Plot bunnies and other things

First, I must start with an announcement. After much urging (because it feels weird to say this) – Mir has a facebook page. That’s right; complete with updates, pictures, questions, after-novel stories, and eventually neat giveaways and such. Go here to ‘like’ the page and stay updated! 

Also, I have adopted a Plot Bunny from the NaNo forums! Those of you not familiar with NaNo speak will not know what a plot bunny is, so I’ll tell you. A plot bunny is a constant writing companion. They have different looks, personalities, and names.

Let me introduce you to my plot bunny, Heather, given to me by nano-er hjstreet.

She is a black bunny with a red patch over her eye. She loves hot chocolate (see, I knew she was for me) and murder mysteries, as well as cheesy stories that make you emotional anyway. She’s feisty, has a soft spot for a good romance, and will say she hates the character she likes the most.

And it’s purely coincidence that her name is Heather – one of my best friends is named Heather, and we met during my second year of NaNo. It was meant to be.

I was asked by a friend (who also bought me a notebook so gorgeous I have to find something completely worthy to put in it) why I liked NaNo. Aside from the writing part, that is. Because really, during NaNo, you don’t mess with the NaNo-er. You leave them alone in their cage and watch as they gnaw on bones, type until their fingers are worn down, and turn into a single-entity frenzy. But really, it’s fun. I love writing on the fly, with no time to sit and think long and hard about what to do. It’s a race to follow your instincts, a challenge to actually do this thing.

The NaNo community is helpful, fun, and supportive. I’m even mentoring a couple newbies over the site this year! I feel like a veteran. I’m putting together my NaNo survival kit  for this year – I can’t wait to see what goes in it! I keep all my NaNo goodies in a basket by the computer so I can reach for it as I need things.

I’m quite excited. And also, during NaNo, I’m doing this challenge –

It will help keep me on track during NaNo. And even if you’re a guy (and aren’t a huge fan of pink roses and winning handmade cards) the idea is still a good one, methinks. So here’s to getting as much of your novel plotted before the whirlwind begins!


12 thoughts on “Plot bunnies and other things

  1. A FB page? Oooohh… I’m getting an account next month… I should be able to survive until then, I hope…and as for Heather, she sounds completely adorable 😉 Every bone in my body is screaming at me to do Nano this year, but I’ve got so much going on… gr…Anyhooo, best of luck to you ;), would you send me updates on Unforget?

    • Of course I will!!! I’m going to offer anybody who wants to read it as I write it to hop on the list 🙂 It helps keep me accountable for my daily wordcount XD Heather IS adorable! I need a stuffed bunny. I do. XD WOOHOO A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! You must friend me posthaste!!

  2. So – I am thinking about starting a group called NPA (Nano Parents Anonymous) for those of us who have to deal with the Nano person during the month of November… and WHY November – there are other things to be doing in November – remember the whole THANKSGIVING time? Try as I might, being thankful for Nano is a hard reach for me…. I already miss you and it isn’t November for 10 days….

  3. I liked the FB page!! 😀 I never go on Facebook, but I liked the page anyway. X)

    I’ve considered doing NaNo before, but. . . idk. I don’t think my OCD would let me fly through a novel with no regard for mistakes or pointlessness. :S and I don’t even have an idea for what I’d write. Although. . . there are all those poor abandoned former story attempts of mine lying around with nothing to do. . . .BUT, I’m still in the middle of another writing project, and I don’t know if my brain would allow me to attempt two books at one time and still function. . . best to wait, methinks. 😉

    Next year, perhaps? You’ll have to mentor me, too, as I have no idea what to do. 😉 lol you veteran, you! X)

    Also, I don’t think I have a plot bunny. 😦 How does one go about acquiring one?

  4. Mir’s FB page is awesome! I liked it! I’ve ever had a plot bunny before, but they sound awesome too! I’m kind of teaching myself how to go about NaNoing and what’s what on the site and stuff…it’s fun! I probably should have gotten a mentor, though. Your plot bunny sounds adorable! And the warning sign is really cool! Good luck, with NaNo and with the challenge!

  5. Nooo… it’s been hard enough staying off FB when all my friends were on it… if CHARACTERS start going on it too, I’m gonna die! Or get a FB page… 😛 It’s awesome though – thank you for not making it so only people on FB can see it!

    Your plot bunny sounds quite fun… XD And I think I am horribly jealous of everyone doing NANO… Maybe I should do it this year, only just do writing on my med-school application…. that’s probably got about 50,000 words I need to write for it… Hmm.. 😉

  6. Haha, AWESOME! I suppose this means I’ll be providing all the ideas and twists for your stories. (jk) That plot bunny though sounds like the OPPOSITE of me 😉
    Happy plotting!

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