Actually Finishing Something This Summer, Part Three!

You’ve little less than a week left in the challenge. Now that the end is in sight, do you think you’ll finish your goal?

Well, I actually have about two months… seeing as how I changed the dealio for myself a little but. But I definitely think I’ll finish my goal by the end of August! *bounce*

For me, the last week and a half has been so chaotic that I’ve hardly had the time to sit down, let alone write. How have you balanced life’s craziness with your writing goals? Late night writing? Scribbling down a few lines while waiting in the grocery check-out line?
When I can’t get on the computer, am brainstorming, or have been on the computer too much, I handwrite. In fact, I just went out and Mom and I bought a ton of notebooks, which I go through like a squirrel goes through nuts. (I tried to think of a cleverer comparison, but words fail me. I’m tired… I just had my blood drawn… I’m tired…) I also usually tend to brainstorm at night, so yes. Night writing.
Have your written mostly in computer programs such as Word, or do you prefer scribbling in notebooks?
I mostly write in Word, but I use up lots of notebooks and pens. I go through pens like – never mind.
Have any new characters jumped into your story? If so, tell us about them!
I have new characters jumping around all the time, but in this specific story, Pocky, Jude, Fyodor, and June all surprised me. I wasn’t expecting them, but they’ve decided to become part of the story – and I must say, without them it wouldn’t be half so good.
Share a snippet of your recent writing.

For the first time in her life, Eva wished she believed in Pocky’s God. She glanced at the digital clock display on the dashboard. She had been driving for almost twenty minutes.

            It felt twice that long.

            A heavy thud came from the back seat. “Mir?” Eva twisted to look. Mir had collapsed on the floor of the car, his eyes shut and his skin the pale gray of the sky outside.

Sometimes the most mundane, simple of things can spark one’s creativity. Have you come across anything, simple yet special, in your daily life, inspiring you to write?
Songs. People have been sending me songs that make them think of Monster, and my favorites are Skillet’s “Monster” (sent to me probably a dozen times) and Nickelback’s ‘Savin’ Me.’
Any pictures, images inspiring bits of your story?
Here are some graphics I’ve made and that people have made for me –
(Made by Hannah Stewart)
(Made by Keaghan)
(These made by me)
(Real photograph from North Brother’s Island)
Introduce us to the antagonist in your story and tell us his favorite dessert.
My antagonist’s name is Dr. Ross. He’s… how can I put this? Evil. He isn’t the cotton-candy-and-butterflies evil like Jasper in ArchAngel was – Dr. Ross doesn’t have that same hilarious personality that makes him fun to write no matter what he’s doing. Dr. Ross is someone I actually absolutely loathe, though I appreciate him as a villain. And his favorite dessert – souls of his victims baked Alaska.
Pick, from all of your July writing, your favorite three lines said by your characters.
Oh, my goodness!  You had to go there. Well… seriously? Ohmyword. I can’t. But I’ll give you three of the best ones –
When Mir asks Eva “What is love?” When Mir asks Eva if he hurt her and that is why she’s afraid of him – “Did I hurt Eva?” and when Eva is talking to Pocky about Mir –

            “Yes,” Eva agreed after a moment’s deliberation. She explained the day’s events to him and finished with “I don’t see how he can still be so… willing. He’s afraid, but wants to trust me.” She stood up and looked out the window at the cold night sky scattered with stars. “It’s as if his lifetime of pain and torment… all it did was make him a better person.” 

Any advice for your fellow writers as we reach the final stretch of this challenge?  
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

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