been practical rubbish, but it’s a challenge.



And there you have an average day – things are whirling nicely, and school has become more relaxed now that my subjects have narrowed down to mainly reading. When I’m not doing school I’m busy either writing, editing, reading, critiquing, drawing or wrestling with my tablet. What about you? What have you been up to?


22 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. *gasp* Not like the brooding Dane? Are thou a goodly rotten apple? Do you desire that we be better strangers? Are thou a fustery nut with no kernel?

    some helpful hints for enjoying Shakespeare.

    1.) DO NOT READ IT

    (it was never meant to be read, it’s meant to be spoken/recited acted) For the sake of all that makes sense, try if nothing else, to get an audio recording of actors READING Shakespeare.

    I know for school you have to read the plays (this is so idiodic it is beyond words) and good on Mum letting you swap out Hamlet for Mid Summer rather than just having you seethe and hate the play but in the future when at all possible please *toothless eyes* do not READ them.

    Reading Shakespeare is like reading your own book, Monster BACKWARDS. It’s just NOT done.

    And this is why 100% of people HATE Shakespeare. Because they were MADE to read the plays. ::mutters bless me what ARE they teaching in the schools today::

    • Ah; I love reading plays – particularly Oscar Wilde’s – but I honestly don’t like the characters in Hamlet, while I find his other plays to be very entertaining. 🙂

      • xD The point remains, they are never intended to be READ. It’s like seeing a dead butterfly in a glass case and going ‘oh how lovely’

        They are lovelier still when they are ALIVE

        Same goes for plays. They’re dead and pinned to the page when read.

        They are alive, when they are being performed.

        And Hamlet, King Lear, and Much Ado are my three favorites from Shakespeare.

  2. Oh, don’t get me started on Hamlet. *shudders because she dislikes it* I had to read it for school because my 14 year old sister read it and I hadn’t. It was horrible.
    MIDSUMMER NIGH”S DREAM IS THE BOMB. If you watch a movie version of it, watch the one set in the 20’s(I think?) it’s the best version I’ve seen of it 🙂


  3. I’ve been reading and obsessing over Monster!!… when I’m not attempting to study for finals… and pack to go home…

  4. You sound . . . busy. XD Coolest. Eye. Ever. *stares in admiration*
    And I had not heard about the self-publishing decision! O_O Wow.

    Me… Camp Nano nearly killed me. *flops over* But I somehow managed to win and have been obsessing over Goodreads ever since (my reward for winning). IT IS THE COOLEST SITE EVER (besides… well…yours XD). And taking a break from writing. And being busy with school like you. Graduation neareth…
    Okay, my boring updated is over. 😛 Good luck on your busy-ness!


    Sorry, just had to get that out XD How do you get into self publishing? Where/how do you start? *is loaded with questions* XD

  6. fun post, Miriam! I am busy studying too – but alas, I don’t have too much reading save stuff I’ve already read. How fortunate you are that your mum can decide what courses and books you can do :)).

    I loved this post, and knowing how you are doing :)). God bless!
    Joy @

    I’m sorry. All I can think of is Catherine Tate and David Tennant’s skit.
    SOOOOO GOOD. My sister and I can (and do) quote it word for word. 😉
    Miss you! Glad to hear what’s going on in your life a bit more. 🙂

  8. Hi! This is that friend Che– Lisa mentioned, that wanted to read TSF. just wanted to introduce myself properly. ^.^ I go by Tweedle, Tweedum, or pretty much anything else. *sticks out hand*

  9. Life sounds like it’s pretty good right now! I’m settling into the last six weeks or so of school, so life’s been pretty hectic. I can’t wait to hear where you’re going with Monster and self-publishing– I absolutely loved it when I read it, and I’m glad to see that it’s getting a place of its own in the literary world. Also, your eye drawing is lovely. 🙂

    (Also, the Washington weather has been nuts recently. It was 87 yesterday! 87! In western Washington! I simply don’t know what to think.)

  10. Question: are you going to do your own cover art for your book?

    I’m writing a book too (but doubt I’ll finish it), and one thing I discuss with myself is the cover art. You are talented enough to do your own, but just curious if you’re looking elsewhere?

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