In which I hyperventillate and go overboard a little because NaNo is coming!!!

It’s October. Do you all know what that means? (No, I didn’t finish Monster, but I’m speeding through the trial like a blazing comet. It’s amazing how God works things out – I had writer’s block for nearly a month when I hadn’t had any before with this novel, and it turns out – God blocked me from writing because He knew I needed the knowledge I would gain at the Truth convention!! To give you a hint as to how well my writing is going now, I wrote seven thousand words yesterday. I am, ladies and gentlemen, on a writer’s high).

So, back to what October means.

It means – NANOWRIMO IS COMING!!! October is official NaNoWriMo planning, plotting, inspiration and freak-out month! It’s a glorious whirlwind of jotting down ideas, struggling with plot, creating characters, and talking to friends about how you can’t wait for NaNoWriMo to get here and how amazing it will be and HOW WILL YOU WRITE AN ENTIRE NOVEL IN ONE MONTH YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE HALF THE PLOT WORKED OUT YET LORD HELP ME.

I love October, basically because it leads into November. Not that I don’t like October for its own virtues – it’s a lovely month and I’ve always been on good terms with it. But it takes a lot of awesome to rival the pit of life and death, good and evil, sleeplessness and frenzy that is National Novel Writing Month.

This is my fourth NaNo, and I feel like a practical veteran. Each year has a different story behind the novel, so for today’s post (I love blogging. If I could choose between blogging or a weekly horseback ride, I would pick blogging. That should make you feel very, very special).

This year’s novel is called Unforget. The genre is once again something undefinable (except GET THIS, I figured out Monster’s genre – BIOETHICS! How awesome is that??? I’m sorry if I’m overloading you with enthusiasm, but I feel very enthusiastic this morning). The closest I can come to this genre is – semi-futuristic-dystopic/alternate reality/suspense/thriller. Yep.

Here is the (clumsy, hastily written) premise –

Cayne was once completely happy. He was twenty-five, an illustrator for children’s books and engaged to the woman he loved more than life. However, the country (in this alternate-reality-future, mixed ethnicities are everywhere. You won’t go to Asia and find just Asians, everyone will be there. It’s all mixed) is in a state of turmoil. Drug companies long ago took over government control, and there are those who would see the people take control again. Cayne’s closest friend is part of this undercover ‘rebellion.’ Cayne wants to stay out of the whole thing and not get into trouble, but his friend asks him to draw a picture with a coded message and deliver it to a safehouse, just once. A loyal friend, Cayne reluctantly agrees to do this one thing.

On the way back from delivering the drawing, however, he is captured and interrogated for information he doesn’t have. His memories are drained and he is implanted with orders to kill his best friend and his fiancée, which he does. He is used this way as a government assassin-spy for two years, until one day they leave him unhooked from the memory machine and he escapes.

Ninety percent of his memories were destroyed, but ten percent remain – sold to various memory dens. He sets out determined to find them and re-gain his identity and memories of his fiancée. He’s half-mad (having echoes and ghosts of memories you can never quite recall would do that to you) and dangerous, his only goal to regain those remaining ten percent of his memories.

Cayne, as you’ve guessed, is the main character, but aside from flashbacks (as I piece who he was together throughout the novel) he is seen through the eyes of a girl named Moon, who finds him after a battle with an Official and ends up dragged into running with him away from her uncle Eli, a notorious man who owns a string of memory-dens and is basically a futuristic  mob boss.

Yes, I’m having far too much fun with this strange story. I’m already completely in love with Cayne (which may prove to be a dangerous thing) and Moon is still piecing herself together (Cayne mistakes her for a kid, since she looks fourteen or fifteen, but she’s actually twenty and for safety reasons she decides not to tell him her real age for a while) – I know she’s spunky but has a sweet side, feisty and smart but not invincible. And she has a white bob.

She and Cayne don’t exactly hit it off instantly, either. In fact, they kind of can’t stand each other, but that’s what makes it fun.

The host of colorful characters includes an annoying cat, two telepathic Officials, a dredlocked cronie of Eli, a Rahabite named Topaz, and of course Moon and Cayne, my shattered, insane, emotional, desperately lost MC. Another depressed male character, according to my superfriend Ashley, but a good one.

The theme of Monster is ‘sanctity of life,’ and so I decided while planning it that the theme of Unforget is ‘redemption.’ Can you tell that I’m adoring planning this novel? I have my NaNo notebook full of pictures, scribblings, notes, and I’m going a little crazy.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of Cayne, so I hope you like him. Or are at least interested in him, since he isn’t always likeable. I guess what I really wanted to say in this post was, I’m excited for NaNo!!!!

P.S. In case you’re wondering about the lack of pictures in these posts, I’m using my mom’s laptop and it hasn’t got any of the thousands of pictures I’ve got saved on the other computer. So the posts will be picture-less until I get back from vacation. 🙂


34 thoughts on “In which I hyperventillate and go overboard a little because NaNo is coming!!!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS I’M SO EXCITED FOR NANO TOOOOO!!! 😀 I got to see the new site last night before I went to bed (in a tent…) so I’m super excited to see it! All the shiny newness! *bounces* Have you seen it??

    I’m glad you’re having fun plotting!

