On being a sister

Being a sister is a funny thing.  (I just realized a lot of things I post about are funny things…) In my family, I’m the second-youngest even though I usually feel like the middle child because for a good part of my life, there have been three of us at home. My two oldest sisters are married and have given me a beautiful gaggle of nephews and nieces, whom I love very much. But mainly, I live with my older brother Mac, 21, and my sister Riah, 16.


I didn’t used to get along with Mac. When I was younger, he would tease me incessantly and do things that irritated me just so he could see my reaction. It wasn’t until Mom told me “You know, if you stop reacting, he’ll stop doing it.” So I stopped, and miracle of miracles, he stopped, too. Once we learned to get along, we got along pretty ruddy well.  He works days and evenings, so often days will go by when I don’t even see him, and I start to miss him. We often have late-night talks; he’ll get home from work and I’m just about to go to bed, and he’ll come downstairs and we’ll start a conversation that’s probably very strange and bizarre and keep it going for an hour or two. Before I know it it’s almost midnight and we’re still stuck on the topic of Death By Curling Iron. Mac and I do impromptu stand-up comedy routines that are something like Oscar Wilde meets Brian Regan. He’s the one who watches creature movies with me; Jaws, The Cave, The Thing, Aliens vs. Predators – and the funny thing is, we usually get hungry halfway through the movie. (Except the Thing, which made me lose my appetite for my cold sausage lunch just a little bit).  Just when I think I’m seriously irritated at him and won’t be able to speak to him for a week, he says something that makes me crack up, or he does something nice or puts in a good word for me with someone. He’s very logical and scientifically-minded, I’m anything but, and so we often disagree, but we usually have very friendly arguments. In fact, we love arguing! But it’s a very affectionate sort of arguing that most other people don’t understand. One of my favorite memories of Mac is from when we lived in Florida. I was seven, and Mac was reading a book on the couch. I climbed up and sat next to him and he patted my head and we read the book. I don’t know why that one memory has stuck in my head for so long, but I don’t think it will ever leave. I love my brother.

Riah + me

And then there’s my sister. Up until a few years ago, we were more like worst enemies than friends. She irritated me to no end; mainly because I let myself be irritated and I let my temper get out of control. She would always copy everything I did – if I said I liked something, the little kangaroo in her pouch said ‘me, too!’ Oh, this would drive me CRAZY. I felt like she was trying to steal my identity. When we would go out, everybody would ooh and aah over her red hair, and then look at me and say “Oh… yours is pretty, too.” As if that really fools a kid. She was always the one who could get away with anything, while I would stand there flabbergasted and angry. I was rude to her, I fought with her, and sometimes I downright disliked her (no matter how much you love someone, there will be times you will dislike them. This is a fact).

And then something funny happened a little ways into our teenage years. We became friends. We’d always had trouble communicating; we matured differently, thought differently, liked different things. But then, almost overnight, all of that stopped. We liked each other! Now, she spends half of her nights on the trundle in my room and we talk for hours about anything and everything. We have so many private jokes that it would be utterly impossible to count them. I try and get her to read fantasy, she tries to make me read Agatha Christie. She’s a purist, I like twists on things. She likes more elegant, refined styles while I lean more toward casual bohemian. We still argue and get mad at each other, but I can honestly say that she is my best friend.

Siblings are awesome, but sadly, often underrated. Take time to appreciate your sibling – you don’t have to be the perfect brother or the perfect sister. I’m far from perfect and I often fall short of being the sister I want to be. But really, relationships with your siblings can’t be replaced by anything else.


26 thoughts on “On being a sister

  1. Amen! Siblings are really cool. 🙂 …most times anyway. 😉 and isn’t it funny how those things work, when we grow out of our immature annoyances with each other? So sharing this.

  2. Huh…the description of your relationship with your little sister reminds me an awful lot of my relationship with my little sister. 😉
    It’s good to have wonderful relationships with your siblings! 🙂

  3. Ha ha! I know how this goes! Everyone “oos and ahha’ over my red hair, but my little sis is the one that gets away from EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I have an older brother too. He’s fine sometimes, but not all the time……………

  4. I love all my siblings as well, and can so relate to this post! I’ve had my share of arguments (and sometimes still have some disagreements) with all my siblings. Especially when I was younger, I sometimes wondered if they had been born just to annoy me. I have a lot of amusing stories about my family times.

  5. I have five younger siblings, and of course that makes me the oldest. Being the oldest is a difficult job… for one thing, I learned early on that several of the younger kids could nearly get away with MURDER while I had trouble getting by with one little mistake. And of course, as the oldest, you are always told how you must set a good example for the younger ones… Not fun, I can tell you.

    But then I wonder, what on earth would my life be without my siblings? Probably a lot less hectic, and a lot more peaceful and quiet, but I don’t think I would trade them out for that. For years my now-22 year old brother and I were the absolute best of friends… when he moved out, that changed drastically — and not necessarily for the better — but we still love each other.

