I Couldn’t Think of a Title For This Post

I love autumn. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons; the cooler weather, the crisp air, the cloudy days, the hot chocolate and sweaters. There’s something inspiring about these seasons. Sky did a beautiful post over at Further Up and Further In that you should definitely read (and don’t forget to comment, because comments are awesome and everyone who does gets a free cupcake. Somewhere. In heaven).

I’m recovering from the Cold of Doom that tried to vanquish me a few days ago. It may have struck me down, but I have risen again (or almost) and thank you, Lord that it didn’t last very long!  I’ve done a lot of Jericho-watching (if you haven’t seen the show, you should seriously consider looking into it) and managed to get a little bit of writing and reading done (though not much because my brain has this habit of going on vacation when I’m sick).

I thought it was quite timely and interesting that I posted on making people’s days yesterday and then was told it was National Encouragement Day! Since this is One of Them Random Posts, I’m just going to be writing wherever my mind takes me.

Here are a few things I’m excited about –

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) next week! I can’t wait to meet new people and have scripture studies with them!

NaNoWriMo. It’s coming up, people, and I’m having some friends do it with me for the first time! It will be my fourth year and I feel like a veteran.

The Avengers coming out on DVD! What superhero geek ISN’T excited about this?               

UKiss is coming out with a new CD. Oh yes. I’m waiting to pounce. And in honor of UKiss, I decided it’s that time. What time, you ask? Depressing (yet beautiful) Music Video Time! Ah yes. One of my favorite songs complete with lyrics you won’t understand but a video that you probably will (and if you don’t, ask and ye shall receive).

A lot of people really enjoyed the Tick Tack music video I posted a while ago, so here you are. No awesome clock dance in this one, but a sad story.

I also created a Monster background for my computer profile and I thought I’d show it to you guys. I’m having to crunch the size because it’s so big, but if you want the full version I can always give it to you.

NOT to mention that it has one of my favorite Engrish lines ever in a KPop song – “Don’t deny our r-squared pi.” Thank you, AJ, for teaching me math skills.

My brother logged on to the computer a couple days ago and went “WHAT is this!?”

Me: “It’s for Monster. That’s Mir.”

Mac: “…Uh-huh. For your book.”

Me: “Um…yep….”

Mac: “What would you say if you logged on to my laptop and you saw a picture of a hot girl on there?”

Me: “I’d say ‘you’re engaged.'”

Mac: “…that’s not fair.”

Case closed. *smacks hands*

I’ve just had a scene in Monster where Mir meets somebody important for the first time. It was so emotional I really wasn’t sure how to handle it, but I took a deep breath and dove in and, to my surprise, the words really flowed. I had never experienced emotions like the ones I was writing about but it didn’t matter because Mir had, and he was showing me. I love moments like that. Those times when you’re dashing ahead blind and deaf and somewhere a hand comes out to show you the way and everything comes together.

A while ago, Mom said “It’s weird to see you writing about all this. Affairs, medical stuff – how do you even know how to write a kissing scene?”

It was hard to explain. Because while I’ve never kissed anyone, it’s easy to write about. You observe, you use your imagination – it’s like the blueprints are there, and just because you’ve never experienced it, it doesn’t have a thing to do with whether you can write about it or not. I didn’t even have to research (haha) like I did for all the medical whatnot in Monster. It just came. Ah…I love writing.

Rambling – I think it’s become tradition for me to ramble once a week. I haven’t had any protests or Occupy WordPress movements, so I guess nobody minds. There you have it. I’ll leave you with a picture of Vey I messed with (awww, my baby. They’re all my babies. I have way more children than any married person….)

And a question for you –

What genre of book should Vey go in? I’d LOVE to hear any ideas you’ve got, since I’m still wandering around in gray matter myself.


43 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Think of a Title For This Post

  1. I love that song by U-Kiss!! Are they really coming out with a new album? *squeals*
    Vey sounds like such a cool character, I’m actually having character envy right now. 😉 But I’m not sure as to a genre…

    • THEY ARE! It’s called “Stop Girl” and they’ve released the teaser for the new MV. I’m quite excited =) Character envy? Oooh, well, that’s flattering to me but it must be frustrating. I’m sorry (but too honored to be TOO sorry about it!)

      • Awesome!! I can’t wait. 😀 It is frustrating…lol Are we buddies on Nano? My user name is Elizabeth-of-Rohan. Btw I love autumn and winter best too, I love being able to wrap up in a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. And I love the feeling of the air…*sigh* makes me wish I didn’t live in the deep south.

  2. I loves me some random posts. 😀 Do you . . . *gasp* have snow in winter?? O_O I’m glad you’re not sick anymore! Hmm… Yes. Nano. Eeep. It will be my third… so I *almost* feel like a veteran. 😉

    Vey? Steampunk. I’ve never read a steampunk book, but I think he belongs in one. *nods because I’m oh-so-knowledgeable about it*

  3. I’m doing NaNoWriMo for the second time this year, can we be buddies? My username is Jennifer Liberty in case you want to look me up.

    And I’m dying for the Avengers to come out. I need to see all the extra footage!


