Adventures in NaNoLand, Day Five

So today I slept in, did chores, and went to the zoo. We had a blast, of course; the weather was perfect and I got a peppermint mocha because I AM REMEDIATED AND NO LONGER ALLERGIC TO MILK. Ahem. However, that whacked a great big chunk of NaNo time out of my day – the instant we got home I sat down at the computer and started writing. And then it was dinner, and then we watched two episodes of Jericho (so what if I’ve already seen them twice; I have loyalties, you know) and then I sat BACK down at the computer. I figured I was in for a late night. Oh; and while we watched Jericho I finished my picture of CAAAYYYNNEE! (I know, finally. I’ve been drawing Vey all the time and he isn’t even my NaNo character – Cayne is! Though…I DID draw Vey yesterday, since I didn’t like the way the previous picture was turning out, soooo – I guess you get to see TWO drawings!)

Here is Cayne, looking, as my mom said, ‘crazy and horrified’ which is exactly what I wanted him to look like –

And here is Vey, looking a little bit cold in a snazzy leather buckle outfit thingy.

So, yes. Drawing relieves my NaNo stress (except for when I smudge. Then I get quite irritated). Anyhow, at the end of the day (meaning about eleven o’clock at night) I had reached my word count for the day and therefore I feel pretty content. I passed 11,000 words!! (And seriously, why is it always during NaNo that you get swamped by all these other ideas? To paraphrase a great composer, “It’s all I can do not to trip over them when I get up in the morning!”)

Here’s an excerpt from today’s short chapter. I do love these two.

            “Who was that?” I asked as he strode back over to me, stepping over long weeds with longer legs, and handed me back my phone.

            “A friend.”

            “You have friends?” I hadn’t actually meant to say that out loud, but he only gave me a dark expression that was like a sigh personified. “Where are we going?”


            “Okay,” I said, calculating the distance in my head. Math had never been my strong point. “That’s going to take us…it’s about…”

            “We’ll be there probably late tomorrow or early the next morning,” Cayne interrupted.

            I rolled my eyes. “I could have figured it out, you know.”

            “I don’t have all day.” He started walking again.

            “Sink me, the man has a tongue and knows how to use it,” I said, jogging behind him. He looked at me over his shoulder with an expression that made me start laughing. “You know what I meant,” I reprimanded, pointing a finger at him.

            A ghostlike smile turned the corner of his mouth up again. “Chit.”

            “Psycho,” I said, and wondered if this was the first baby step toward becoming something like civilized travelling companions.  

And there; I am off to bed now so I can wake up in the morning and begin this cycle once again. Lather, rinse, repeat.


8 thoughts on “Adventures in NaNoLand, Day Five

  1. CAYNE!!! And VEY!!! They look AWESOME!!! You did a magnificent job on both of them!!! And yes, Cayne does look crazy and horrified. Moon and Cayne keep sounding better and better!!! I wish I had time to read Unforget! School is mostly what gets in the way of my writing, which stinks, but is necessary (according to mom).

  2. Drawwwwwings!!! You are SUCH a good artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

    I cannot BELIEVE I've not yet seen a picture of Mir drawn by you. Where were your drawing pencils all those months while you were writing Monster?? O_O

    Ack yes! My ideas are trying to distract me, especially Tare, and I ended up making new "covers" for three of my stories today while I was supposed to be writing! XD

    • AAWWW THANK YOU!!! And you know, I’ve tried to draw Mir. I think I think he’s too perfect; my hand and brain won’t let me draw him. O.O That’s the only good explanation I can come up with.

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