Adventures in NaNoLand, Day Three

Despite being gone until about three thirty this afternoon, I managed to get my daily quota in and finish the third chapter in Unforget! I tell you, having a reading team is the best thing for my motivation and accountability. I honestly couldn’t wish for anything better. Anyway, this chapter was fun to write – full of the beginnings of Moon’s snarky personality and also the beginnings of their perfect teamwork. (Only beginnings, mind you. This part included Moon arguing with herself and Cayne and being chased up a roof.)

Here are my stats for the day –

Here’s a snippet from chapter three –

I laughed. I knew death wasn’t funny, but the situation was so bizarre that I couldn’t help myself. “So you accidentally killed a memory lord and fought with who? Byou?” He nodded. “Byou’s a freak.” He nodded again. “Did you kill him?” This time he shook his head. “No wonder you got smashed up, if you fought Byou. He’s part cyborg, you know.”

            “Another thing I was unaware of that it would have been amazingly helpful to know,” he growled, “before I went in there.”

            “You didn’t ask,” I said defensively.

            He looked as if he was going to reply with something angry, but he leaned over, clutching his head instead. “Aaagh.”

            “Okay, how exactly are you hurt?” I asked with a faint sigh. The guy had gotten me into a freakishly large mess, but I couldn’t let him sit there looking pitiful.

            He looked at me over his shoulder and stood up. “I’m fine.”

            “You aren’t fine. You look like a wreck. You are a wreck!”

            He stood up, looking as if he was about to fall over into the water if a strong enough wind blew up. I shouldn’t have thought about wind, because the second I did, it blew stronger and I realized that I was going to turn into a human-shaped icicle if I didn’t get warm.

            Cayne walked up the steps and I followed him. “Where are you going?” I asked.


            I fought the urge to punch his back. “We’re going to get hypothermia if we don’t get warm.”

            He said nothing. I think it was supposed to be a silent indicator to leave him alone, but I was too wound up. I mean, I was soaking wet in the middle of November, I’d been chased by guys who worked for possibly the most evil man I knew – or had known, I thought after a second – and now here I was with what I was convinced was some sort of thin demon in my dad’s coat.

            “Hello!” I grabbed his arm, aggravated to the shouting point. “What is your problem?”

            “Your face!” He jerked his arm away from mine.

            I paused. “What about it?”

            “I can see it.”

            For a stranger who had done nothing but cause problems, kill people and pull me into a mess in the space of a few hours, he was a master at getting under my skin. “You aren’t exactly perfect yourself,” I snapped. “Look at the mess you’ve gotten me into! I can’t even go back home because those blinkers know where I live!”

And I don’t have a completed picture to show you tonight, but I have half of one. Guess who 🙂

That’s all for tonight, folks! Say goodnight, Gracie.


5 thoughts on “Adventures in NaNoLand, Day Three

  1. I was gone most of the day, too. You’re doing great!!! I’m not doing quite so hot, but I’m working…when the internet doesn’t decide to reach out its cruel tentacles and suck me into its distracting kingdom, that is. It has an annoying habit of finding ways to do that right as I really start to get into the grove of writing and everything just seems to flow out, which I’ve found to be a fantastic feeling, but don’t get to enjoy much.
    ““What is your problem?”
    “Your face!” He jerked his arm away from mine.
    I paused. “What about it?”
    “I can see it.”” — LOVE that bit!!!
    VEY!!! *sigh* Even half-finished he still looks amazing!

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