More of my boys

Yes, I have more. I enjoy writing my boys so much more than my girls – girls always end up taking a back seat in my head, even if they’re the main character. I still haven’t quite been able to figure out why this is, but there you have it. For you guys who are getting tired of my male characters, I’ll do a post on the girls soon *wink*

Anyway, last time it was a conglomeration of main characters; this time, I’d like to introduce you to a few side characters! I hope you enjoy them. You may or may not recognize them; they may or may not have been written yet. But there you are.

MISHAYESJUST Collin. Otherwise known as The Suit. He’s one of the Lamia Venator guild’s head agents. He trains them, initiates them, and often keeps an eye on them once they’ve been set out into the world. Most people think he’s overbearing and fairly unemotional, but then again, most people don’t really know anything about him.

Collin is one of my favorite side characters, and I know he’s going to end up being more awesome than I already think he is. In fact, he’s not completely human…but I’m not divulging what he is just yet. I’m letting myself simmer. (That’s a mysterious way of saying I’m not sure exactly what he is yet, but it’s something pretty dagnabbited awesome). He wears suits and sunglasses and is socially awkward but boss in a fight.

Poor baby, though. Everybody thinks he’s this gruff, mean-spirited guy when he really isn’t. Then again, he’s not completely social as he doesn’t really understand what ‘social’ means, so any attempts at ‘socializing’ would just be uncomfortable.

Theme Song: Savin’ Me by Nickelback

 hyde1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Daigo’s an interesting guy. He’s been brainwashed into believing that he can atone for his sins by sending sacrifices to God. This wasn’t his idea, of course – he was a mercenary, and, racked by guilt, he decided to try and kill himself. The Brotherhood found him, took him in, and made him believe that sacrificing the lives of innocents would get him into heaven.

He has never read the Bible and so has no idea that what they’ve taught him is wrong – he’s simply desperate to save his own soul any way he can.

And then one day, he is about to put a bullet through the head of the innocent Isabelle Tyler…and something tells him not to. In an unthinkable act of defiance, Daigo kidnaps her instead. This sends him on a question to protect her that he feels is what God is telling him to do – even though he has no idea why Isabelle is so important.

Theme Song: I Don’t Wanna Die by Hollywood Undead


Nobody’s sure where Ciaran came from. Some say he came from the next island over, some say he came from the very sea itself. All Saoirse knows about him is that on the night she discovers him wounded on the beach, a violent storm attacks the island and drives the deadly water horses onto the island.

Ciaran is a quiet, watchful sort of guy with sea-colored eyes and a slow smile. He is constantly followed by his blue roan horse, which Saoirse suspects is no natural horse at all. All seems to be going well between them – Ciaran settles into the island routine easily and makes friends (and enemies), though his mysterious mannerisms and strange relationship with the sea continue to puzzle people.

It’s then that a seal hunter arrives on the island; and he seems to have a particular desire to capture Ciaran. Saoirse begins to suspect that Ciaran isn’t merely a guy with a talent for whispering to water horses, but something out of legend and rumor.

(Note: Saoirse is pronounced SEER-sha and Ciaran is pronounced KEE-ran.)

Theme Song: Send Me a Song by Celtic Women 

 kang dong won duelist    Kiyoshi Ryuu (pure dragon) is one of the Bakumatsu Shidai Hitokiri, one of the four man-slayers who serves the Meiji emperor. When western influence begins to turn Japan into an industrial empire, honor, nobility and the old way begin to be pushed out of style. Kiyoshi is accused of a crime he did not commit and rather than commit seppuku (honorable suicide), he disappears while the Bakumatsu Shidai Hitokiri fade into legend…

Theme Song: The Truth Beneath the Rose by Within Temptation


15 thoughts on “More of my boys

  1. How do you create all of these awesome guys??? I need some of your creative juice. Where do you get it? I haven’t seen it at Publix or CVS or Wallgreens… but then I haven’t really been looking. It does come in a bottle right? 😛

  2. Oh My Word. You know what? I AM DYING TO LEARN MORE OF THEIR STORIES!! Just. Please. Post at least ONE LINE summaries on here of their stories. Please. I AM BEGGING YOU

    • *laugh*
      Okay, you already know NtB, the one Collin’s in.
      Ciaran is from “Roan-Blue Sea,” and I basically described as much of his novel as I can at this point. XD
      Daigo is from “Atonement” aaaand…ditto.
      Kiyosha Ryuu is from an as-of-yet unnamed Japanese historical fiction novel I’m doing heavy research on right now 😀

  3. O_O And these are SIDE characters WHY?? XD
    Also, can you even keep track of all the books you’re writing anymore?? You. Are. Amazing.

  4. We have so much in common. Girls always take a back seat. I choose an eighteen year old Prince who is also a fugitive and a halfling. As my main character when I was twelve. Everybody thought I was so weird. Awesome characters.

  5. I like writing guy characters more than girls, too! 😀 twinnin’, as my friend would say. X)

    OH MY WORD COLLIN IS A HOTTIE. *cough* I mean….what? :3

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