“The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Relationships are complicated things, particularly romantic ones. I have one in nearly all of my books to date, except The Shadows Fall (and then only because it’s coming later. And I was fourteen when I began it and the hopeless romantic in me had not quite reared its impressionable head).

When two people love each other, as wonderful as it is, it also causes an entire new series of conflicts, heartbreaks, difficult emotions and complications that weren’t previously there. Each couple has a different dynamic, and the possibilities are almost endless. The current couples I have are:

Mir and Eva

Vey and Leila

I like to mix-and-match, to play opposites with my couples. Mir and Eva are as different as a couple could be, and just as unlikely. Eva is a logical, point a to point b person. She’s liberal, devoid of most female emotion at the beginning of the novel, and is a workaholic. She’s not the sort of person you want to sit and have a coffee with; she’s the sort of person who would order you around even if you didn’t belong there.

Mir…well, most of you probably know Mir. (Speaking of which; Krazy, your email never came through!) He’s been abused horrifically from the moment he was born, and after twenty-four years he’s sweet, loving, kind, and perceptive. He has the strength of three men but, when not drugged or tormented into a frenzy, is as gentle and caring as it’s possible to be.

Their road is not an easy one. Eva is hiding secrets from Mir that she fears will damage him further, but his insight tells him she’s not telling him things. She unintentionally hurts him with things she doesn’t mean to say, and he breaks her heart by simply being himself. I wouldn’t say they have ‘sizzling chemistry’ or any such term (though I do love couples that do) – they have a deeper connection, something that has tied their souls together through learning and trials and trying to understand the other person.

Vey and Leila are different. Vey, next to Cayne, is the most troubled character to occupy quarters in my head. He’s borderline suicidal, completely depressed, and emo. His outlook on life is filled with caustic sarcasm, and while he has plenty of thoughts, he knows no one will care what he thinks so he often just says what they want to hear. His only release is through the music; he hears it everywhere, sees it, feels it. Being a type-A hemophiliac, he can’t even punch the wall to let out anger and frustration. Being dyslexic, his notebooks are full of words crossed out and re-written, so much so that the only person who can really make them out is him.

Leila has been deaf since she was thirteen. She’s cute, feisty, and willing to give tough love to people who need it. She sees through the shroud Vey wears and realizes she’s looking at someone who gave up on the world long ago; someone she finds both sad and intriguing. She does her  best to lift him out of the hole he’s dug his life into, and he sees something special in her in return.

Of course I’ve had lots of other ‘couples,’ even if there was no romance involved – Chace and Kate, for example, didn’t have romance. They had friendship, which is another ballgame – but no matter which angle you look at it from, relationships are tricky, difficult to maneuver, and a lot of fun to write. You have to remember that people are people. They’re going to hurt each other’s feelings, say what they don’t mean, and do stupid things. But they also have the ability to shine; to take someone’s hand, to sooth their fears and provide exactly what another person needs. That’s the wonderful thing about relationships, and they’re so much fun to explore. 


p/s: Noun

– A state in which two people who are close to each other continually uplift, put down, help, wound, caress, and push away the other.

In other words – the best writing fodder ever.


25 thoughts on ““The course of true love never did run smooth.”

  1. Yes, yes indeed. You know I love the way you write. And you /should/ know, though I’m not sure I voiced this specifically to you in an email, that I love the way you portray the different relationships of your characters. Always real, always relatable, always heart-grabbing. You do a fantastic job with this.

    Thanks for this post. Much love to you. ^.^

  2. Very nice… however, shouldn’t your description of Mir be “sweet, loving, kind, perceptive, and a murderer.”? Just wondering……. you know, to be completely well-rounded!

