In which Eristor finally gets around to answering the rest of his questions

Hello, this is Mirriam, your friendly announcer and abused authoress! (Not that I can complain, I do a fair share of character-abusing myself. I feel bad for them). I’ve dragged Eristor back for the fourth part of our interview and made him promise to behave and smile. (I’m not sure he’s holding up on the smiling end of the deal, but I made him hot chocolate and he seems to have mellowed out some.) Once again, other characters may or may not pop in and out, and I will certainly interrupt from time to time.

Are you left-handed? I was born so, but taught myself to become ambidextrous. My brain seemed averse to the idea; it took nearly twelve years of practice.

Where do you get your clothes, and who designed them? As Damian can attest, we have attending tailors. Neither of us particularly look forward to their visits, but I suppose being able to wear clothes is a plus.

How good is your memory? Can you remember your entire life? Are there and blank periods in your life that you can’t remember? Most elves have larger memory spans than humans, I believe, simply because it goes hand-in-hand with our long lifespans. I have no long ‘blank’ periods; then again, I do not remember every little detail.

How many children does the average family have? I can hardly say, it differs from family to family. Thanks to the aforementioned long livety, however, dozens of children throughout the centuries is very normal. Before their death, an elf usually gets to see at least ten generations.

Do you have plans to eventually settle down and have a family? I cannot say I have plans, but it is something I have thought over. There is currently no one I can imagine myself ‘settling down’ and raising a family with, but should I meet this person, then yes. I would hope to marry and raise a family with them.

Are you tender inside? (Mirriam here: I’m giving this question to Sienna for obvious reasons) Okay, picture one of those dark, bitter chocolate bars that I really, really, really miss. From earth, naturally. Now picture yourself  biting into it and finding a lot of sweet, gooey caramel inside. That’s Eristor. And please, Mirriam, don’t let him read my answer to this or I’ll get the Cold Shoulder of Frigidity for years.

Do you like contraption weapons (eg. Bow, ballistics weapons, cannons and guns, catapults -if anyones invented them yet) or do you prefer weapons you have control of at all times like a sword or spear? I’m afraid I have no idea what cannons and guns are, but when waging battle bows, catapults, and trebuchets are common-enough weapons. I, however, prefer to use a weapon in close quarters, something fast that I remain in full control of. Hence, my kelehb sticks.

(Hey, Sienna here – Jenny, I just wanted to let you know that now Alec and I can’t stop calling them kebab sticks. Eristor hates it, it really eats his lunch. But we have a blast.)

Who has impacted your life the most (in a good way, and in a bad way)? My original parents, of course, and my younger sister. I know you may think it strange that I have mentioned only one sibling, but the truth is I have another brother. He, however, lives in the North and I have not seen nor heard from him in many years. In a bad way – Caranthir.

Has anyone put ink in your tea before? Fortunately for them, they have not. But please do not give Alec any ideas.

Have you ever done something you still regret? I believe everyone has done many things they regret, but I would not sit and talk about them.

What are your weaknesses? (family, being tortured?) I have withstood enough torture that it is nearing the ‘merely unpleasant’ stage. I have no more family left to be threatened, except my aforementioned brother who really is no longer related to me, and my sister who is most likely dead. That leaves friends remaining, and I admit they are my strength and my weakness.

When is the last time you laughed so hard it hurt? …I…. believe…. I…. (Sienna: He doesn’t know.)

And why were you laughing? (Sienna: He was probably laughing at me.)

Did you have a childhood pet? I had several horses and dogs growing up, but it was Raeta who would find unusual creatures to adopt into our household. I believe the most interesting was prickledog. Even the servants wouldn’t go near it.

What kind of guy was Caranthir *before*? I had reservations about his race, but I admit before Oscariath turned him, he was kind, just, and fair. He had a sense of humor and especially enjoyed riding with Raeta and spending time with my mother. He and I would spar on occasion, and I would sometimes help him with political and economical strategies.

