My first-ever author interview

A-hem. I have been interviewed by the lovely Tanzy (aka Katherine Sophia). It’s my first interview as an ‘author,’ and it felt…pretty amazing, actually. And really, you should comment and follow her blog because she’s one of the most encouraging people I know. She’s amazing and I think it only fair that you get to know some of that amazing, too.


1.) How many books are you writing/at what stages are they? (When can I buy them… 😉
Oh, this is a tough one. If you’re talking written books? I’m plotting my NaNo novel and working on another book called Acesso, about a suicidal rocker and a deaf girl and how they both come to help each other. And another I’ve been plotting is called “Sixty Percent Human.” It’s in the future, and it has cyborgs. *laughs* You can buy them as soon as…they’re either published or self-published.

To read the full interview, fall down THIS RABBIT HOLE and hopefully, enjoy the interview! 



5 thoughts on “My first-ever author interview

      • and morons… *headdesk* You KNOW I know your name – I commented on how absolutely AWESOME I thought it was when you said what it meant on here. How THAT version ended up on an author interview of all places I… I… I have no explanation. Except for Evil Brownies.

        I swear… okay, actually I don’t, but this is what happens when my computer fries – apparently my BRAIN fries with it.

        *goes and hides in a hole and never comes out*

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