Playlists and Pinboards: Painkiller

Man, I love the fashion for this book. Callie’s a mixture of girlie-tough and Ariel has the elegant-punk thing going, which makes it a blast to envision and detail. I wish I could describe their outfits every time they showed up, but that would get very tedious for the reader, so I’ll just show you and you can envision it for yourself.

I have loved Beauty and the Beast since I first watched it. I think I was about eight, and it captured my heart like no other fairytale ever has. I still love it, I love rewrites of it, twists on it, stories that ring faintly of it. Painkiller was inspired by something G. K. Chesterton, one of the wisest and most creative men ever to walk the earth, said. “The great truth of Beauty and the Beast is this: That a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”

And so we have Callie, who loves to read and is struggling over the death of her parents, coming to live in a strange manor with people she hardly knows. And we have Ariel, the psychotic son kept locked away, with secrets buried that Callie will have to discover for herself.





Playlist: Painkiller

 Monster – Skillet

Just a Game – Birdy

Painkiller – SPICA

My Immortal – Evanescence

 Reila – The GazettE

A Dangerous Mind – Within Temptation

Are You the One – Within Temptation

I Need You to Love Me – BarlowGirl

Whispers in the Dark – Skillet

Silhouette – Owl City

Lonely Lullabye – Owl City

Innocent – Taylor Swift

Learn to be Lonely – Minnie Driver

Crazy – Daughtry

Fiction – B2ST

And, oddly enough, Gollum’s Song – Emiliana Torrini



12 thoughts on “Playlists and Pinboards: Painkiller

  1. O.O Very…cool…in a psycho sort of way. I’d better not try to base outfits on that tho, my mom might get worried. On a totally random note, I have a found a way to remember how to spell psycho (which I always had trouble with). P-S-Y, the singer, and C-H-O, like Cho In from ‘Psychic’. 😀 Aren’t I a genius. XD

  2. I . . . use Gollum’s Song for Tare. O_O (Must. Finish. This. Week. SO CLOSE! I am typing madly and it is wonderful.)

    Oh, and I finally borrowed my brother’s Skillet CD long enough to get Monster onto my laptop. It likes to be in my head now… I think Monster could fit most of your guy MCs. XD

    • YOU’RE ALMOST DONE WITH IT!? THIS DESERVES A PARTY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! And ooooooohhh yeah. Well…it kinda does…. XD Either all my male characters, OR my pms days. XD

  3. It’s funny how cool Gollum’s Song is. At first I thought it was weird and creepy, but now I like it. And Learn to be Lonely is so sad! Sniff. I love sad songs. It’s great looking at your playlists and seeing which songs I recongize. 😉

  4. Marian. If I do not get to read this when you are finished, I will be irate. Absolutely furious. I will send my dragons and have them eat your door and bring me your computer.
    This. Looks. Soutterlyfrabjousthattherearenowords. No. Words.

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