Interesting questions

Anonymous questions are always fascinating, so here we go! Questions which I shall now attempt to answer; and they’re good ones, too. This ought to be fun. And if anyone else wants to answer them, feel free to do so either in the comments or on your own blog!

♦ Five ways to win your heart? What a sweet question. Give godly, encouraging advice, buy me books, listen to my music, say nice things, and be honest.

♦ Something you feel strongly about? Suicide.

♦ A book you love? I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Dreamland and This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

♦ Pet Peeves? When I’m playing Mexican Train and I turn into Monk. All my dominoes (and everyone else’s, too) have to be perfectly straight and aligned or I go OCD and want to pull my hair out. I also dislike unmade beds and one-word responses to things.

♦ How comfortable are you in your own skin? Very, thank you. Aside from having days where I feel fat, or have zits, or bad hair. On an ordinary day I’m very comfortable with myself.

♦ Something you always think ‘what if’ about? I’ve always had that ‘what if this is all a dream’ question. I don’t believe that, of course, but the question pops into my head a few times a year. I ‘what if’ a lot of things all the time, but this is the only really recurring one I can think of.

♦ Five things you really want? Umm…an iPod with more GB and a screen, a laptop, clothes from Forever 21 (I say this as I’m wearing my Forever 21 sweater, but I”ll have you know it’s the only Forever 21 item I own and I love it), snow on Christmas, and a pet of my own. Either a horse or a ferret. Or a dog.

♦ A quote you try to live by? “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” And our family motto, “Why be normal.” 🙂

♦ Five guys you find attractive? Honestly I find a lot of guys attractive. O.o I’ll name five off the top of my head, though: Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green (Jericho) Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Kim Hyun Joong, and Lee Joon.

♦ Five women you think are beautiful? Scarlett Johansson, Sandara Park, Emma Watson, Aishwarya Rai, and Karen Gillan.

♦ Something you’re currently worrying about? Christmas funds!!

♦ What do you hope your future will be like? I would love to write forever. I would like to write story after story, fall in love with character after character, and help as many people as I can through my books. I would like to get married.

♦ Five weird things that you like? Those depressing but interesting manga captions, hoarding every picture of anything remotely interesting that I see, days my fingers seem longer than usual, funny or different-sounding laughs, cutting and pasting pictures and quotes into notebooks. (I don’t know if these are technically ‘weird’ but I like a lot of things.)

♦ Something that you’re proud of? As in, personal accomplishments? I suppose finishing novels. People? I’m proud of my family and my friends and a bunch of people I’ve never met or spoken to in my life.

♦ A problem that you’ve had? I’m the most forgetful person I know. I forget everything. I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten my name yet!

♦ Something that you miss? Washington.

♦ One thing you’re excited for? The Hobbit!!

♦ Something that bullets your whole day? Someone saying they’re disappointed in me or getting angry at me.

♦ Put your iPod on shuffle and name the first ten songs that play? Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift, Warrior by B.A.P.,  Tick Tack by UKiss, Reila by GazettE, The Last Night by Skillet, Super Hero by Lunafly, It’s War by MBLAQ, Lonely by 2NE1, Tried to Walk by B1A4, JoJo by SHINee.

♦ Things you like and dislike about yourself? I dislike my stupid thyroid gland, the fact that I think my hands are boring, the fact that I have to wear XL clothes even though I don’t mind myself, and the fact that I’m growing my hair out and it’s at that stage where there’s nothing interesting I can do with it. Things I like are my dimples, my long eyelashes, my nose, my pale skin, and my intuitiveness toward people’s feelings and emotions.

♦ What are you wearing? My gray Forever21 sweater, jeans, and my Christmas socks (red and white striped with a circle of fluffy white faux-fur around the top). Oh, and underwear.

♦ What do you think of school? School is okay. I like literature and history but I really hate things like science (so glad I’m out!) and math (which I’m almost through with) and I hate doing grammar (even though I have good grammar) but as a whole, I don’t mind school. The only reason I dislike it would be because it detracts from the time I could be spending doing things I enjoy.

♦ What makes you happy? When people go out of their way to say nice things to me, or send me a note or a picture of someone I like or they think I would like, or recommend a book to me, or encourage me, or send me a song by a band I like, or tell me they like me and that I’m a good friend.

♦ What makes you angry? Injustice, bullying, when people make fun of me or something that I like (not to be confused with teasing), being pulled out of the middle of writing or reading an intense scene.


27 thoughts on “Interesting questions

  1. Skeet!! XD what an awesome name! ;D

    Hey, this was really cool, gotta love them anonymous lurkers. X)

    Perhaps I WILL do this on my own blog! (well, shared blog). 😉

  2. Fun! “Why be normal?” XD *giggles* And Hawkeye and the Hobbit! 😀 Wait… THE HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!! :O ALMOST. HERE. ❤

    Also I noticed the link to Magpie Eclectic Press on your "Monster" page on here doesn't work… Maybe you could fix that? Also, the other day I got to hear Skillet's "Monster" (because my brother has the CD) and it totally is yours. O_O


  3. They asked to name five guys you find attractive?? And you were able to limit your answers to FIVE?! O_O lol… and you hoard pictures too, do you? I was forced to clear my folders out a while ago, but I do too!!! 😀

      • Lol, hoarding pictures….Caroline does this as well. Imagine my embarrassment when the computer got a virus and I had to take it in to be fixed. I told the guy that the pictures were my teenage daughters….and if he could please retrieve them. Keep in mind that almost all of these pictures were of Asian guys(K-pop stars, actors). Now when I went to pick up the computer another guy was working(the fellow who actually fixed my computer). Was he Caucasian? No…..he was a young Asian guy, who with a big smile informed me that he was able to retrieve all my pictures! My face couldn’t have gotten any redder!

  4. Ooo, these are some really great and fun questions! I think I’ll answer them on my blog. I love your answers!!! You suffer from extreme forgetfulness, too?! I knew I wasn’t the only one! I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten my name either, though I have forgotten my age (generally at times not even close to my birthday, so I can’t blame it on that).

  5. I haven’t answered questions like these on my blog in a long time, but it’s interesting to read yours. 🙂

    “Don’t judge a book by
    it’s cover.” And our family motto, “Why be normal.”
    *gasp* An apostrophe that doesn’t belong and a period instead of a question mark! :O 😉

    Injustice and bullying…bullies, dictators, and all the kinds of creatures who prey on innocent people – especially those sadistic monsters who take pleasure in the suffering of the ones they harm – to say they make me angry would quite an understatement. I think you might have an idea of how I feel about the whole thing…

  6. Can I put these questions on my blog? But use my answers, not yours, obviously, haha!

    And you’re so much like me it’s amusing. Some of your answers were like “Dude, did you read my mind???”

  7. I will put these on my blog tomorrow… I don’t have time now, as I should have been in bed an hour ago 😀
    I made a WordPress blog, and so far I like it a lot better than blogger, it is not so much of a headache every time I want to post something.

  8. Hehehe, going Monk on the dominoes. (Unmade beds is something I cannot stand either, or one word responses. I text someone and they answer with K and I want to throw my phone at their head.)
    The doiminoes one made me smile though, probably because I know which episode he did it in.

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