    My 20 year old sister is now the one I confide in the most… she and I can talk about most girly things together, and while we are not the BEST of friends, we get along relatively well. We each have our bad days, though, and she can get really hissy at times, but hey… that’s what you get with family.

    My 17 year old brother is a total pest and he’s the one who picks on me the most — a very annoying feature of his colorful personality — but he’s also really smart and we share a lot of great laughs together. When we are within close proximity of each other, we can quote HOURS of almost any movie we’ve ever seen. 🙂 It’s a lot of fun.

    My 13 year old sister is definitely a pest, but I’m trying to get past that fact and just understand that she really looks up to me. Right now she is at a very clingy stage… I feel like she’s been at this stage for 10 years, but what can you do about it??? I still love her… I still pick on her to high heaven, and I still get easily annoyed with her, but we do have fun sometimes and I would be the first to stand up for her if anything ever happened.

    And my 7 year old sister is like my own child… not literally of course, but I totally spoil her rotten and she knows it. This can be problematic at times, but quite honestly I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s my little Monkey Doodle. 😉

    So yeah… siblings can be annoying and they can be great. You love them, you get along with them, you pick on them… such is life. I’m convinced that being a sibling means that you are constantly in a love/hate relationship with some of the people who will be closest to you for the rest of your life. 😀

  6. Oh yeah! So identified with this post! In fact…I’m the 2nd youngest of a big family (6 kids), but I mostly just grew up with just my older bro and younger sister. So I feel more like a middle kid too. Ditto to how annoying they are. And then, suddenly…they’re awesome and how did I miss spending so much time with them?!? My little sister is my best friend too. Private jokes are the best.

  7. I wish I could relate. Sadly there’s been more pain than delight in my relationship with my brother, though we do love one another. Treasure what you have with siblings that are close to you; not everyone is gifted with such a thing.

  8. This post is so true! I’m the oldest, with two little brothers. They have their good days and their bad… There’s a large distance between my age and my oldest brother, and a small one between the two of them, which makes it harder sometimes. They both have awesome personalities, and some days they can be the best siblings in the world. And then, all of a sudden, they become clingy thorns in my flesh! xD But I love them, and if you EVER touch either one of them you’d better watch out. Talk about momma bear. 😛
    As a side note… have you ever noticed how much your relationship with Mac sounds like Eva’s relationship with Pocky? Just an observation 😀

  9. Hey! Sounds just like my family!!! Particularly the sister… I used to copy Cait like a mirror. 🙂 Ah, but we’re great friends. We talk about writing until all hours and quote movies all the time. We’re great friends. I loved that post!

  10. How is it possible that there is that much pretty packed into the picture of you and Riah?

    I’m the youngest of two. My older sister is six years older than me, and because of this, we’re actually pretty good friends. She doesn’t live at home very often anymore, because she’s twenty, and going to college on the east coast. I think one of my favorite stories about me and my sister, is that after I was about six, we stopped fighting nearly as much. Yes, we’d squabble, but we wouldn’t fight. The reason? We spent a full week staying with some family friends, who have four kids. And those four kids? They never stopped fighting. And then directly after that, we spent a week on a sail boat with a pair of sisters who fought a ton. And then we swore off fighting, because we realized how annoying it was. 😛 Since then we’ve been pretty good friends. 😀

  11. It’s great to hear you have a good relationship with your siblings; I’m hoping my siblings and I will get along better when they’re older.
    Did you delete your “soundtrack to my life” post?

    • ARGH; it published!? I hit ‘publish’ on accident – it’s for August. *facepalm* Great, so everybody subscribed to me got it, but it isn’t here…. oh boy.

      • Ahhh, so THAT is where that post is. I loved the look of it so far and was quite dismayed that it hadn’t been there. I look forward to seeing it in August, then. *nods sagely*

  12. This was sweet and I enjoyed it! I’m the oldest of 6 kids, we were homeschooled too, so creating good relationships was necessary to survival in our full house. The teasing–yup, survived that. Participated in some of it, actually. The little sibling getting away with murder–major pet peeve. The late-night chats–best times of my life. The quoting of entire movies–my sister and I have the distinction of quoting the entire Fellowship of the Ring on very late night. The jealousy of a beautiful sibling–been there, done that, sometimes still not over it. The copy-catting by a younger sibling–used to cause blow-out arguments until I realized that mimicry really is the sincerest form of flattery and decided to take it as a compliment, at which point it stopped happening altogether, much to the deflation of my ego.

    We were “frienemies” for the first part of our lives and I definitely had favorites at that point, but now that #4 is graduating highschool and moving on to college and the rest of us are either in college or working 6 days a week, we crave time with each other. I’ve learned to connect with my younger siblings–even if it means watching the new LEGO Ninjago miniseries on YouTube with my Lego-obsessed brother. I’m glad to see that you enjoy your siblings now, as I do! They should be grateful; after all, having a blogging sibling means that they get immortalized on the internet!

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