  4. Dude, Vey is just Dystopian. She just *is*. That, or she’s like Nock. She’s a kick-butt steampunk character in a fantasy world, shakin’ everythin’ up (that, or, shooting them with her crossbow – but that’s beside the point.)
    Vey looks a lot quieter than Nock though…a bit less…in-yo-face! But she looks very steampunk/dystopian to me…I think it’s the hair. People with hair like that are just dystopian/steampunk/goth to me…I like it.

    • *falls flat onto the floor*
      Vey is actually a ‘he.’ *rolls on the floor laughing* But that’s okay, common mistake. Three posts below is his introduction. Dystopian could be cool, though – ooh, so many ideas….!!!!

      • Oh. My. Gosh. So embarassed! *blushies* I am so so sorry. I’m glad you decided to laugh at it instead of being offended. *facepalm* Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! *starts talking to self* bother to read the stupid posts, doofus. I amaze myself with my own social un-adeptness (is tat a word?)

        • DON’T WORRY!!!!! XD A lot of Asian males look much more feminine than Western men, so that happens a lot =D Unadeptness…I don’t know, but it’s a good word =D

  5. “How do you even know how to write a kissing scene?” pwahaha! sorry, that just cracked me up. *zip the lip* I vaguely remember the times when I couldn’t even type/write the word “kiss” let alone write about people engaging in such an act. ah, the loss of innocence.
    man, every time I see Hamin’s face… it does something to my heart. He’s seriously trying to kill me with his gorgeousness. *dies*
    As for genre, I’m gonna agree with dystopian. ^-^

  6. Aww, thank you for linking to me, dear! It’s simultaneously flattering and humbling that people, including yourself, liked my writing so much. And yes, yes, I’ll happily accept comments — free cupcakes for all! 😀

  7. I knew Vey was a he…I will refrain from making any derogatory comments about you and your Korean characters (and KPop). ;D

    I wish words came to me as easily as they seem to come to you – they flee fromm as if I’m already armed with a sword and gun and have death on my mind…so I guess I am the Wordslayer. 😛

    • You knew Vey was a he… *hugs you* THANK YOU, MAX. XD And if you make a derrogatory comment, I’ll just….uh…find something exceedingly clever to retort, that’s what. Awww, well…photography comes naturally to YOU and not me, so there. XD

      • Writing may be different, but I think that for the most part, photography is just a skill that can be learned by nearly everyone, rather than a talent or something that comes naturally. And besides, I really don’t have much in the way of photography skills, which you should know if you’ve taken a look at some of the conceptual photo manipulations and other amazing images many of my Flickr friends create…I can’t even come close to any of those, although I wish I could. :~\

        • They DO do some absolutely amazing things, but so do you. I was really impressed by your Flickr; you just keep getting better and better! My sister Maralie started out so-so and just kept improving until now, she’s absolutely amazing. All it takes is practice – it’s just like drawing, honest. I could show you charts from my favorite artist Saimain, who started out doing little kid doodles and is now just BRILLIANT.

          • Aw thanks, I’m glad you think so. 🙂 I hope I’ll have the opportunity to learn how to majorly improve in the future…
            I may have told you before that I wish I was as skilled at photography (especially conceptual photo manipulations) as Erik Almas and other amazing photographers featured on Photoshop.com/spotlights and elsewhere…then I really could bring many of my ideas to life. :~/

  8. Miri, my brain take vacations all the time. This week, school’s been killing me and it doesn’t help that my brain isn’t cooperating!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< AND YES I LOVE AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to pull on one of my comfy sweaters and black leather boots. ^^ I got the latter when I was like, 12, I think and they still fit. O.O Two years later.

  9. LOL at post and all comments… 😀 Poor KPop and boys that sing it… XD

    Aww… the piano part of that song is so pretty… I admit I’m partial to piano. 😀 Besides, the boy playing it reminds me of one of my little brothers when he was younger and adorable. XD I should try to learn these people’s names at some point so I sound more intelligent… but I keep getting them mixed up. I suppose that’s what happens when you go from knowing absolutely nothing about Korean culture to deciding that Taiwanese and Korean sound completely different from each other and being able to tell the difference in Korean/Japanese/Chinese writing in a single summer. So yeah, I never know if it’s UKiss or SHINee or which group I happen to be seeing. 😛 (Okay, I do know that Kim Hyun Joong is in SS501! LOL Probably only because ‘Because I’m Stupid’ makes me want to cry every time I hear it…)

    Aaaaaand that conversation with your brother just cracked me up… I’ve gotten plenty of grief over random character pictures on my computer from my youngest brother. 😛 I tried to explain how it was a writer thing, and got pretty much that same response – “What if you found a bunch of GIRL pictures on my computer???” *bangs head against wall* What is it you do not understand about this thing…

    • *laugh* Yeah, the piano is so pretty. I play 0330 on the piano and it’s really simple but gorgeous. *laugh* Well, yes. Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese – it’s all totally different and so many people are like “Well, they’re all Asians.” Awww, I play Because I’m Stupid on the piano, too. It’s always so moving *clutches heart* I play SHINee’s “Stand By Me” too, which of course bbrings back Boys Over Flowers memories. Ah me… HAHAHA I do that too, yes. My brother is always talking about my background pictures. XD

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