overwhelming nostalgia at the strangest moments

i woke up

i had a leftover christmas cookie

i sat down to write…

and now suddenly i’m nostalgic. i’m not sure how it happened. maybe it’s just christmas, but i think it may have something to do with the fact that i was writing a scene featuring sienna and eristor for my beautiful friend hannah nicole. i hadn’t interacted with these characters in so long that they broke a sort of dam in me, and when a dam breaks i feel like writing in lower-case letters.

tumblr_lu9gqg1nYh1qb8ikqo1_500 it made me think of all the people in my life who have been only flickers – people i’ve only spoken to once, or met in passing, people i’ve only known through a comment somewhere on the internet. people who have touched my life, if only briefly. some i’ve forgotten, some i remember even now, years and years later. i’m not good at remembering specific things, but i’m good at remembering how things made me feel. i read somewhere that people don’t remember moments, they remember feelings. they may not remember exactly what you said, but they’ll remember whether it hurt them or gave them hope.

there are many things i want to do in 2013. graduate, get my driver’s license, keep writing, become a better person. but my main goal is to give people feelings they’ll remember. i want to give them sparks of hope, put smiles on their faces, let them know they’re worth something. i’m good at putting people down, but on the flipside i’m also good at lifting people up. in 2013 i’m determined to become the sort of person who thinks twice before they say something mean and substitutes it for something christlike and loving instead. i want to make people feel optimistic and hopeful and loved and special, even if they’re only over the phone, or a face on the street, or a passerby stopping once by my blog. i want them to remember how i made them feel godlight, even if they don’t remember who shone it.


10 thoughts on “overwhelming nostalgia at the strangest moments

  1. Mirriam, you’re a special soul that God has placed in my life for a reason. I may not know you ‘in person’, but you’re absolutely fantastic. You make me think long and hard about things that would never even have crossed my mind otherwise. You make me feel things like pretty much no one else ever really has. You inspire me. In my life, you’ve already succeeded in your goal for 2013, above and beyond what you’ve said here. Thank you for just being you, Mirriam, and for spreading Gods light even farther than it already is in my life.

  2. I agree with what Krazy said! I’ve only known you for several months–can it be that little?–and you have become one of my best friend and accomplished…well, what Krazy said!! You are awesome, Miriam and I love you!! 🙂

  3. Although I’m usually a stickler for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc., I’m making an exception for your post, because of the “broken dam” reason and because it’s beautifully written and makes me think about things past…of people I’ve known, of memories I have of many of them, some happy, others sad and/or painful…

    I’ve read a few Christmastime posts I liked recently and this is one of them; thank you for sharing this. 🙂 (you do do a good job of making people feel special, by the way – including one person who is very average and not very special)
    I reblogged two of the posts I’m talking about on my Tumblr page; perhaps you’ll like them as well. One is by Hannah Martin and the other is by Tessa Violet (a.k.a. Meekakitty on YouTube).

  4. I have those moments of nostalgia and emotion sometimes…they normally become the poems on my blog. Long, thoughtful poems or short, emotional ones. ^^

    So glad that amidst Christmas time you’ve had some time to just think. So often this month of December becomes so busy for people that they don’t sit down and review their thoughts.

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