Meet the new Brood

What does a mama authoress do when she completes one book? (Or, in this case, blitzes through for NaNo, cuts it off 20,000 words before the planned ending and cauterised it with ‘the end’?) Non-writers don’t know this, but when you say good-bye to one character, there are generally several clamoring to take the previous character’s place. Personally, I had four (and another has since joined). They are: Ariel (Painkiller) Jade (The Boy) Hiro (The Meaning of Always) Vey (Acceso) and newcomer Pierce (Angels & Ink which isn’t an official book yet but is just an idea swirling around but it doesn’t matter because even if Pierce never fully fleshes out I love him anyway).

So, since I’m missing Beautiful People, I decided I’d just introduce my beautiful boys to you, so you know who I’m talking about. (I won’t introduce Vey since I’ve already done that…several times…because I loveeez him, and I won’t introduce Pierce until I know him a little better). Now, some of you maybe wondering, “Don’t you have any GIRL characters?” And the simple answer is – yes. Of course I do. In fact, most of my main characters are girls, most of my books are narrated by girls, and I have a great appreciation for girls, being one myself. However, I don’t completely fall in love with my girl characters like I do my male characters. I’m pretty sure this is because I’m heterosexual, and falling in love with my female characters would be awkward. Come to think of it, I refer to my male characters as My Babies all the time, but never my female ones…hmm…maybe because they’re more like various personifications of me, or girlfriends. That’s probably why.

So without further gilding the lily – my brood!  (And if anyone remarks that all the pictures are Asian *coughMaxcough* I am simply not going to respond. *throws hands over head* IT ISN’T MY FAULT!! I see an awesome picture and it happens to be Asian and I happen to get a story idea based off it and then no other model works!!!! I’M SORRY!! I promise, you can see them differently in your head!!! Okay. Continuing.)



While I wanted this book to be more sweet and simple than many of my others, it has darker undertones because I’m addressing the problem of feral children. This may sound ridiculous or mythological to you, but the fact is that many parents abandon their children or raise them like animals. One famous case is Genie, a 13-year-old girl discovered in the eighties. Jade was based more off Oxana Malaya, the ‘dog girl.’ You can look them up and see I’m not inventing wild stories. (……or…wait…) Jade is named by the main character, Marlo, for the color of his eyes. Jade has been treated like a dog since his mother died when he was two years old and his father wanted nothing to do with him. When Marlo finds him and takes him home, he bonds to her and follows her like a puppy, but the puppy has a fierce, wolflike side. If he believes anything is threatening Marlo, then the threat – real or imagined – had better run. He’s fun to write because he’s so adorably puppy-like, except for when he’s more wolfish…and anyway, then he’s still fun to write.



Heeee’sss…abnormal. Ahem. This novel is a mixture of Beauty and the Beast, Jane Eyre, and the Secret Garden. Ariel’s parents are wealthy socialites, and so when it becomes clear that their son is insane, they announce that he is dead while locking him up in the West Wing. Ariel can hold a perfectly intelligent conversation because he is, in fact, perfectly intelligent. Refined, elegant, and well-schooled, he may seem normal until you go deeper into conversation with him. Ariel has a fascination with pain. Half of his face is a grotesque mask of scars from when he shattered his window and cut his own face. When he’s thrown into a violent rage, he may cause damage to himself and his surroundings, but he won’t realize it until afterwards. He is neglected by his parents and the only person who cares about him at all is the butler, until Calista comes along and sees that abandonment and psychologists aren’t going to help him recover. The quote that more or less inspired this story is from G. K. Chesterton, that the great truth in Beauty and the Beast is that, “a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”

|Hiro and Hisoka|

                        koizora4369miura jhgd86

Or, as you may be thinking, “…the same dude with his hair two different colors.” And you’d be right, because he’s playing twins! At the beginning of The Meaning of Always, though, Hisoka (black hair) is dead. He was the ‘good’ brother, the one everyone expected would do great things, the A student, the responsible one. Hiro slowly grew apart from Hisoka the older they got, until high school arrived and they were complete opposites. Hisoka is now dead and Hiro, the black sheep of the family, is the only remaining son who happens to love his dead brother’s former girlfriend and fiancée. Skylar, though, doesn’t want anything to do with Hiro because he reminds her so much of Hisoka, making him very painful to be around since she’s still grieving. Hiro, though, is wonderful. He’s extraordinarily polite, but is involved in a gang that he can’t get out of. He will do anything to protect Skylar even when she does not want protection, but he also feels guilty for liking her because his brother was going to marry her. (This is a lot for a bunch of eighteen-year-olds to deal with…I just thought about it…) The Meaning of Always deals with recovering from grief and moving on with your life – altogether different and a stretch for me, but I love it.

