Pitiful excuses? Check.

So, these days, you may be wondering what I’m up to! Why I’m neglecting my blog just a teeny, tiny bit! And why I’m somewhat absent from Facebook and other social media! Ahem, um, well. I DO keep up with my email. And I do TRY to keep up with my blog, anyway. But mainly, the enormous monstrosity that has taken over my life is called SKULL – I mean, school. Not that I have my folder with my schoolwork in it named Skull. No.


Not that I have anything against school. I’m actually very grateful toward it, and I never let it interfere with my education. (Joking.)

My general day goes something like this – I set my alarm clock (it’s new. It’s one of the old-fashioned ones with the hammer that sounds less like an alarm and more like a dozen tiny symbols being clanged at once) and get up at 5:45. I spend five minutes trying to convince myself to roll out of bed, five minutes turning on the heater, the computer and the coffee maker, and then the next five minutes waiting for the computer to load. (My fault, probably. By my calculations I have roughly 5,000 pictures, 1,000 songs, and 600 documents on my profile alone. I should at least have a thumb drive or something.)

Then, I write for roughly an hour. Some days I actually just sit and stare at the computer screen for an hour wishing I could think of something, but anyway. But at least it’s an hour with a soundtrack, right?

So anyways, after that is family Bible study for half an hour, then chores, exercising (and I use that word very lightly because…my motivation is zip) and getting dressed/makeup/room-straightening. Then comes school, which is, as I mentioned before, looking a little like a bilgesnipe. This consists of

a. History b. Christian Classics c. Book reports d. Bible study e. Worldview f. Literature g. Term paper (topic of choice: Saint Patrick. Why couldn’t they have made term papers easier? But anyway, that’s a whole nother blog post right there) h. Logic i. Studying the driver’s manual so I can actually get my license (at this point, the fact that I don’t have a permit is mainly my fault. I forget to study the manual, which doesn’t make any sense because I CAN.NOT.WAIT.TO.DRIVE.) and j.  BSF study. Which isn’t technically school, but involves time, reading, study, and question-answering.

And also there’s a new rule to help the rest of my school year run more efficiently which means, the computer is for all intents and purposes, turned off at five o’clock. It’s a good rule, actually, because I would probably be wasting more time editing pictures and putting videos together than I am now.

So in all honesty, though it probably sounded like I was complaining up there (which I assure you, I was not) I’m actually fairly happy with the schedule. I go to bed at a better time (seriously, guys, I’m in bed by ten. I am. And I’m generally asleep by eleven) and I’m getting up at a better time.

And when I DO have free time…it doesn’t feel like I have free time. Because my brain is reeling from school, and I have to decide if I want to spend my free time doing extracurricular (yet necessary) things like getting art commissions done and sending out letters, or if I want to do things a little more fun. Like reading or writing or seeing what all the Lizzie Bennet Diaries hype is about. (Speaking of which, I’ve decided that after I graduate I want to see about getting a camera because honestly, vlogging would be a blast. It’s just…with the camera we have at the moment, it won’t upload…anywhere. At all. Period.)

As it is, I’m managing to work it all out on a scale that’s pretty satisfactory. And do you know what I’m wondering now?

I’m wondering if there was a point to this post. Oh wait, yes, so you don’t think I’m willfully neglecting you.

Because I’m not.

I love you all oodles etc., and I promise that not every day is full and on those days I *do* try and catch up on my emails and comments and things.


27 thoughts on “Pitiful excuses? Check.

  1. Don’t worry about not posting all the time. I do the same thing! I think it’s amazing that you get to write something every day! How do you pick which story to write on?

    • Aw, thank you!
      It’s a long and scientific process involving me deciding which book I feel like writing in. And if I don’t like it, I scrap it and start over (always a drag, but sometimes neccessary…but always a drag….)

  2. I’m worse because I’m TRYING to do all that it seems like and yet I don’t have a system/schedule at the moment which means it seems like I spend all day doing things but at the end of the day I haven’t done anything. -_- <–(Eristor-face)

    HOW DO YOU SURVIVE WITH SO LITTLE SLEEP?? O_O *dies at the thought*

    • I can’t sleep during the day unless I’m completely, 100% and in all ways WORN. OUT. so, I just drink coffee and buzz along fine and lie there in bed in the morning asking myself if I *really* want to write. Ha.

  3. O.o 5:45??!! Way to go! I’m lucky to have a lot of time to write in the day (school is oooout for me. forever. period.) but I get up early anyway. Except not that early. What happens when you’re on a blast of writing and the hour hour’s up? Do you wait until the next day?

    • No, I handwrite or I get writing time in the afternoon or evening or I sit and cry in a puddle on the floor of my room and then make some tea and read something.

  4. 5:45 is early. O.O I get up at 8:00 and that’s still too early for me. 😛 I’m glad you’re focusing on school though!! Good luck with everything!!! ❤

    • It’s quite early. I wasn’t able to drag myself out of bed this morning at the proper time…ha! Yes. I’m focusing on school.
      FOCUSING. Although I think I’m ready to take my driver’s test -yaaay! – hopefully. Soon.

      • Ha ha! Yeah… I’m taking a break from focusing for lunch. Good grief! My brain won’t focus! I’ve recently listened to Within Temptation and it’s consuming my mind, along with Hiraeth (mah novel). Good luck with the drivers test! I am scared to death of driving. =S

        • Eat, sleep, focus. Eat, sleep, focus and occasionally step outside. Within Temptation, how I love thee. You know, half the people I know can’t WAIT to drive and the other half are terrified of it.
          I’m kind of passive about it. I really want to. What? Go actually get my permit? ….Now?

  5. In my life school is evil (as is the state of Oklahoma, but that’s a whole other issue). I’m trying to convince my mother to let me go back and do the same curriculum we did last year (LifePac by Alpha and Omega), because I would like to try doing my sophomore and junior years in one school year and then do my senior year that summer just so I can be done with it all (except math, which is also evil), and pretty much the only way I see myself doing that is with the other school stuff. Mom’s not going for it so far.

    Anyway. Good luck with all that school! How in the world do you get up that early?!?! I can barely manage it the one day a week that I HAVE to! And good luck with driving stuff, too! I got my permit before we left AK (after only having read half of the manual, once, the night before. I only got two questions wrong!), so now I just need to actually go out driving with my dad. Six months of permit wielding power, and only once have I been behind the wheel :/

    • Think of school like Aragorn. Looks foul, feels fair. (THAT IS IN THE WORDS OF FRODO! NOT ME! :in breaking news today, Mirriam was found murdered by Aragorn fangirls:)
      Permit trouble. Yipes. I wondering how on EARTH I’m going to get in the 60 hours or whatever it is I need to have a license. I mean, seriously? Running to Publix takes like…three minutes. Tops.

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