“I love being a writer. It’s the paperwork I don’t like.”

So I finished Unforget at exactly 55,000 words. It needs a lot of editing and polishing, but that’s all right. I loved Cayne and Moon, but I am going to take Unforget and put it in a box, and then I’m going to put that box inside another box, and then I’m going to mail that box to myself, and when it arrives I’ll bury it five feet under until I’m ready to dig it up again. Because seriously, I’ve spent four weeks getting that thing done and as special as it is to me, I’m plain sick and tired of it.

I feel a strange mixture of pain and freedom – pain, because my lower back is killing me from all this sitting in front of the computer, and freedom because I can now focus on all the other story ideas that attacked my attention during November. I had several readers say they wanted me to continue sending them my works as I write them (which gave me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings and joy) and then a list of my current WIPs was asked for in order for you oaps (officially awesome peoples) to keep track of them.

SO! To make this easer on you (and me!) I’m going to list all my WIPs here and if there is one (or more) you would like to read as I write it, then email me at the-shieldmaiden(at)hotmail(dot)com with the subject line “Beta-Reader” and then tell me what you’d like to be kept up on in the email. Warning: These are mainly dramas, so I doubt many of you guys will want to sign up. And if you do sign up, feel free to drop from the list if the books aren’t catching your interest.

There is only one condition to signing up – if I start lagging, you have to pester me. It’s the best motivation I can get. 🙂

The Meaning of Always – this is written for the amazing Sky. Skylar Walden’s boyfriend whom she intended to marry was killed by a gang, and she is having a hard time getting over it. When his twin, Hiro, shows up, she shuns him at first. She is broken-hearted and dislikes Hiro because of his resemblance to her boyfriend, but she begins to find out that he is as different from his twin as morning is from night. Then the biggest problem is thrown in her way – Hiro is in a gang, and leaving would result in danger for both him and her. When the gang leader threatens Skylar, Hiro leaves it anyway, promising to protect Skylar – but how can he protect her from danger he is not certain of himself? Genre: Drama

Acceso – Vey is a nineteen-year-old gaze rocker under a slave contract at a nightbar. He is a musical prodigy, emo, and suicidal as well as a type-A hemophiliac. The only thing he cares about in life is music and his little foster sister. When the kind, pretty, and deaf Leila appears in his life, he is not sure what to think. She is persistent with kindness and understanding, and even though they’re polar opposites, their relationship grows steadily stronger. Leila begins to bring Vey out of darkness and into light, but when tragedy strikes, it strikes hard and their relationship may not stand the blow. Genre: Drama

Painkiller – After her parent’s death, Calista Stone is invited by friends of her father’s to come live with them in their manor, set in the middle of the country. With nowhere else to go she accepts, even though the situation grows stranger and stranger. She is not allowed into the west wing because of ‘renovation,’ but at night she hears screams coming in that direction. No one will tell her anything, but her curiosity cannot keep her away from the west wing. There she discovers Ariel, the Blackwoods’ son, hidden in seclusion. At first she can hardly believe the discovery, but she begins to think there may be a very good reason why he is kept locked away. Genre: Fairy-tale rewrite/Drama

The Boy – Marlo is used to moving, so she has no particular feelings when her dad tells the family that they’re moving to the country. But soon after they’re settled in, Marlo begins to feel like she’s being watched. Unreal howling is heard at night, and she has the feeling that someone – or something – is watching her. Are the rumors true? Is there a werewolf living in Rimmer county? And if there is, what does he want with Marlo? Genre: Drama/Suspense

(Note: For those of you worried about werewolves, all I can say without giving away spoilers is that there is nothing supernatural about this book.)

I may add to this list; I’m going to put it in my ‘pages’ section so you can check on the statuses of the WIPs and know if I complete one, add another, drop one, etc. I hope this is helpful – and now, I’m going to get off, because like I said, my back is about to commit mutiny. Stay weird,



27 thoughts on ““I love being a writer. It’s the paperwork I don’t like.”

  1. Painkiller makes me think of a Beauty and the Beast/The Secret Garden mixture. Definitely interested in that. And the others too, but Painkiller definitely caught my eye the most.

      • Ah, see I’ve never read Jane Eyre. But I read Wuthering Heights, even though that’s Jane Eyre’s author’s sister’s work XD Is Jane Eyre good? None of my friends who’ve read it like it (But they were forced to read it soooo I don’t know.)

        • Um…..I’ve read it (most of it) and seen two movie versions and honestly, I’m not a huge fan (there are some great lines, etc. but…meh…not my thing) HOWEVER there are some really neat things. Ahem. Like insane wives being kept hidden and all that. XD

  2. Awesome list dude. I may sign up for one or two because guess what! I only have NINE unread books in my possession. NINE. It’s amazing. ♪it’s so amazin I’m goin cray-zay♪ First time in my life my “to-read” pile has been in single digits O.O So I should have plenty of time to help out ^-^ yay!
    This is the same kind of list I’ve made on my author fanpage… just… less detail.

      • I keep going back and counting, “is this REALLY all I have left?!” YAY! A legitimate excuse to buy more books!!! And the time to read yours!!! And work on mine!!! More exclamation points for no reason!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. First off i have to say that now we have two stories with the same title. 😀 I have a story I wrote in ’10 called Monster. And i wrote a short story two months ago called The Boy. How funny is that?
    All of them sound really good, I think Acceso is the one I woukd like to read.

  4. I volunteer!!! I volunteer as beta-reader!!! For all of them, if you please!!! Hopefully life will slow down enough for me to actually read all of them, and Unforget. My list/pile of things to read just keeps growing, as does my list of things that I would like to write (since I have decided that I really like writing and would like to continue writing for…forever sounds good).Tell your back I told it to get better!!! And congrats on finishing NaNo!!! I wish I had been able to get the words in, but it just didn’t happen.

  5. On one hand, I think you might be right about me not liking dramas as much as your other creations, but on the other hand, I want to defy your expectations and I can’t predict the future, so if I sample all of your works-in-progress, perhaps they will defy my own expectations and I will find them quite interesting.
    (semi-concise version: if I can “unsubscribe” from any I think aren’t my cup of tea after a bit, sign me up for all of them)

  6. I can’t compute with too many books going through my mind. Good for you! They sound great!

    And I had to laugh at the hidden Emperor’s New Groove quote. (“He can’t fire me! Why, I practically raised him!” “You think he would have turned out better.” “Yeah. Go figure.”)

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