“I ain’t worthy of your heart”

I could also call this the Emo Edition. I’ve never written an emo character before…depressed characters? Sure, by the bucketload (though I’ve been told I write the best depressed guys. And it was a compliment. Yay!) but not so much the you-want-to-both-smack-them-and-hug-them-anything-to-drag-them-out-of-the-dark-hole-they’ve-got-themselves-in-dark-eyeliner-and-sadness types.

And it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I loved him from the minute he popped into my life yesterday. I have Stella  to credit for giving me the model, and every new picture just solidified the need to have a flesh-and-blood (er…ink-and-paper) character to do justice to his uniqueness. (Is that a word? Uniquity? Nah. And why do I always seem to like guys who look like goblins or some other unearthly fey creature? Ah, I don’t know). Therefore, I give you –

Vey Kiwanje (Pronounced: ki-won-gee)

 Age: 19

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 130lbs (skinny boy)

Vey has the unique ability to not only hear music in everything, but see it as well. He’s badly dyslexic, antisocial, and is a type-A hemophiliac, which means he bleeds and/or bruises if you look at him too hard, which is why he dropped out of school. He was an easy target for bullies and one fight ended with him in the hospital. He’s messy, introverted, and pretends not to listen even when he’s paying attention. He’s been tossed around foster homes as long as he can remember and is only just old enough to live on his own. He has a younger sister who he rarely sees but calls and sends presents to as often as he can. He hates chaos and will retreat anywhere he can be alone. He can usually be found with large earphones and a keyboard, composing music and lyrics or just listening. He’s forceful, has enough attitude for three (bigger) people, and acts like an ice front when he really has a very warm disposition.

The funny thing is, he strolled into my mental menagerie the other day with a casual “Hey, whaddup” and I don’t even have a novel for him yet. Thanks to his sudden – yet inevitable – appearance, a story is spinning itself around him whether I like it or not. That’s one of the tough things about being a writer; I’m trying to focus on Monster while Cayne, Moon, Vey, Xiah, and a host of other characters clamor for attention. Not that I mind. I mean, who could resist these eyes?

Certainly not a hapless authoress. My characters have a way of winding me around their little fictional pinkies. It isn’t fair, I tell you. Anyway, there you have a new character introduction because there hasn’t been a Beautiful People in a while and I’m missing it and…yep. There’s going to have to be someone seriously fun and stable to counterbalance this dude…


37 thoughts on ““I ain’t worthy of your heart”

  1. aww you’re welc–musical dyslexic antisocial?!!?!? THAT’S CALLED COPYING!!!!! *hmph!* I don’t mind sharing my model (I mean hello just look at him!), but copying part of my Seungie’s personality… *possessive evil writer glare* He’d better be different. *ahem* saranghae dongsaengiieeeee! ♥
    Oh yes. and don’t use my real name >< I made a penname for a reason.

    • Wait a sec, WHO’S dyslexic????? O_O My best friend’s brother is a hemophiliac and my brother’s fiancee is dyslexic, hence the inspiration! O.O DID I STEAL? *collapses onto knees* MIANHAE, UNNIE. He’ll be different. I promise. Like…very different.

      • it’s just those three things that are the same. it seems anyway. my guy’s not emo, he’s a rather casual dude. though he always puts himself down because he thinks he’s not smart. he’s nice, but not outgoing. I made him step out of his box though by making him the leader ^-^ and my guy writes like a song a day, and sometimes the music overwhelms him so much that it affects his daily life. so… yeah. i think they’re pretty different.
        It’s true with real people too that they can have a few big things in common, but they’re two completely different people. *shrug* I just like makin a big deal out of things. I’m very possessive of my character babies XD

  2. I had a character appear to me, but it was through a character interview. He didn’t just walk in. I suppose he could be considered emo, since his alias means Many Sorrows, but he does have the blood of a thousand systems on his hands.

  3. he sounds TOTALLY awesome! I’m really dyslexic, did you know that? 🙂 that’s cool! Ithilwen wants you to know that SHE is dyslexic and that she REALLY liked reading about this character. This character is GREAT– he just needs someone to hold/hug him! 😀

  4. Don’t all characters appear like this?! LOL! At least, that’s often how it feels like for me. They just walk up and slap on you the shoulder and say, “Yo, here I am, get writing. Now.”

    Anyway, he sounds very dimensional and interesting: I like him! 🙂


    • That’s very true; most c haracters do that. Then again, some are the result of months’ culmination… YAY! I like him too. Well, ‘love’ might be more accurate =D

  5. [confession] I love emo characters [confession/] *sheepish grin* And this one sounds awesome =P

    I have a question for you *cough* How can you balance out your time between your different novels? That’s my biggest problem, like, EVER. 😛 I’ve tried, but one of them gets pushed to the backburner, and then abandoned, and then the one I’ve been working on gets boring, so I move back to the other one, and then I get a great idea and start working on another one… and it moves in cycles like that 😛 So now I have to work on one novel at a time, because my brain cannot multitask =P

    • Weeellll, if I were going to be perfectly honest, then I’d tell you that I only have one TRUE WIP right now, and it’s Monster. I do, however, have several ‘idea’ projects for once Monster is over – I tend to content myself with snippets, scenes, and character sketches of other things while focusing on my main manuscript. =D

  6. Ugh, WP won’t let me log in. 😛
    Is it just me or are quite a few of your male characters Koreans? ;D
    Ahhhhhh, you said “ain’t”!!! :O Oh, wait a minute – you’re a southern girl, aren’t you? I have stedfastly refused to become southernized: no “y’all,” “ain’t,” southern accent, etc., etc. 😉

    • *laugh* I KNOW! I can’t help it; my characters (and usually entire books) are inspired by pictures of people, and the people I look for pictures of are usually Koreans! I’ve cornered myself!! XD And yes, I’m quoting 2NE1’s “Lonely” so I DIDN’T ACTUALLY SAY ‘AIN’T. XD I refuse to say y’all. O_o

      • O_O *sniffles* But . . . but . .. y’all is like one of the best words ever. D:

        And I was just thinking how it’s been AGES since your last Monster chapter, and I checked and . . . it’s only been 8 days. >.< I'm obviously getting far too used to your high productivity level…
        Have you been busy? My inbox is lonely without your replies. XD

        Interesting charrie though… His first pic looks like a Japanese anime person drawing or something… *has no idea what I'm talking about so shuffles quietly away*

        • It’s funny you should say that because the first thing I thought when I saw him other than “Ooooh” was “He looks like he stepped out of one of my shoujo mangas.” I KNOW I’VE MISSED YOU and it feels like FOREVER since I’ve sent out Monster so I’m sending out more tonight!!!!! =D

  7. IS THIS THE ORIGINAL FIRST EVER VEY POST??????? HOLY COW! I’ve been wondering how long he was rolling around your head before you started writing him!
    Question: How many times have you changed his last name? XD

    • His last name changed aboouuutt…eh, six times. XD I love the one he has now. AND YES THIS IS THE FIRST VEY POST!!!! XD He rolled around for about a month. XD A LOT about him changed – a lot of his story, his model, his last name…whew.

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