The Jar of Good Things

So the world turns again, and soon enough it will be next year. Once I got past the age of twelve and new year’s resolutions were no longer a novelty, I switched from ‘resolutions’ to trying. They’re funny things, resolutions – the minute you resolve to do them, they become burdens. You no longer want to try. You become weighed down with resolutions, and when next year comes and you realize you did not accomplish your resolution, or become perfect at whatever it was you chose to do, or lose those thirty pounds, then… let’s just say it’s not the best for next year’s optimism.

I have a few modest hopes for 2013. I want to graduate and get my driver’s license and become a better person. But I saw a picture on Tumblr a few days ago, and got struck with an idea, something I’m going to do and continue to do throughout the year. It’s called the Jar of Good Things. (I gave it that title; feel free to call it whatever you want).

I’m going to get a glass jar. I am going to keep various sizes of paper in all sorts of colors and textures and shapes and sizes. And every time something noteworthily good happens, I’m going to write it down in pen and drop it in the jar. So instead of resolutions, I’m going to have the Jar of Good Things to look back on at the end of the year.




13 thoughts on “The Jar of Good Things

  1. I’ve seen this idea many times in different places, and it’s excellent!!! I think I’ll do this with you this year, since I don’t do resolutions anyway. Maybe I’ll keep two; one for good things and one for great ideas, and the at the end of the year come up with a novel and include as many of the great ideas as possible, or pull from the jar throughout the year whenever I get stuck and need ideas for stories or books. HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR, MIRRIAM.

  2. Leave it to Mirri to find the most interesting ideas… ^_^

    Also, I wrote out some answers to that tag thing you tagged me with forever ago… Where shall I put them?

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