    I’d better get plotting for NaNo too, since I haven’t started yet. O_O But I still need to finish writing about Tare etc. so . . . I’ll be so busy! *flails*

      • And you can put a cover for your novel!!! And have listed the one from the previous year (except you already changed it to Unforget before it wiped so… It says you did it last year and this year. XD But you can change it if you want) and there are signatures for under posts and everything’s all BLUE! 😀 *flails some more*

        Thanks for backing me up on that… Tare it is then. 😀

        Oh, and on the subject of your new *ahem* troubled MC, my sis and I made up a poem thing to ask you:

        Mirri, Mirri, of “The Shadows Fall”,
        Who is your most messed-up charrie of all?

        😀 😀 😀

        • *cracks up* WOW. Probably Eristor; if you’re talking good guys. Bad guys, I’d say Oscariah. And of course, Alden is pretty crazy XD
          AH, yes, I don’t have pictures/summaries/etc. so I can’t really change my NaNo info until I get to my computer at home =D =D =D IT’S SO SHINY!!!

          • REally? Cause I was thinking Cayne might get on the top of that list. XD (messed-up as in . . . well . . . messed up. I fail at descriptions *facepalm*)
            …Who’s Alden?
            Oh, okay. When ARE you getting home??
            Soooooo shiny! ❤ And countdown too! 😀

            • I thought you meant IN the Shadows Fall!! HAHA you’re right, Cayne is definitely the most messed up out of all my characters. Poor baby. XD I’m getting home on Friday!!! =D COUNTDOOOWWN i got very excited. XD

            • Nope. XD
              Poor Cayne… You make it worse for your MC EVERY. TIME. O_O (yousodreadful*cough*)
              Cool! I’m getting off the internet till Monday though… See you then?
              Yay countdown! 😀

            • You DO. XD
              And I shall! Thank you!!! ^_^ YES!!! I shall conquer! 😀
              *pets Small Occasion for you* *he grins a puppy grin while panting and barking happily*

  2. AHHHHH!! Okay so someone has already freaked out about the boards but I will too. 😉 THE NEW FORUMS ARE UP!!! So excited!!!

      • I know!! I love it. This is my fourth nano! I still have no idea what to do…I have some fantasy plot bunnies running around…and something in China or Russia with communist. But I’m scared to do historical fiction, it takes me longer to write. I LOVE your novel!

        • I’m not brave enough to try historical fiction XD Plus I’m not really interested in writing it – yet. I may end up eating my words!! I’M GLAD!!!! I can’t wait to see what your plot bunnies come up with!!

  3. I’m excited for nano too! Though…that excitement hasn’t produced much yet. xD

    Awesome sounding story! (I have a character named Kaine or something like that and he was in a post-apocalyptic setting o.O Woefully undeveloped though…poor guy)

  4. GAH, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! NaNo is going to be SO EPIC!!!!!!! I started planning my novel for it, like, a month ago when I first found out about NaNo!!! The new site is SO COOL AND SHINY NEW!!!!!!!! And I WANT TO MEET CAYNE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family can attest to the fact that I’ve had a LOT of fangirl moments over Mir (especially last night when I got your latest of Monster! Gah, so good!!!), and now Cayne needs to share the same honor of getting fangirled over!!!!! (I find it rather (very) strange that all the awesome guys I fangirl over are quite a bit older than my fourteen year old self).

    When I imagine Pocky, he’s basically a way-more-awesome-and-amazing version of Ducky from NCIS. I just realized that that’s who I picture him as last night. Just a random observation, but a pretty cool one. Ducky is pretty awesome, after all.

    • OH.MY.WORD. Now that you mention it, Pocky is a LOT like Ducky!!! OHMYWORD, now I’ll never be able to unthink that!!! *laughs*
      YAY!! Well, I hope Cayne is fangirl-worthy for you!! =D =D =D

  5. You have definitely piqued my interest – I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

    By the way, I was looking on Amazon the other day and it seems Blackmore’s Night is releasing a new album this month; have you heard about that?

      • The latest release appears to be titled “Knight in York.”
        Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
        Perhaps I shall wait a bit to listen to it and see if I want to use some of my $5 MP3 Amazon credit (you’ve got to love free MP3 codes and such – is awesome) on a few of the tracks from it…

        Did I tell you I watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows recently? (I’ve yet to watch the first movie though) Of course Rachel McAdams is quite pretty and Sherlock Holmes has some pretty cool fighting skills and Holmes-O-Vision, but I also liked how (unlike in old versions like those with Basil Rathbone) Watson is actually quite useful, is fairly smart and has some skills of his own. I also think Kelly Reilly/Mary Watson is pretty as well (Noomi Rapace/Sim isn’t, but her character didn’t need to be)…interestingly, I think one of my friends, Mercy Morecraft (I call her a friend even though I’ve only met her a couple of times or so) has a fairly strong resemblance to her. Ugh; this is why I often don’t like to start talking about something – I ramble on and on… 😛

  6. Oh wow, the upcoming book sounds awesome. Love the *Bourne* sort of spin. (Spies/assassins with memory loss? Insta-fan.) Never done NaNo, but I want to try it someday.

  7. I want to try NANO soooooo bad, but I am taking a technical writing class in college, and that takes up a lot of time… I even have the story planned, something I have been thinking of for about 6 years, but have never taken the time to write it.

  8. yeah!! Nano!!! (my mom doesn’t understand why I’ve begun brainstorming. She thinks I have a ‘whole’ month. She doesn’t understand how time can fly.’ 😀 I’m on the YWP, but next year I’m going to try the main site.

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