Beautiful People – Unforget Edition

I’m missing Beautiful People, so I took Abigail’s idea – just ask them questions of your own, take some previous ones, mix and match. I chose to do this now because I’m fleshing out Cayne and Moon, so I thought I’d do a NaNo: Double Edition and interview them both!
1. What does he look like?
Cayne is, at first glance, not a handsome man. Striking, but not handsome. There is something  too angular about his face, too frightening in his glance to be called such. His aura is such that people often do not see ‘the forest for the trees,’ as it were; they see the dark cloud around him and from it gain their opinion of him. Inky black hair, black eyes, and pale skin give him a graveyard appearance (though he is very much alive). He is tall and thin, but walks with a slight hunch and his head down, as if to keep from being noticed.   
2. How old is he?
He is twenty-seven years old.
3. What kind of personality does he have?  Introverted or extroverted?  Cheerful or morose?
For the past two years, since the Incident, Cayne’s personality is the opposite of what it once was. Now he is deeply introverted, constantly wary, simultaneously angry and anguished. He is unstable; if he held a gun, you would want to keep clear because the slightest thing could set him off. He will run through walls to gain what he is after, but he does not often stop to think they could be ran around, as well. On rare occasions, his former personality will peek through the clouds and you may get a smile or even a genuine, deep-throated laugh from him. He lives for himself, but he now and then it’s as if something touches him and he goes out of his way to do something gentle, even kind.
4. What animals does he like best?
He is not fond of other creatures, humans or animals. However, a sleek, black-coated cat takes a liking to him partway through the book and he ends up with a grudging fondness for the thing.
5. Is there something he is afraid of?
Cayne is one of those puzzling people who is, in all honesty, afraid of life. Many would mistake his rash, violent actions for fearlessness, but in truth he is afraid of the emptiness inside his own mind, his own heart. He is empty and desperate to be filled, and he believes pursuing his lost memories will do that.
6. If he had magic, how would it express itself? 
Without a doubt, it would be the ability to become invisible. If you asked him, he might not choose this – but if he had been born with an ability, this would be it. It would suit his current personality.
7. Is he musical?
He does not play any instruments, but he has a surprisingly haunting singing voice. Remember the song ‘Mist’ I posted a while back? That is Cayne’s voice.
8. Does he have any annoying habits?  Any habits at all?
He has a habit of not blinking for long periods of time, giving people the feeling he is staring at them. It results in very uncomfortable moments – but, Cayne is not a ‘comfortable’ person. While talking, he also has an unconscious habit of going ‘hmm’ while he’s thinking.
9. What sort of laugh does he have?
It’s almost more like an erratic, deep-throated giggle than an actual laugh. He also sort of hunches his shoulders, as if his subconscious is embarrassed by it. A real, loud, genuine laugh from Cayne is about as rare as a raindrop on a sunny day, but it’s worth hearing. 
10. How do other characters feel about him?
The officials don’t feel anything about him. They’re doing their job, hunting down a rogue asset. Moon’s feelings for him are complicated – at first, he is someone she takes pity on. Then she’s forced to stick with him out of necessity. She hates him fiercely at times, and at others loves him so hard it hurts. Topaz is both friend and comforter to him, loving him with a caring but distant sort of love.
Bonus Question: If they could be played by any actor, who would it be? Kang Dong-Won. Ironically, he is released from military service during November… “Sometimes, the stars simply align.”
1. What does she look like?
Moon is petite and waifish, often mistaken as several years younger than she really is. She has a heart-shaped face, large blue eyes, and her most striking feature – her hair – is white, cut in a curving bob. When Cayne first meets her, he is under the impression she is fourteen or fifteen, and she lets him believe it until he discovers her real age. (An argument ensues. Cayne despises being lied to for any reason whatsoever).
2. How old is she?
She is twenty years old.
3. What kind of personality does he have?  Introverted or extroverted?  Cheerful or morose?
Moon is spunky and level-headed, often thinking through things where Cayne would simply rush in and in her words, ‘make a mess of everything.’ She is quick-witted which, though often a good thing, leads to cutting remarks when she is angry. She thinks through everything she does, except for what comes out of her mouth. Though you would not think it on first acquaintance, she cares for everyone – even those who drive her half-mad.
4. What animals does she like best?
Moon is fond of animals of all kinds, especially stray cats and dogs. There are not many animals to be found in the city, and the wild dogs found outside the city are best left alone.
5. Is there something she is afraid of?
She is terrified of losing someone she is close to. In this respect, she and Cayne are not so different – they neither of them are very willing to open themselves up to anyone else. She lost her parents at a young age and has been on her own and ‘doing just fine,’ so when Cayne is thrown into her life story she isn’t quite sure how to handle it.
6. If she had magic, how would it express itself? 
She would be an elemental, but just which element I’m not certain. She’s an eclectic mixture of personality facets, and in some moods fire would suit her better than rain.
7. Is she musical?
She hums, but she does not like to sing. Her humming, though, is almost incessant and drives Cayne to distraction. He’s gotten used to just covering her mouth whenever it irritates him past the point of distraction. (Granted, she smacks it away, but at least she’s quiet for a while afterward).
8. Does she have any annoying habits?  Any habits at all?
The aforementioned humming counts as a habit, I suppose. She also has the childish habit of sticking her tongue out at people who annoy her, even when they aren’t looking at her.
9. What sort of laugh does she have?
She has a quick laugh; a light giggle that often turns into a bubbly, full-out laugh. It’s contagious and once she starts, it also takes a while for her to stop.
10. How do other characters feel about her?
Just as her feelings for Cayne are mixed, Cayne’s feelings for her are equally confusing. At first, he sees her as an annoyance, a ‘tag-along’ he would just as soon throw to the dogs. However, her personality is infectious and sticks to him like a burr, until he softens just enough to care about her. It is certainly not ‘instant love’ on his part – he is searching for memories of his dead fiancee and is not interested in any sort of romance with anyone. However, this may change.
Bonus Question: If they could be played by any actor, who would it be? Oooh, an actress for Moon…this is difficult. She would probably have to be played by a teenager to have the right ‘look’ but I can’t think of one off the top of my head! (Or the bottom of it, for that matter.) 

12 thoughts on “Beautiful People – Unforget Edition

  1. Aaaahh! I love this!!! Your characters are always so deep and fleshed-out! And I loved the part about the running through the wall and the humming thing and sticking her tongue out. XD Also, awesome pics!

    And, get this . . . I’ve got my music on shuffle and right now there’s a song playing called “The Moon Will Follow You” and I’m just dying laughing here… 😀

  2. I don’t know why I always find myself amazed, but I am already in love. XD

    That first picture… gah… Cayne is simply fascinating. (I still absolutely adore that song.)
    And she’s petite, blonde, looks ~6 years younger than she really is, and likes to stick her tongue out at people? There is no way I cannot like her… XD

    I love how your blog looks, btw… I don’t know if it’s just seeing it on a different computer, or if you recently changed it, but it’s beautiful. 🙂
    And yes, I’m still on a different computer – one that does not have microsoft office, and therefore I am dying because I cannot edit at the moment. I also cannot write my papers for school, but that hurts less. 😛

    • WOOHOOOO I’m so glad you like it!!! *squeal* And the blog DOES look different – I changed the background (after like ten tries thanks to a glitch somewhere) to be more autumnal =D Aww, your sad computer. I’m sorry. XD

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