July Snippets

Snippet time! I’m a ‘concentrated writer,’ I’m sorry to say. This means that I tend to focus only on one project at a time, therefore the sources of my snippets aren’t very varied. I hope you enjoy them anyway, because varied or not, I love them! =)


It felt like an eternity waiting for Dr. Ross and the Specialist to show up. That word almost frightened Eva – ‘Specialist.’ It was just vague enough to mean many things and none of them promised anything pleasant.

– Monster

“I’m assuming you’re on relatively friendly terms now,” he said drily.

            “Yes,” Eva agreed after a moment’s deliberation. She explained the day’s events to him and finished with “I don’t see how he can still be so… willing. He’s afraid, but wants to trust me.” She stood up and looked out the window at the cold night sky scattered with stars. “It’s as if his lifetime of pain and torment… all it did was make him a better person.” 

            “When he isn’t trying to kill you in a fit of insanity,” Pocky added, dragging her back to reality.

– Monster

She could see it in his eyes – she had failed him. Brenton had not told Mir she was leaving, and if he had, would Mir even have understood? Eva, you’re a doctor. You graduated with honors. You work at the biggest medical company in the world. How can you be so stupid? “Mir, I – I didn’t… leave you.” Her voice shook. How could she make him understand?


            Eva blinked. “What?”

            “Why you leave?” Mir’s English was not as broken as his voice.

            “I – I was visiting a friend,” she faltered.


            Eva’s breath caught in her throat. He did not even understand the meaning of friends. “A friend is someone – a person you love and want to be with.”

            Only breathing interrupted the silence for a long moment.

            “What is love?”

– Monster

            Eli was a soft-spoken senior who always seemed to have a dreamy look on his face. He had curly brown hair and large, sleepy eyes that made him look sweet. He was something of a prodigy at the piano, and writing and composing songs was his favorite pastime. He had only ever been in one fight, but his opponent had been hospitalized. Nobody knew exactly why.

– Face, a story my friend Heather T. and I are co-writing for our writer’s league

Is that who I think it is?” asked Ren, looking away from the television.

            “Argetlam,” murmured Eli.

            Baekho cracked his knuckles. “Are we going to do anything about it?”

            JR barked a laugh. “Why?”

            Aron stepped forward, looking slightly up at JR with an expression that told him to shut up or leave. The tension smoldered between them for a moment before JR sat down on the arm of one of the leather chairs.

            Aron turned to look at the other boys.

            “Well?” asked Eli finally. “Shylocke and the others will know who it was, too, you know.”

            “I know.” Aron tossed his hair from his eyes with a sharp jerk of his head and studied the backs of his gloves. “We aren’t going to do anything about it,” he said finally.

            “Okay,” said Ren immediately. Everyone knew that even though he looked sweet, he held many grudges against humans and Seelie faeries and they all knew it.

            More softhearted, Eli looked at Aron and asked “Why?”

            “Because it isn’t our fight.” Aron shrugged. “It’s the simple truth, as cruel as it may sound.”

            Baekho nodded, silent.

“What will Shylocke say, do you think?” Ren tilted his head, pale bangs falling across his forehead.

            “That’s his problem.”   

            “He’ll probably sympathize with them,” said JR darkly.

            “We’ll let him deal with it,” Aron snapped. He tugged on the front of his jacket and pushed his way back through the still-gathered crowd of teenagers. Argetlam can have the humans.

           – Face


20 thoughts on “July Snippets

  1. You are what I would call an “amazing writer”. How did you get so good? What’s your secret? Can I have the recipe? Is it easy to make?

    • My goodness, I’m flattered and honored! Thank you! Except I’ve read writers far better than I am, so I doubt I’m quite to the rank of ‘amazing.’ I hope to get there one day ^.^ If I had a secret recipe… well. I wish I did; I’d use it all the time! As it is, the only one on hand is for hot chocolate =D

      • Don’t underrate yourself! What I just read is far better than anything I could ever produce, and I was interested in your Elmeria Chronicles just by reading your characters!
        And hot chocolate’s good 😀

        • You just made me really happy, Kippe!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! =) =) =) (Hot chocolate is the best. Whipped cream, peppermint, marshmallows – no matter how you have it!)

          • I’m glad 🙂

            Oh yes. Whipped cream, peppermint. Although if there is no whipped cream available, soft serve ice cream works just as well. Oh! And you need chocolate sprinkles. Those are a must-have.

      • Not amazing…?? *splutters* Have you read yourself lately, Mirri? You, like, define amazing. *wanders off muttering about Mirri’s inability to notice how amazing she is* *comes back*

        Oh, and since I’m too lazy to comment twice today (how did this happen, we ask? I don’t know… ’tis a very strange occurrence…) FANTASTIC. But, but . . . why so few?? :O

        I can’t wait to have a blog someday so I can do this with you…

        • DEB.
          You make me so happy 🙂 🙂 You always brighten my day, even when I think it can’ta get any brighter! Oh, and –
          GET A BLOG.
          DO IT.

          • Well you always brighten my day too, so we’re even. XD

            My brother keeps telling me that too…
            Um . . . but . . . but . . . I’m a perfectionist. O_O *hides*

            • I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, but my characters are *never* perfect. =D
              Except Salebeth. *thinks* He’s pretty perfect.

            • And really, you don’t need to be a perfect blogger! I don’t think there is any such thing!!! =D

            • Ah, yes, Salebeth. XD

              But . . . but . . . Well, I meant like I’d want like my penname as the url and I’d want the blog to look all special and stuffs. I need to email my website friend but it’s been so long and I keep putting it off… And then of course, I’d want to be a blogger with a bloggy schedule, at least once a week, and where would my TIME go?? And . . . and . . . *turns into a mumbling wreck*

            • Oh, but you’re so experienced! You’ve been blogging for . . . what? Five years?

              REALLY? OKAY. BUT…NO. MEEP.

  2. Cool excerpts! Your writing is definately awesome. 😉 I love reading these sort of snippet link-ups and seeing how much I would want to read the books. I SO would read your books!!

  3. *happy dance* because I’ve already read half of the snippets in Monster…^.^ and another dance, because those I haven’t read (Because they aren’t FROM Monster), are so very good.

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