It Didn’t Snow, but it was a Brilliant Christmas Anyway!

So this Christmas was fantastic. It was one of those perfect Christmases; the kind you think of when somebody says the word ‘Christmas.’ Here’s how our Christmas morning went (following the pattern of every Christmas I’ve ever celebrated, which makes 18 now) –

My brother woke us up at about eight. I still have trouble sleeping on Christmas eve – probably out of habit (because I’m far too old to lose sleep over Christmas excitement, right? …Right?) so once I finally fall asleep, i didn’t want to be woken up. But once we were out of bed, we went upstairs – Mac had lit the Christmas tree lights, started the coffee, etc. so it looked magical when we saw it. Mom and Dad left our brand-new slippers unwrapped by the tree so we could wear them right away – mine are the softest things, all pale brown faux-fur and very snuggly.

We grabbed our stockings (I have the smallest; so I always feel like there’s more in my stocking than there actually is. Mom says cramming stuffers in there every year is a chore) and went into Mom and Dad’s room. We used to jump on the bed, now we’re a bit more gentle (being eight times our toddler size) and only bounce. Inside the stocking: Gold fingernail polish, hair clips, Ticonderoga pencils and some of my favorite pens, Trader Joe’s peanut-butter cups, the traditional stick of licorice, and of course, the traditional Orange at the Bottom of the Stocking Which I Never Actually Eat but was used for orange cream cheese to go on our breakfast breads (homemade, mmm).

Then we got our coffee (with eggnog) and went into the living room. Dad read the Christmas account from Luke. We took a picture of Dad in the Christmas Robe he’s worn since I was a wee toot (yes, he’s wearing a t-shirt that says “KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN” across the front. Trekies forever!) –


 and then we siblings (plus Shasta, who didn’t want to co-operate, wouldn’t look at the camera, and yawned in the middle of the picture) had our picture taken in front of the tree.


Then – we opened presents!! I was very happy with what I got everyone this year – for Dad, a DVD with the best Leave it to Beaver episodes; for Mac, a bunch of Abbot and Costello skits; for Riah, a Grayson Chance CD (why isn’t he as famous as Justin Bieber? He’s younger and sings twice as well!) for Mac’s fiancée, the River Song journal; for Maralie, A Fine Frenzy’s ‘Pines’ CD, for my brother-in-law Jake Blackmoore’s Night’s new CD, and for my nephew Silas How To Be a Pirate: The Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous the Third”  (which worked out perfectly because while he hasn’t seen How to Train Your Dragon he DID watch the Gift of the Night Fury on Christmas eve!) and for my mom, probably the strangest yet coolest present I’ve ever bought anybody, a huge lavarock mortar and pestle. (Yes, she’s been wanting one.)






For Christmas, I received many lovely things – the McCoy edition of Hallmark’s ornaments from my brother (the last two years have been Kirk and Spock). From my sister, a necklace with various fairy-tale charms that I can’t WAIT to wear, from Mom and Dad the iHome I’ve been wanting (it’s simply the most adorable thing ever. The eyes light up when it’s in use, and it’s rechargeable, and the speakers work magnificently) – is this not darling?


Pure adorable. Mom made me bring it upstairs while she peeled potatoes for dinner so we could listen to Misty Mountains Cold (thanks to Amanda Bradburn – Hannon le, mellon-nin!!)

From my sister Melanie, my sister and I got the last two Dr. Who Christmas specials!!! We watched the Christmas Carol after presents and I have GOT to convince my mom (help me, everyone!) to watch it again with me. She’s adamant she won’t watch Dr. Who, but I know she would LOVE this special. “It has my name written all over it! Well, not really, but give me time. And a crayon.”

From my sister Maralie, her husband Jake and Silas I got – RABBITS! They know me well. Anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, especially rabbits, are well received.


(And that’s not a real Starbucks cup; it’s an enormous ceramic thing in which I keep my bracelets and whatnot.)


I got another special present on Christmas day – my friend Conrad took a trip to Spokane and walked around downtown and Riverpark Square taking pictures, which he sent to me. I cried looking at my home, and so did Mom – in a very good way. It was wonderful to be able to see everything again.

All in all, it was a very Merry Christmas!


(Gloves also courtesy of Mom and Dad 🙂 They’re so snugglay! And they also double as a coffee sleeve. How epic is that.)


12 thoughts on “It Didn’t Snow, but it was a Brilliant Christmas Anyway!

  1. Aww! Merry Christmas, Unnie! I wuv you! =D ❤ Hope you're enjoying the EARLY Christmas present you got in November. XD
    Hugs to you!!!!

  2. Happy Christmas!!! I’m glad your day was excellent!!! Have you seen this years Christmas special yet? I watched it last night (after I wrestled the TV away from my siblings), and it was fantastic!!! The new companion seems like she’s going to be extremely exciting, with an amazingly confusing and wonderful story line!!! Anyway, I’ve probably already said too much about it if you haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll stop now. Enjoy the rest of you Christmas holidays!!!

  3. Merry Christmas! Oh, and I tagged you. XD Actually, you tagged me and I tagged you, so if you do the tag–which is at my blog–feel free to tag me back. lol! 😀

  4. Merry Christmas! I’m glad you had a good Christmas, and that you got photos of Spokane! I still haven’t been over there– my family isn’t one for road trips, and it’s a six hour drive from here to Spokane. It sounds like you had a lovely day, though, and got lots of fun things. My Christmas was pretty small this year, but I got two Doctor Who shirts, and River Song’s screwdriver, which were all fantastic.

    Have you watched this year’s Christmas Special yet? I loved it! I adore Clara already.

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