…Okay. Since Vey is a lot of people’s favorite (considering his book is the hardest to write O_e) I’ll talk about him, too.



(I showed my best  friend this picture, since it’s one of my favorites. I really like the smile, and he’s hard to find smiling pictures of, hehe. The first thing she says is, “He’s SCARY.” I protested. “He’s NOT scary! How can you say he’s scary? He’s smiling!’ Her response: “…I think maybe it’s because he’s your character…’ Me: That isn’t true. Her: …….” | Haha, anyway. I tend to become affectionate toward the people I base characters off of, which is probably why I can think they’re awesome and everyone else backs away slowly. Heh. Plus I actually thought he was in his early twenties when I ‘cast’ him as Vey, and then found out he’s actually almost thirty-four…He still fits. Meh.)

Vey is nineteen and under a slave contract at a low-class nightbar. He was only seventeen when he got into the contract and had no idea what he was doing, but he can’t get out of it until he’s twenty-one. He’s chronically depressed, though extremely talented with music. He’s a type-A hemophiliac; bruising and bleeding at what most people would hardly even notice. He doesn’t care about anything except music and his little foster sister, literally the only person he loves – until Leila comes along. Leila is sweet, bold, and has been deaf for three years due to a swimming accident where she nearly drowns. I love this couple; I love the idea of someone whose entire life centers around music falling in love with someone who can’t hear it, and vice versa. Vey may sound pretty caustic and unlovable, but he has a very dry sense of humor and is brutally honest in his thoughts, even toward himself. ‘Acceso’ (which is a musical term meaning ‘ignite’ in Italian) deals with the problems of depression, suicide, slave contracts, and accepting hope. I do love tangling myself in these sorts of things.

Ack. I should start an orphanage for troubled characters, because I don’t seem to have any other kind.

And now you know the rest of

The Brood.

Merry Christmas.


23 thoughts on “Meet the new Brood

  1. They all sound really interesting and very well developed but I have to admit, I’m looking forward to Ariel’s story the most! I would never have thought of Ariel for a guy’s name, but I kind of like it, and the story just sounds incredible! 😀

    • They tend to develop before the plot. I have character, plot builds around character if I can drag myself away from said character to do any actual novel creating. XD Well, I wanted a name that meant ‘lion’ and Ariel means ‘lion of God’ so I thought – “Pssh, forge the little Mermaid. His name is Ariel.” XD

  2. LOVE THE BROOD!!! XD And that bit about ‘I see an awesome picture and it happens to be Asian and I happen to get a story idea based off it and then no other model works!!!!’ sounds like what I’ve been trying to explain to my mom…since I met you, it’s like…everyone in my stories is Korean!!! *glares* XD

  3. …so, when are you going to send out more chapters or me to read and love and have extreme feels over? It’s been too long since the last ones!!! These characters can’t not be loved, they need my huggles!!! So, please more chapters for me? Today?! Okay, I’m done. For now.

  4. I have to agree with the part about girl characters. I have a couple girls that I think are totally awesome, but they’re just… not boys. With the boys, it’s: “WAH! I LOVE YOUUU!!!” with the girls it’s just: “…………hey……how’s it goin?” sooo… the boys can be “ma babies” the girls can be “ma besties” how’s that sound? XD haha!

    ok onto the characters.
    the picture for Jade (would you believe I actually thought that might be what she names him? XD) kinda looks like a girl… :/
    I still have my suspicions about Hiro *shifty glances* but I will keep them to maself.
    that picture definitely looks way to bright and happy for Vey O.o

    I have some characters that would join your orphanage 😀 haha. yeah.
    we should write something together about the utmost troubled characters, with every kind of problem imaginable, totally messed up, and figure out how they get better… it’d be epic. and random. *nod*

      AAAAuugh. I feel like a bad authoress.
      …but not too much, since I still love the name.
      And yes. It’s like….Vey’s version of screaming, shouting, and clapping while jumping up and down, hurling confetti.
      But I still love him, too. XD
      AH we should! “Mirriam and Stella’s Home for Damaged Characters.” XD

  5. Ah the Brood! Yeah all my male main characters are my babies. Gaelan especially, though he’s closely followed by Dante and Zane. Tallon doesn’t want to be my baby *pouts* But my female MCs are too strong and independent to be my babies. Not that my male MCs aren’t strong or independent….but you get the idea.

    Anyway, Jade is so adorable! And Ariel is so cool looking. And is it possible to like Hisoka more than Hiro when it’s the same person in the picture? Maybe its the smile. Yeah, it’s the smile. And Vey?

