More like guildlines than actual rules.

And with much evil laughter more condusive for NaNoWriMo than Halloween, I say – “Do you know what tomorrow is?” If you do, congratulations and I’m sure you will do just fine. If you DON’T know what tomorrow is and you’re planning on doing NaNoWriMo, I say, “I’m terribly, terribly sorry, but I don’t think you’ve prepared well enough.”

Because tomorrow marks (besides my brother’s twenty-second birthday) – NaNoWriMo! I mentioned this to my mom this morning and she says, “We’ll miss you.”

I suppose I DO tend to go into hibernation during November…except this month, we may be gone for a week. I’m going to be in a panic trying to double-up my daily quota until we leave! *cue screaming attack* Now, I know a lot of my friends are doing NaNo this month and they’re a little panicked about it. My advice? Don’t stress it. It’s about having fun, in spite of the near-death experiences. It’s about falling head-over-heels in love, discovering NaNo buddies, surprising yourself with how creative you can be, crafting a whole new world in a month. How many people can do that? If you’re doing NaNo, don’t go into it half-hearted with a “Well, maybe this will turn out okay.”

If you’re going to do NaNo, dive in headfirst and drown in it!

So everybody tends to have a NaNo Survival Kit, but this year I don’t have a kit so much as a….conglommeration.


1. Fingerless gloves. My hands get so cold during NaNo that they numb up sometimes – probably because they’re in the same position basically all day for four weeks. I wore my gloves to BSF yesterday and one older lady walked up to me, looked at them, and said, “Oh, I have to go find my carpal tunnel  brace at home.” I wished her luck.

2. Hot chocolate. I don’t have blood in my veins so much as ink and hot chocolate, and naturally I need to consume large quantities of both to keep going.

3. My NaNo notebook (of course)

4. Music. I’m heavily into Taylor Swift at the moment thanks to her new album (half of which describes Acceso perfectly. Vey and Leila? Check, check, triple-check). However, my main songs for Unforget are –

I Remember by Bang Yong-Guk

Greyson Chance – Slipping Away

Hero – Nickleback

Silhouette – Owl City

Lonely Lullabye – Owl City

Taylor Swift – Haunted

Mist – Gang Dong-Won

Save You Tonight – One Direction

And that’s really only a very small sample. My playlist for this month is HUGE.

Also, don’t forget to use the NaNo site and forums and help to their best advantage! Have a blast this NaNo, people!


Several people have expressed interest in reading Unforget as I write it. Lots of them read Monster while I wrote it and gave me feedback, and it was the most helpful thing I can think of. So I’ve got an Unforget beta-reading team – if you’d like to be on it, just tell me so in the comments or email me at the-shieldmaiden(at) with the subjectline ‘Unforget’ so you don’t get deleted as spam. =D

Happy NaNo-ing!


12 thoughts on “More like guildlines than actual rules.

  1. So, being unwell and all, I read that you needed to ingest great quantities of blood and hot chocolate, and I was about to fall downstairs to have a little “chat” about your current lifestyle choices, but I reread your comment first and was greatly relieved… and I WILL miss you next month – perhaps I can lure you upstairs sometimes with hot chocolate and a fire in the fire pit…… I love you – see you in December!

  2. NaNo — EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Except I can’t write tomorrow cause I’ll be at a booksale. But I’ll look forward to some nanomailing with you after that! 😀 I simply cannot wait for NaNo to start! Though I should have more plotted! So I’m panicking a little even though you say I shouldn’t! I’m sure my mom feels the same… 😛 Our poor, poor relatives! XD
    Oh no, you’ll be gone! O_O How will you survive??? And I’ll have to decide if I’ll have time to read Unforget this month… I would LOVE to, I’ll just . . . see if I have time. 😀 Because I’m going to be crazy busy!

    I’ll be starting late but . . . GOOD LUCK WITH STARTING TOMORROW!!! This NaNo year is going to be *cue Doctor voice* FANTASTIC! 😀

  3. I told you I wanted to read it, right? if I didn’t, I DO!!! And your list looks exactly like mine! Right down to the fingerless gloves! (which I need to get out of the wardrobe) =D

  4. Ooo, I’d love to read Unforget as you write it!!! Please, please, please, pretty please?!?! Less than eight hours left until NaNo starts, and I’m SO EXCITED!!! This, my first year, is going to be amazing!!! Stress is nowhere among my list of emotions about NaNo. Conglomeration: noted and added to my list of awesome words to use at every opportunity. Unforget’s cover is still amazing! Good luck NaNoing!!!

  5. NaNoWriMo, better known as Hermits United. Hello fellow hermit!

    I’m going to email you, because I love the cover and title of your book, and I want to read it 8-D

    And I hope you are able to keep caught up, even with your week away. (Why is NaNo in November anyhow? Thanksgiving makes it tricky.)

    Also, may I add you to my buddy list? My username is HighlandWriter.


  6. Well… I’m going to make an attempt to move SOTD forward for Nano. I’m not aiming for 50k because I simply don’t have the time… but if I can get 30k or even 20k I’d be super happy! I’m not starting another project until SOMETHING moves in SOTD… I made that vow last year, and it still stands. I need a moving wordcount… perferably a wordcount with words that I actually like. 😉

    BTW, fingerless gloves are SUPER EASY to crochet… I’m making a pair and almost have them finished. ^_^ I can’t wait to actually be able to wear the pair. 😉

    Good luck with nano!

  7. Hoorday for T. Swift!!! *is a Swiftie* 😛 And good luck with that NaNoWriMo!!! I am not doing it; I love writing and am struggling to get in 100 words a day. XD I could never do it. But I’m glad you can! Have a good time, girl! ❤ I'll be praying!

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