IMPORTANT!!! And some more pictures

Well, my good people – for the month of August, I’m going to be taking a hiatus of sorts. I’ll be using the computer only for writing and emailing – so I won’t be cut off completely from the outside world 🙂 but hopefully I’ll be on the computer less than I ordinarily am.

HOWEVER – I *am* scheduling posts to go up throughout August, so my blog will not be dead. I WILL be receiving your comments and I WILL be moderating them, but you won’t see them until the end of the month – so PLEASE *DO* COMMENT. I will get them and love them and give them cookies.

FURTHERMORE –  if you want to stay in contact with me through August (and I hope that you do!) you will have to email me! My email is the-shieldmaiden(at)hotmail(dot)com. I am going to be using August to finish up art commissions, finish Monster, and get letter-writing done, but I will most definitely have time to email my friends and I’d love to stay caught up with you.

AND ONE MORE THING: I will be attending the NextGen Young Writer’s Conference August 2-5, so look for me there!

And as promised, here are the rest of the pictures from the medieval-gothic-strangeness photo shoot!

The photo shoot was a blast, but afterwards I was like “Can I smile now?” I’m not used to glaring for that long!

So, now that you’ve had your fill of me for the day… I’ll be around my email! And I’ll ‘see’ you in September (ye gads, that sounds like such a long way away…) Much love to you all!

Credendo Vides,



7 thoughts on “IMPORTANT!!! And some more pictures

  1. Well, we’re already emailing a bit, and I’m getting Monster updates, but I’m glad you’re having scheduled posts– I’d miss your posts too much!

  2. Hi! I’ve been following this blog for… Um, since it was on blogger; so, a long time. This is my second comment in all that time xD Basically, I just want to thank you for talking about NextGen since I found it from here and it was amazing. Thank you!

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