In a word… ‘whatnot’!

It’s an overcast day with slight breeze, and I’m seizing this opportunity to blog before we go to the zoo! Atlanta has a great zoo; not too large, but full of interesting and adorable animals. If you’ve seen the pictures I’ve posted before, you know what I mean. This is going to be a sort of rambling post, considering I haven’t rambled here in over a month and I think it’s high time.

I’ve discovered something about myself – when allowed to sleep in, no alarm clocks involved, I will sleep until someone wakes me up. This means that several times in the past month, I have slept in past noon. Do I like waking up and finding half my day gone? No. Does this stop me from sleeping in like that? No. And in fact, I have been known to sit up, cross my room to find the alarm clock when it blares, turn it off, fall back into bed and sleep indefinitely. I used to wake up automatically between eight and eight-thirty if left on my own, but alas, things have changed.

This past month I mentioned I got to do some reading. I read “Nevermore” by Kelly Creagh, “Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25” by Richard Paul Evans (Mom read it first, loved it, and gave it to me to read, and I really enjoyed it), “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” by Alan Bradley (if anyone here likes old-fashioned mysteries with a precioucious, hilarious heroine and lots of dry British wit, this is for you) “The Hunchback Assignments” by Arthur Slade (interesting, a little slow, could have been better but I have high hopes for the following books). I know I read some others that I got from the library, but sadly, I can’t  remember them.

I know this sounds like a sad, pathetic, tiny snip of a booklist, and for me it really is – but between school and Monster, reading was usually done late into the night by the dim light of my decorative flower lamp. This may or may not account for my new habit of sleeping in, but I find it a fair trade-off.

My last post was on my up-and-coming NaNo novel, Unforget, so I thought I’d share some pictures of my NaNo notebook with you. Mom bought it for me at Target during the back-to-school sale; it has three sections, folders, a pretty blue cover, a metric conversion system and time zone map (because I’m so rotty with them) and it only cost three dollars. Now that I’ve embellished it with pictures of Cayne, doodles of flowers (even though Cayne and flowers have nothing in common) and scenes, snippets, and whatnot, I love it even more!


  I’ve also created an iTuens playlist for Unforget, like I do for all my novels. However, instead of giving you three screencaps of an alltogether too-large playlist, I’ll just give you this song. It’s actually sung by my model for Cayne – it’s called “Mist” and I fell asleep listening to it last night, believe it or not. So haunting and beautiful and sad.

Mission: Rambling – accomplished.


12 thoughts on “In a word… ‘whatnot’!

  1. You’re so good about notebooks; you must scrawl like the dickens. I write in my notebook only very rarely and then I take the utmost care that my handwriting should be very neat. I like your screencap pictures and their incongruous floral decorations! I’m going to zoom in on the last picture and see if I can’t read the writing there… 😛 I wish I could go to the zoo with you. I have been to the Atlanta zoo only once and that was maybe four years ago. Today would be a beautiful day for it and it would inspire me to do something other than go back to bed. Have fun! …without me.

    • I DO scrawl like the dickens. That’s certain. I’m glad you like the floral decorations; I really don’t know what started them seeing as how they have nothing to do with Unforget, but I think they turned out well. Who knows; maybe they WILL end up having something to do with it by the end! I wish you could have come with us too; we went to dinner and the Avengers for the third time afterwards!!!

  2. Hmm music…maybe that’s what I need to really get me started on my book(s). I’ll have to give it a try. Anyway, hello!
    I read the Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 book a while back because my friend wanted me to, and it was a good read. It kind of reminded me a lot of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.
    Notebooks are amazing, and they only become more amazing once they have started being filled with the fabulous workings of creativity and imagination. So many fantastic things have begun in notebooks.
    But I’ll stop talk – er, typing, that is – now, before I really get into my mindless rambling.

    • Music ALWAYS helps get me inspired and on track! I have an iTunes playlist created for every book I write. Yeah; Michael Vey was a little like Maximum Ride – but better. Max got really boring very fast. NOTEBOOKS!!! My love for thee has no bounds!!! And hey; mindless rambling is always welcome on this blog 😉

  3. In my notebook, half the stuff is crossed out. Lol. 🙂 I am the only one (and Amanda) who can make heads or tails of what is supposed to be written. Can’t wait to read Unforget . . . I need to read Monster!

    • HA; I know that feeling – sometimes I go over what I’ve written previously and I can’t for the LIFE of me figure out what I was trying to say!! Oh, I’d LOVE for you to read Monster once I finish it =D

  4. That song is absolutely gorgeous… *clicks play for the 4th – 5th – time*

    Oh, for the days when I used to wake up at 6:30am without a problem… 😛

    Lovely notebook! 🙂 The only notebooks of mine that get stories in them are school notebooks when I’m stuck in class and a scene won’t leave my head… which admittedly makes it a bit awkward when someone wants to copy my notes… I should make a section just for stories. 🙂

    • I’ve been listening to it like crazy. Who knew one of my favorite actors could sing so well? I mean, seriously!! You should definitely make a section for stories; or just get an entire notebook =D

  5. I have to get up (or, realistically) wake up at seven. So it’s more like seven fifteen… or thirty. But hey. Lucky you for getting to sleep in.

    I should really work on planning my book. But excuses, excuses. First the eisteddfods, now exams… next week. The golden holidays in two weeks… (it’s really weird having everyone talk about going back to school, because it’s the end of term for me in this part of Australia.) Good luck with Unforget. Sounds really cool. 🙂

    • I’m usually woken up around seven, because we have Bible study at seven-thirty. But on days I get to sleep in -when Dad’s out of town on a business trip or during a holiday or a weekend – I get to sleep in =) Eisteddfods? That’s an interesting word if I’ve ever heard them O_o HA; that WOULD be weird, hearing about holidays on the other side of the world. It’s like when I’m chatting to a friend in the morning and then they say they have to go to bed. I always have a moment of “uh…why?” And thank you 🙂

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