“The best men are made up of the worst flaws.”

(It was Shakespeare who said something to that effect, not me, so correct me if it isn’t entirely true. I used it once in reference to Loki and Mom said “You’re only saying that because you hope he gets redeemed.” Guilty as charged).

I’ve heard it said that when we write, we subconsciously tend to create our idea of a ‘perfect’ guy or girl. Now, if that’s the case, then I think I have reason to fear who I’m going to marry, at least a little bit. My guys are usually terribly messed up, even if there’s gold underneath all the… um, mess. I mean, really. Sometimes I find myself in a puddle of character-loving-goo, and then I step back and take a good look at my paragons.

 facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

(I went to Photobucket to look for a facepalm .gif. I found it very strange that half of them were either Piccard or KPop people I knew. I have no idea why this is).

(Elmeria) Eristor is an arrogant snob who can hardly say two words without directing a stinging remark at somebody; and on top of that, he’s racist.

(Monster) Mir, while a total sweetie, has major physical and mental problems and has gone on several killing sprees (mind you, he felt it was wrong, and he had never been taught right from wrong).

(Unforget) Cayne… Cayne is a wreck. I’m saving him for NaNo, but holy unfortunate pancakes, this man is a piece of work (not that you can blame him, considering all his memories were stolen multiple times).

(Sixty Percent Human) Taro, though still in the brainstorming stage, is a bit undefined but definitely not perfect. He just wants to survive, but he’ll do that through any means necessary.

Now, here’s something that might shock most of you, but I’m a hopeless romantic. If there’s a good love story in a book, movie, TV show, or hey, even song – I’m a sucker for it. I’ll probably cry and gush and maybe swoon a little bit and wish I could write a romance half so good. So I suppose a little something of my ‘ideal man’ ends up in each of my characters – just a piece. (Though none of them sparkle, I am happy to say. Nor are they vampires. Or werewolves. Not that I’m completely against werewolves.)

With Eristor, well… I always love the Mr. Darcy-types, who are absolute curmudgeons on the outside but once you melt the ice off, there’s something great underneath.

With Mir, he has a sense of protectiveness and a childlike innocence and faith that I absolutely love about him.

With Cayne… um… he’s good-looking… and… um… okay, okay, there’s nothing very likeable about him at the beginning of the story. He’s compelling, but not exactly a role model. Not until he meets Moon, a girl whose faith somehow gets past his eight-hundred and ninety-three mental-and-spiritual blockades and shows him that there is more to life than chasing down what you have lost.

Taro is a decent guy, but doesn’t always make the right choices. He’s a criminal (though… might I say a justifiable one – it was life or death, after all, and he didn’t kill anyone) on the run from black-market dealers sometime in the future. He also has a secret that could land him somewhere really, really bad – I can’t blame him for being afraid. However, by the end of of the book he overcomes his fear and admits what he is – he starts out as a coward and becomes courageous. This, I love.

These are only a few of my male characters; I haven’t mentioned Shinjae or Brand or Hiro or Thatch; but that’s all right. Just believe me when I tell you that they’re far from perfect, but I love them anyway. (Brand is probably the most all-around likeable guy from all my main characters. It’s almost weird writing him).

Of course, they all have female counterparts who may or may not be equally strange.

(Elmeria) Sienna, Eristor’s eventual counterpart, doesn’t see that she and Eristor are very much alike. She herself is prone to brattiness and stinging remarks; she tends to be selfish in spite of the fact that she has a kind heart.

(Monster) Eva is just as big of a nutcase as Mir, except she’s wrapped up in professional atheism. She’s been brainwashed and accepted it until she is blind to the fact that there are other options and possibilities outside of what she has been taught. Yes, she grows, but at the beginning she is very hard to like.

(Unforget) Moon is spunky and sweet – the proverbial sugar n’ spice sort of girl. She’s in her early twenties but looks like a teenager. She wants to stay alive and keep out of trouble, which becomes almost impossible when Cayne shows up on her doorstep.

(Sixty Percent Human) I don’t know what the main girl’s name is yet, but she comes from an aristocratic family and believes firmly in everything they stand for – even if it’s wrong. She appears aloof and has no idea of true suffering, but she also does charity work (which she doesn’t see as ironic).

Once again, I will state that flawed characters who grow and learn and become something better are my favorite to write and read. It gives them more depth to me, more believability, relateability, and realism no matter how far-fetched the actual story itself is. What about you? Any wonderfully messed up characters to tell me about?


7 thoughts on ““The best men are made up of the worst flaws.”

  1. I did not see Top on this list.

    I disaprove of his absence. XD XD XD XD

    My Brother joked once I’m going to marry a Criminal Overlord, a Troubled Prince, or some other such distperupt (And Villianous) fella.

    I do not deny it, and shan’t deny it…

    I myself have been quoted to say my favorite type of guy are the injured, the Villianous, or the Silent Deadly types.

    I should fear for my future….

  2. Holy cow! Now I feel like I need to make mah charries more flawed… I have one who’s just a total butthead. He’s sweet sometimes, but mostly he’s just… bleah. And then the other one is sweet and everything. Oi. *rushes to get school done so she can make her male charries more flawed and therefore miserable* 😛

  3. My favorite characters are usually the most messed up ones, both when I write and when I read. The more well-adjusted characters just aren’t as relatable or as interesting! Haha.

  4. Ah, Mir. And Eristor. X) ❤ how I love thee!! 😀

    Hmm…..my characters…..I could probably do a lot more to develop them (I'm not fantastic in that area, as you may have already noticed), but….Allistar is (supposed to be) a Darcy-like character—by the way, which Pride and Prejudice movie have you seen? or have you just read the books?

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Darcy-like. Cold and unlikable on the outside, but mushy and sweet on the inside. His temper and generally introverted personality cause him to lash out at others frequently, but the occasional kind word/act and (hopefully, eventually) his conversations with Quinn reveal his gentle inner spirit.

    As for my heroine, well…..I haven't quite pinpointed her personality yet. X) she's a little less developed. I'm thinking that she's very sensitive, feeling what others say/do to her deeply. She has a sweet spirit, but that is often hidden by her need to protect herself from hurt.

    haha, and that's all I have on them so far. X) sorry if I rambled. 😉

  5. Oh, my twisted little paper tiger, Judas is the first to come to mind. Split personality, one half psycho, one half abused puppy dog. One half lover, one half killing spree. He’s the hardest character to write… but he’s so deliciously broken that I have been called heartless for creating him. Second to mind is my precious Ben. Protective, reserved, and loving despite his horrendous past. ❤ broken characters are the best! ^_^

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