Week Two Questions!

Be truthful. How has the first week-and-a-half of your personal writing challenge progressed?
When I was still in my first week-and-a-half, it was amazing. The only time I’ve written this much in such a short amount of time is during NaNo! (And I’m already brainstorming this year’s NaNo! I’m so excited!)
Did you reach your weekly goal or wordcount?
I don’t set a wordcount, but so far I haven’t disappointed myself. I usually write about 10, 000 words a week.
Are you finding it easier to work with a goal in mind? Or does it make you nervous and even less inclined to get the work done?
The end of summer… I haven’t gotten nervous so far, because if Monster keeps up at this rate, finishing by my goal should not be a problem. I’m probably two-thirds done with the novel already! *chokes back a sob*
Did you do most of your writing in the morning, afternoon, or evening? When do you like to write?
I write whenever I can, but my creative juices really start flowing toward evening. I often sit up in bed and handwrite pages and pages, which I then type up the next morning. (Oddly enough, I have a lot more typos when I’m typing up something I’ve handwritten.)
What music has been inspiring you to write?
I have a whole playlist on iTunes of songs that inspire Monster. A few are –
Dalmation: ER
Skillet: Monster
B.A.P.: Unbreakable
Tritops: Love Addiction
SS501: Fighter
2PM: Heartbeat
Owl City: Gold, Shooting Star
Josh Groban: In Her Eyes
BTOB: Insane
Share a snippet of your writing!

Mir had leaned his head down and was inhaling the scent of her… hair? “Mir?” she asked, doing her best to keep her voice from squeaking. His face was entirely too close to hers for comfort; she could feel his breath on her temple, her ear. “Hey, what are you doing?” she demanded. She had to regain control over the situation before it grew any stranger.

            “Eva smells good,” said Mir quietly.

            She felt that unexpected flutter in her stomach again. “It’s cotton-scented shampoo, so I suppose my hair smells like cotton.”

            “Cotton,” he repeated the word, his voice soft.

            Eva allowed him to breathe in one more time and then ducked her head and took a step back. “Take the pills,” she said, placing them in his hand. She clutched her wadded outer shirt and draped her coat over her arm. “I’ll… I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Share your favorite “Ah-HA!” writing moment. Have you written anything that made you sit back and think, “Okay, this is awesome,” during the last week and half?
I’ve had many “Ah-HA!” moments over the course of this book. Really, the whole thing has been a series of “Ah-HA!” moments! I’ve used many ideas from readers (who are brilliant, by the way)… and really, almost everything about it makes me go “Okay, this is awesome.” Because this story is truly, my favorite I’ve ever written. (That’s right. Over Elmeria and ArchAngel. Yes.)
Any problem spots, scenes that are proving hard to work, or characters giving you grief? If so, how did you overcome these obstacles?
Characters always give me grief; Dr. Ross makes me want to kill him, Jude makes me want to intern him somewhere offshore for a very long time…. but no scenes have given me great difficulty. I know I’m sounding disgustingly positive about the whole thing, but you know what? I really think God is behind the message in this book, and I think His hand is making this all work out so well.
Share your favorite line said by a character during this week-and-a-half of writing.
Erm… more of a snippet…

“Yes,” Eva agreed after a moment’s deliberation. She explained the day’s events to him and finished with “I don’t see how he can still be so… willing. He’s afraid, but wants to trust me.” She stood up and looked out the window at the cold night sky scattered with stars. “It’s as if his lifetime of pain and torment… all it did was make him a better person.”    

            “When he isn’t trying to kill you in a fit of insanity,” Pocky added, dragging her back to reality.

            “He hasn’t done that in a while,” said Eva mildly.

How are you going to move forward in this challenge? It’s been little more than a week-and-a-half since the start (July 4th). Are you changing your wordcount or page goal for this coming week?
Naw, my pace has been steady thus far – no need to change it! You can be sure that I’m writing madly at the moment this is published. Either that, or working on school.

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