    I’m already in love with Vey. Pity that Acceso’s the hardest one to write 😦

  6. I love the brood.
    Whenever I read your posts, I love to hear you talk about your characters. Although I haven’t read any of your work (but I am seriously considering becoming a Beta-Reader…) I have to say that just from reading their ‘profile’ of sorts, Ariel and Jade are definitley my favourites!

    • Hey, Maddie!! ^.^ I love Ariel and Jade, too 🙂 What are your favorite characters of yours? Now I’m curious! I love to talk about my characters, so it’s nice that you like to hear about them. XD Just imagine when I have kids…. O.O

      • Hey
        One of my favourite characters would have to be the currently nameless fortune teller in one of my W.I.P’s- oddly enough inspired by a music video. I love having to write in an eerie, mystical tone; it gives me a chance to be nice and vague.
        A second would be one of the characters flaoting around my head- although as much I love him, I’m finding him hard to put into words -_- .

        And of course I like to hear about them- it’s like reading a biography, except it’s a lot more fun!

  7. Hahaha, I stand guilty as charged. 😀
    You know, having Asian characters (in very single book) is fine, but it seems to me that Ariel’s family is from somewhere in Europe – perhaps England – right?

    I watched Ken Ham’s “One Blood, One Race” video the other day and learned a few things: one is that everyone (with the exception of albinos and possibly a few others) is the same color – we just have different shades of brown. So I guess your characters range from “light brown” to “medium brown?” Perhaps I should mention that I’m racist (at least not consciously); I just prefer certain Caucasian-looking people for characters (if I ever get around to writing a complete story) and other things.

    • I’ve seen that talk several times – it just depends on the amount of melatonin in a person’s skin! It’s really fascinating! Ariel’s family is from England so technically, he couldn’t look like his model. But since Ruki inspired the entire character, that’s how he looks in MY mind. ^.^ I wonder how everybody else sees him…or am I going to have the first insane British Japanese beast EVER? Oooohh! *taps fingers*

    • I wouldn’t call it racism; perhaps it is more of a ‘preference’. Say I am walking down the street and see an attractive person. 9 times out of 10 they are going to meet a certain standard for beauty that I have. That standard is a certain eye color, hair color, face shape and structure, facial feature, build and skin color. A Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American or Asian could be the one walking down the street, and if they meet those things, I may end up finding them to be attractive. The fact that Hispanics and Asians tend to meet that criteria more often for me than Caucasians or African-Americans does not mean that I am racist. So in the same way, perhaps its not that you are racist, you just find Caucasians to have features you consider beautiful. It’s truly to each there own. . 🙂

      • Oops, I meant to say “I’m *not* racist (at least not consciously)…” :O 
        It’s entirely too easy to make typos, especially when typing on an iPhone. 😦 *facepalm* 

        Thank you for the insightful thought/s, Caroline; I like how you put it…it’s a matter of personal preference (to each their own). 🙂 

  8. Mirriam, you’ve certainly mastered creating charries! XD I love the idea behind Ariel- when I first heard his name, it made me do a double-take (probably because memories of The Little Mermaid are still fresh… =P) But it really fits him, IMHO.

    • THANK YOU!!! Probably only because I do it so often XD If practice makes perfect, then I ought to be pretty good at it by now.
      Now, if only I could master plot holes…. O_o YAY I think it fits him too *claps* SO GLAD YOU DO!!

  9. I really liked the ending to Unforget. Just have to say that, as long as you mentioned it. XD

    LOL Sometimes (though it can be rarely) I love girl characters (Moon comes to mind – I am a huge fan of her’s XD) – but it’s a VERY different thing from the way I love guy characters. 😀 (Though one must use the same word… there is a fault in the English language. :P)
    And no, I can’t quite see calling any of my girl characters ‘Babies’ either… maaaaybe if one reminded me a lot of my little sister? 😛 Eh, even then… nah.

    XD …they are all Asian… I love it! 😀 I can see this happening to me in the near future… especially because I’m working on a story right now where it is VERY important that certain of the characters NOT look Asian – and I keep coming up with Asian models for them. *headdesk* It’s causing me endless headaches – but it did end up providing me with a whole new character and a sequel, before I’d even got the first story part-way planned out. XD

    Haha, I have a character named Arael who is a guy… It was the whole ‘lion of God’ thing that decided me, but I decided to just go with an alternative spelling. 😀

    Ooh, and love those pictures of Hiro/Hisoka – they just fit so perfectly! (Which obviously you know. XD But I am excited to see them. XD)

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