In which I suffer a heart attack

…but not literally. I take heart attacks quite seriously. However, I was doing a little bit of hyperventilating and heart-palpitating today when my computer profile completely shut down and I lost everything.


My thousands of pictures, documents, and songs. Gone. Poof. Just like that. We were fortunate enough to have backup – which did not work the first time. The second time it worked like a charm; so after an afternoon in which I aged about twenty years, I am back and trying to catch up on my NaNo (I lost some time, aging like that). I am back on my feet, and even though I haven’t written quite my quota today, I’m going to fix that AND finish my drawing of Sepiroth.

For now, here’s a drawing I did last night of Genesis from Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. These characters are so much fun to draw.


This is a very short post, but I’m short on time and just wanted to give you all a little peek into this particular, panic-ridden slice of my life. And I hope you like the drawing. Coming soon: My eulogy and a post on depth.


28 thoughts on “In which I suffer a heart attack

  1. OH NO. I know that terror, Greg isn’t terribly reliable, and I only backup the computer’s files about once a month.

    Or two months…at best…..

    I’m glad you were able to save everything though! whew.

  2. That is the most beautiful drawing I have ever seen in my entire existence. Characters from games like Final Fantasy are always the ones with coolest designs.

    • AAWWWWWWWWWWW *hugs you* Thank you!!! I aspire to draw like other people better than me, though. ^.^ I was freakishly happy with the outcome anyway, however. Final Fantasy games are AWESOME – Japanese creations are generally awesome at fashion and hair!!

  3. Ok, it works; excellent.

    So what you mean is you had a heart attack and died but then came back to life! (said with an odd lisp), right? 😉

    I try to backup some of my files, but most of my stuff is on an external hard drive, and if it broke I should be most put out. It’s good you were able to recover your files. 🙂

    Ah, that’s Sephiroth? Very nicely done. But where’s his sword?! You should draw more of my favorite Final Fantasy characters – along with their weapons), like Cloud (complete with Buster Sword or newer big sword – his hair could prove difficult though) and Vincent (with guns) from FF VII, and Lightning (with her awesome gunblade), from FF XIII. 😀

    • *laughs* Yes, an odd lisp. XD I CAME BACK TO LIFE!!! I’m hoping to get a thumb drive soon just in case everything crashes again O_o
      This isn’t Sepiroth; it’s Genesis from Crisis Core 😀 He’s *awesome* – the only one to take on Sepiroth single-handedly and live!! Booyah! Although Angeal had to interfere before it got nasty XD I’m drawing Cloud after I finish my current WIP of Sepiroth – though he’s on a motorcycle. The Buster sword will come!! Ooh, Lightning is awesome – GOOD CHOICES, MAX!!!!

  4. Mirriam,
    I just finished reading The Shadows Lengthen, and I was soo jazzed about reading it that I started to write some fanfic:D silly, I know, but I lust *love* all of that characters SO much, and I want to hear more about them, even if it is written by myself:P Anyway, good luck with NaNo!

    ~Soli Deo Gloria<3

      • Okay, someone enlighten me; what is this Final Fantasy thing? Does it go with “The Shadows Lengthen?” Or are they separate. Do I need to go get TSL out of the library?
        I love your drawing style Marriam. Love. It. Did you just kinda teach yourself or do you have a style that you imitate or what? Do you draw off of photo references?

  5. Mirriam,

    I will sent the fanfic to you within a couple of days. I really do feel like you said before, I don’t want anybody to look at before it’s perfect:D Anyway, a while ago, I lost ALL of my files and most of my music. I died that day._.

    BTW, you are an AMAZING artist! All of my drawings turn out like stick figures: I wish I could draw or sketch, but I have NO aptitude for being a artist like that (although I can draw a pretty mean stick figure:P)

    ~Soli Deo Gloria

  6. Oh my goodness how terrible! O_O I’ve had that happen. -_- (<–Eristor face) I'm so glad it's all okay!!! *hugs* My memory stick is my very very good friend these days — you definitely need one! (Oh, yes, and there is the irony of me taking Unforget over to my laptop on my memory stick. The hilarity, it kills me. XD)

    DRAWING. AAAAH. *falls over at the amazingness* How you so talented at writing and drawing and everything else???

    I… just hit 20k. O_O EEEEEEEE!!!! 😀 Excitement!

    Good luck on catching up!! You can do it! Keep writing! 😀


  7. Wow, I’m glad you had a backup. O_O I’ve had a couple close calls and felt like throwing up…but I didn’t age like that. o.O

    So…you’re more than twice as old as I am now? XD

  8. Oh my word O_O I am so glad you had a backup! I keep all my important-er files on four different USBs.

    Lol, Rana told me she wrote you a eulogy! (She wrote me one too 😛 My funeral is gonna be awesome… XD)

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