Adventures in NaNoLand, Day 2

Today marks the end of the second day of NaNo!  My stats are as follows –

Not too shabby, in spite of several over-acheiving friends of mine… *sideways glance* Anyway, here’s a snippet from chapter two of Unforget, which I managed to complete today! (I’m going to be gone tomorrow morning! I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do in the afternoon….I foresee a late night…)

            “I hate you,” Moon growled, but the growl turned into a waterlogged cough.

            Cayne shut his eyes.

            “I’m serious,” the girl continued as soon as her throat cleared. “Why were they chasing us, huh?” She hit his boot with her hand. “Psycho, I’m talking to you!”

            He sat up, his elbows digging into the metal stair, and glared at her. “The next time I’ll just run and let you die.”

            She glowered at him. “I hadn’t done anything; there wasn’t any reason to drag me—”

            “You brought me there.”

            She fell silent, but her eyebrows remained drawn together and her lips stayed pursed in annoyance. “I’m going to ask you for the third time,” she said finally. “What did you do?”

            Cayne rolled over onto his hands and knees and shook his buzzing head. The numbness was starting to leave, and the pain was taking over again.

            “Did you get your memories or whatever?” she prodded.

            He glanced over his shoulder and shook his head.

            “I swear if you don’t give me a proper answer, I’m going to push you back in the water.”

            “Malachi is dead.”

            Her mouth slowly fell open. “You killed him?”

            He nodded again.

            “And you’re still alive?”

            His glance was sarcastic enough.

            “What on earth were you thinking?” she screeched. She smacked his leg, then smacked it again as if once just wasn’t enough. “You really are insane! You know now they think I brought you there and they’re going to look for us until they kill us! What memories is it you wanted, exactly? Can’t you live without them?” She stopped to take a breath and he remained silent while her chest heaved and her glare wordlessly cursed him.

            “No.” He leaned his head onto one of the steps. “I can’t.”

On another note, I drew Vey again! (Model: Shiroyama Yuu) Drawing is proving to be very relaxing after a long day of sitting in front of the computer writing. I was excited with how much I liked the end result.

And a Day 2 vlog my frabjous friend Brennan put together. I think we all know this feeling.

Happy NaNo!


20 thoughts on “Adventures in NaNoLand, Day 2

  1. My stats are as follows… *drumroll please*
    0 Words!
    With a debate tournament and zero inspiration, I’ve not worked on NaNo much at all XD

  2. Wow, you’re doing awesome!!! Way better than me, with my total (so far) of 1,023. The excerpt was fantastic!!! Sadly, I haven’t had time to read much of the chapters you’ve sent so far, but they’re excellent from what I have read!!! OMGOODNESS, Vey looks amazing!!! Yeep, I’m getting so excited for Acceso!!! But first, Unforget! And the video sums up my reactions to, well, basically everything, perfectly!!! Pacing, lots of pacing, hanging upside down, headbanging, twiddling…yep, your friend got just about everything!!! But, thankfully, I haven’t gotten writers block yet, and so I haven’t had to do any of those things!!! What about you, any stressful times of writers block? Ahem, anyway, time for me to get back to writing!

    • *grins* YOU CAN DO IT!! Get on up there, girl!! 😀
      I’m SO glad you’re excited for Acceso – I LOVE it and can’t wait to concentrate on it after Unforget!! I haven’t had writer’s block in Unforget yet except right at the beginning when it was like shoving my head through a stone wall, but I’m good now XD

  3. Nano is awesome! I started today and I’m at 6,300 words 🙂 Pretty excited about this month! I can’t wait to read Unforget once you’re done, it sounds great!

  4. Love. That. Snippet!!!!! Seriously, it was great!!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have very many words written for my Half NaNo project. But, I did get more minor characters named and most of the styles of dress figured out. (I love costuming my stories!)

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