      • I’m not on facebook or anything, so forgive me if I’m asking an oft-asked question, but are you publishing anything, or is there a place where I could read it? It all sounds *frabjous* and I’m dying to read it, but – obviously – you can’t exactly broadcast it to the thieving internet…

        • Ah; well – I post some of it on Figment, but I try and not post too much because it could be stolen. You can email me if you’d like, and I’ll send you stuff that way =D

  3. Oh. my word. Leila looks exactly how my mind pictures her! :O
    And I very much like the definition of Relationship. Almost sounds paradoxical…

  4. What?! It didn’t go through?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Bad computer *beats laptop with wet noodle*!!!! I shall resend it at once!!!!

    But first, may I just say, wow! Now I want to officially meet all these lovely characters even more!!! Mir needs my cuddles, and so does Vey!!! Eva sounds like the sort of person that you both kind of love and kind of hate at the same time (a favorite type of character of mine)! And Leila, deaf since thirteen?! Gah, I love it!!! I need to meet them, they need my love (and possible occasional throttling for some, but not much)!!! *has mini fan-girl attack* Okay, I’m good now, all better. Mostly.

  5. Writing relationships, especially romance, is so incredibly fun. And it’s even awesomer when they are riddled with arguments and wit.

    Just gotta add… I love Vey. =P

  6. I have the perfect opportunity for a bit of romance in my books. And… I’m still deciding whether or not I should take the terrifying step. If I could ever live it down with my sister, Cait. I think I’ll use it for humour more than anything else. 🙂

    Vey is… slightly creeping me out, and I very much like the sound of Eva. Sounds like you have a LOT of fun with your relationships.

    • Ooooh….well, you know where I stand. I think a good romance livens up almost any story; but not EVERY story needs one. Winnie-the-Pooh wouldn’t have been the same at all 😛 Vey IS a little creepy; or at least he seems that way. He’s too broken inside for me to think he’s creepy. And Eva finally grew on me and now I love her *laugh* I have WAY too much fun with relationships.

  7. I second Abi – I’m thinking Vey and Leila are going to be jolly good fun to read about. (Which is terrible, because he’s all emo and suicidal, but whatever.) Deaf? Now that seems like it would be hard to write. Do you use sign language?

    Anyhow, excellent post. Relationships can be written terribly, but when they are nailed, they make a story worth reading. And as you pointed out, nailing it isn’t just about portraying the right emotions when true love is “running smooth.” It’s also about portraying the emotions when the love feels like hate.

    …and now I’m going to go read over the scene where my character tries to strangle his best friend. Yeah.

    • Ah, Vey and Leila ARE jolly good fun to write, so I hope they’ll be jolly good fun to read! Yes. I know. He’s very….well, he’s fun. In a dark way. Deafness actually isn’t as hard to write as I thought; I don’t know sign language, but I got the hang of deaf characters while watching Jericho (I’m advertising this show everywhere because it deserves to be watched even though it only ran for a bloody season and a half).
      Relationships – I HATE the ‘insta-love’ idea that’s popped up in ninety percent of YA novels these days. It’s unrealistic, silly, and you end up with a ‘relationship’ that feels shallow and static rather than something truly good. I suppose a lot of things I write spring from previous annoyances toward their opposites O_o OOOHHH, go do that and post a teaser!!!!! XD


    That was a song. An oldies song, by Gene Pitney, to be precise. 😉

    ANYWHO! I love Mir! Of course, you already know this. 😉 And OOOO! Vey sounds so INTENSE!!! . . . . . . I LOVE INTENSE!!!! 😀 XD

    Ah, relationships. You write them so well!! 😀 I, on the other hand. . . . do not. X) HA! Well, it’s something I have to work on. 😉

  9. Eva WHAT. *brain dies*

    …Sorry. Um . . . I was going to say something but then she made me forget. Oh well… Nice post. 🙂 And cool new background! And I also loved your snippets in the previous post! …Thouhg I forgot to mention. All this forgetting! I must unforget! 😉

    OH. MIRRI. HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW HOBBIT TRAILER?? ❤ YOU MUST. "I'm going on an adventure!" *Squeeeeeee*

    And new poster too!

    Happy Bilbo and Frodo's birthday! Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Hobbit being published, too. 😀

    *is far too excited to make proper sense about anything but posts anyway*

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