“Shine no matter where you are tonight”

Well, ladies, gentlemen, aliens, faeries and whoever else may read this blog – guess who went to the MOST EPIC OWL CITY CONCERT EVER LAST NIGHT? Ahem. Me. Dad took my sister and myself to see Adam Young perform live (with LIGHTS on the keyboard and doing sub-vocal!) in Atlanta and we had a BLAST!!!! I sang so hard and cheered so loud that my voice had changed several octaves by the end of the concert. I managed to get some awesome pictures, and I therefore present you with a slice of my experience at Owl City live!!!

(The opening act; a group touring with Adam called Action Item. You can find them on Facebook, they were fun and did a great job of hyping the crowd!)

And finally, Adam Young himself!

He opened with “Dreams and Disasters” and proceeded to go through a lot of my favorites – Shooting Star, the Real World, Silhouette, Metropolis, the Speed of Love, Fireflies, Dementia, Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust, I’m Coming After You, Good Time…


One of my favorite parts of the concert was the lightning. The way they changed the colors and lighthing effects really added a lot to the songs. 


He seemed to have a lot of fun drumming. 🙂

A lot of people chose to stand front-and-center rather than sit, and while at first I thought they were crazy, by the end of the concert I was almost wishing I’d been down there, too. A lot more room to jump around, however it was way harder to see the stage from down there. We had really good seats, and I was impressed with the little digital camera I used.

“Silhouette” absolutely gave me shivers.


 We had an amazing, AMAZING night. As we waited outside with hundreds of other people for the doors to open, a car drove past and a guy leaning out the window screeched “Are these all here for Owl City? You’ve gotta be KIDDING me!”

So I gave him a thumbs up.

Because it’s Owl City.


21 thoughts on ““Shine no matter where you are tonight”

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us! 😉 They are awesome!!! From one Owl City fan to another? I’m so happy for you! 😀 I would have been screaming my head off too! (And your blog FINALLY let me comment!)

    • WOOHOOOOO!!!! OWL CITY FANS FOREVAAH!!! ^.^ Yes. I yelled a lot. The most fun was probably going “WHOOOOOO!” at all the right parts during ‘Good Time.’ XD My blog’s been KEEPING YOU FROM COMMENTING? *whacks blog with a stick* Bad blog!

  2. I’m sooooo jealous! I wish he would come up here where I live for his next tour! I’m glad you had an amazing time!!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. OOOOOOOHHH EPIC!! SO JEALOUS! I’m not even a really big Owl City fan and they STILL made me jealous! XD So glad you got to go, unnie! Saranghae!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time! The lighting looks pretty cool indeed.
    There are some artists I wouldn’t want to see live (such as Skillet and even my favorite Within Temptation) because their shows look considerably more “intense” than I prefer (I don’t care for the head-banging and other strangeness like that), but maybe if tickets were cheap I might go to an Owl City concert…ah yes, I want to go to a BarlowGirl concert, even if I don’t get to meet Lauren Barlow.
    And I’d probably like to go see Missy Higgins, Ingrid Michaelson and others live. Ok, I’ll stop rambling after this: have I told you about NoiseTrade.com before? There’s a bunch of free (and legal) music on there; much of it is by artists who aren’t very well-known, but some popular artists also have some music on there, such as Joy Williams, The Civil Wars, Adam Young (it was listed as an Adam Young sampler and not Owl City), etc. I’ve also discovered some that I now really like and would probably want to see live thanks to the site, such as Anna Gilbert, Tirzah Lemmens (now Tirzah Payne), and more.

    • The lighting WAS amazing. I was impressed with the duo controlling it. We’re having Nightwish + Kamelot and a Fine Frenzy coming to that theater soon; I would DEFINITELY go to a Within Temptation concert!!! BarlowGirl – that would be fun! And I LOVE Ingrid Michaelson. NoiseTrade….I think you may have mentioned it; they have Adam Young and the Civil Wars? I’ve heard of Anna Gilbert, but not Tirza Lemmens/Payne – I’ll have to go check them out!

      • It’s cool that we like a lot of the same music (except for KPop ;D ).
        Ah, Nightwish. I’m not familiar with Kamelot though. A Fine Frenzy – I’d think about going to one of her concerts too…and I think I might want to go see WT live, but if I did if probably prefer their less intense songs. Oh, and I forgot one of my favourite artists tht I’d definitely want to see live (I think you introduced me to them): Blackmore’s Night!

        • I’ve never seen Blackmore’s Night live (I WOULD LOVE TO) but every Christmas we watch their Christmas live DVD at my sister’s house =) It’s one of my favorite traditions. I’m not really familiar with Kamelot either except they’re kind of in the same Genre as Nightwish; kind of dark, heavy…’metal minstrel,’ I guess is what I’d call it. I think I just made up something awesome. O_O Though I don’t know if I actually made it up. *sigh* Somebody probably thought it up before me. XD

  5. Sounds like you had an absolutely (to use a favorite word of the ninth Doctors) fantastic time! Great pictures, too! I have yet to discover if I like Owl City or not, except for a few songs that I have heard that are absolutely amazing. For some reason his songs don’t play on the Celtic, Irish, Scottish, ect. radio stations on Pandora all that often.

    • Fantastic, brilliant, cool!! Well, my favorites are Shooting Star, Silhouette, Gold, Embers, Speed of Love, the Real World, Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust, if My Heart was a House, and Dreams and Disasters =D

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