Caribou Coffee and Stone Mountain

Remember how I gushed about Caribou Coffee the last time we went in? Well, I’m back with PICTURES this time! Granted, we went almost a week ago, but hey. It isn’t that old (although technically it was last year) and I doubt it’s changed much in six days.



They don’t look as if they enjoyed the fact I was taking a picture of them. Don’t they know I was taking a picture of the building? Really.


Remember the fingerless gloves/coffee warmers I got for Christmas? They came from Caribou. I love them.



The spot where I tell my nephew stories whenever we go here. The fire is small, but it gets very (very) warm sitting there for more than fifteen minutes.


Telling the aformentioned stories.


See, we ARE related!


Maralie, Riah, and Mom.





You see all types of people at Caribou, from sharp-suited businessmen to hippies to college kids and couples. And my family, of course; though as a family, we don ‘t have any particular genre. ‘Miscellaneous.’


Here’s the view from outside World Market (near Caribou); it also happens to be my computer background right now.


And then we went to Stone Mountain on Sunday, and I’m sharing a few pictures from that with you. It was freezing cold, which made it awesomely winter-like even though it was technically after Christmas. Their Christmas decorations and specials carry on through New Year’s, though, so we enjoyed a fantastic New Year’s Eve Eve.




Mac, Taylor, me, Riah, Mom, and Dad at Katie’s, where you can get delicious dinner rolls tossed at you. We are excellent catchers.


Santa gets some lovin’ every year.


And last, but not least, the cast of Crossroads Christmas Carol, the best part of Stone Mountain every year! According to the cast, I”m their ‘one fan.’ I come as many times as I can when we go there, but it only lasts through the Christmas season. I laugh my head off (almost literally) every time we go.

And there you have our Christmas week in a nutshell!


11 thoughts on “Caribou Coffee and Stone Mountain

  1. We had a Caribou Coffee up in Alaska, but I never got to go. Now that I’m hearing about it, I wish I had! It sounds really fun and cool! And your nephew is SO cute!!! And I’m jealous of Riahs’ hair. A lot. I want to sit by the fire and have you tell stories!!! You have a very lucky nephew. And speaking of stories…am I just not getting the emails, or have you still not sent any more chapters out?! Either way, can you PLEEEEEASE fix it?!?!?! Thank you, m’ dear! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. Caribou Coffee sounds amazing- I wish there was one near me! Lovely pictures, I like the jewellery! Where did you get the bracelet? It looks so cute!

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