In which we go to Panama City Beach


So we took a four-day trip down to Panama City Beach, Florida. It was an Experience. Now, you all know I love car rides. I do. I basically get to do the same things I do at home – draw, write, read, listen to music – but with moving scenery. It’s the best of both worlds. So that bit was fun.

Then, we arrive in Panama City Beach and start to get a little worried. Saks Fifth, this ain’t. And then we arrive at the resort, and get our room, and I told Mom it had a very Home Alone feeling to it. As we drove up, I said, “It didn’t look this bad on our honeymoon!”

We did not have to watch It’s a Wonderful Life with French dubs, however. We couldn’t have even if we’d wanted to – the TV didn’t work. Also, there were cracks in the tile, stains in the shower, and it was all fairly comedic. We were able to get a different room the next day which was much nicer (still no cooking channel, therefore no Restaraunt Impossible reruns, but alas) and things began looking up.

We drove out to explore Panama City Beach and from there, the fun began. We wandered around the pier, popped in and out of shops, had the world’s best ice cream (seriously, this was the world’s best. Killman’s Dulche de Leche. Get it) ate gator for lunch (well, I did and loved it) and saw ‘Oblivion’ in theaters.


The next morning was fantastic. I got to meet my Swonker (you may know her as Ashley Hunter, you may not) in real life for the first time. Let me tell you, people, she’s gorgous, fun, fantastic, and beautiful. She really is. We talked for two  hours straight and were more or less just getting started when we had to leave – but it was awesome. We’ve been texting and messaging each other like crazy people ever since.


Here are a few random shots from the trip…I was lackadaisical with the camera because I was generally too busy to be bothered with taking pictures, but here are a few good ones. On Sunday, Mom and Dad had to listen to a spiel on ‘why you should buy shares in Wyndham resorts’ and Riah and I lounged around in Starbucks. For almost four hours. The spiel went on a little bit….longer than we thought. Not soon after we settled down on the couch, a group of six or seven Vietnamese guys took up residence along with us, with ipads and tablets and laptops and mp3 players, and one of them – I fondly called him Yellow Shirt – kept laughing uproariously at whatever he was watching and tried valiantly to keep it quiet. He provided entertainment, that’s for certain.

So while we were waiting for mom and dad, Riah and I…got a little funky with the camera.


We played two rounds of Pirate Adventure mini-golf, and suffice it to say…golf is not one of my finer talents. Considering I managed to either

a.) whack the ball out of bounds

b.) tap the ball so gently it rolled about two thirds of an inch, or

c.) get it to miraculously curve around the rim of the cup

nine out of ten times I hit it.

I did not win. But at least I don’t have any pictures of it.




I did a lot of this.  

I came up with many more ideas I don’t need.

(But will expound on later anyway.)


6 thoughts on “In which we go to Panama City Beach

  1. Sounds interesting! 😀 *has never been to a real-live sea-side beach*
    And nice pictures! XD That one with you and your sister… You remind me of… me. O_O
    Ideas… YES. >:D I know the feeling… *stares at Camp Nano document I should be writing in*

  2. Panama City Beach is my FAVORITE place! My Church sends all our high school students there every year for a week. Best week of the year!

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