Does you look more like his Mother, or Father? I look more like my mother, but I’m told I have my father’s personality.

What would you do without Tylir? How do you mean, ‘without him’? Is he dead? Did I never meet him? Did he leave? If the first, I would mourn him. If the second, I would have no idea, therefore I wouldn’t care. If the third, I would hunt him down and demand to know why.

What sort of responsibilities did you have as prince? I was mainly an overseer, of many different things. I appointed who would train our soldiers, I devised exercise strategies, I oversaw the care of the stables and often played ambassador for Tirran. That being said, I had a good deal of free time on my hands once my studies were through, and often spent them in less-than-useful ways.

What is the most annoyingest thing Tylir has ever done? The most annoying…est? I assume you are referring to the time he loosened the cinch on my saddle so that I fell off. Or perhaps you mean the time he stuffed my pastry with grass… Or are you asking for pranks he played when he was a child?

How much do you remember of your Father? I remember a good deal of my father. He was firm and could appear harsh, but he had a soft heart and his strength, though often mistaken for sternness, was what kept the kingdom together. When he was relaxed, his laugh would come readily and often.

Have you seen the picture Mirriam drew of you holding a gun, circa 2009? What are your thoughts on it?

I still am at a loss as to what a gun is, and I have no idea why I am pointing one at the viewer. Mirriam? (Hey, um. *cough* Sorry, Eristor. That was an OOLLLDD plotline… not sure if it’s still going to happen or not. Probably not. But then again…. I’m not helping. Just – I don’t know. Just look at the ruddy picture.)

Are you slightly nervous (because Eristor is never out right SCARED) of what Mirriam might put you through? It occasionally keeps me awake at nights. Mainly because I hear faint, echoing laughter that does not sound as if it will have pleasant repercussions for me. Fortunately for me, at the moment she is taking her maniacal tendencies out on two people named Mir and Eva, whom I’ve never met.
Do you like having his own little fanclub? Or do you not know….? ….I have a fan club?  (Hey, Mirriam again. I, uh, tend not to tell characters if they have fanclubs for fear they might become impossible to work with. Only Mir knows about his, and that’s because he needs all the love he can get.)

What about pink? Do you like pink? I certainly don’t despise it, but I would personally never be caught alive in it.

Have you ever rode a Korrabeast? No, I have not. They are not indigenous to my country.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Unless I missed a question or you have more, this is the last section! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please know that it took a lot of willpower for Eristor to buckle down and answer these, and I put up with many glares on the side. Sienna thought it was hilarious, and Alec can’t stop poking fun, so I’m sure Eristor will only act more irrascibly with me from now on.

On another note: A few people have mentioned the lack of recent artwork around here, so I’m showing you the illustration for the next issue of Aletheia magazine! It’s a new style, but I had fun with it. NOTE: I’ve also been lagging behind on letters. I’m so sorry, I’m working on art commissions and balancing them is more difficult than it sounds. You WILL get your letters, you WILL get your artwork – this is what I get for being a social butterfly during my senior year. ALTHOUGH I DID FINISH ALGEBRA. TODAY. I AM DONE WITH IT. AFTER FOUR YEARS. I HAVE CRUSHED IT!!*eheheh. eheh. ehe.*


46 thoughts on “In which Eristor finally gets around to answering the rest of his questions

  1. The picture at the end is amazing! Her hair…wow. Anyway… my favourite answer had to be the “pink” one. That’s the best answer in the world: “I certainly don’t despise it, but I would personally never be caught alive in it.” Awesome. Made my day. 🙂 I hadn’t really “met” Eristor until these interviews. He’s a pretty awesome character. Complicated. Tough. Fun to right, eh?! :]

  2. ‘Merely unpleasant’. Oh goodness. I laughed so hard. xD

    Oooh, I love that picture at the end! Love the hair!

    HUZZAH FOR CRUSHING ALGEBRA! Let’s hope that I passed the final, too… Then we can be happy and without algebra. (Though I still have to take Algebra 2… bleh.) And was that Loki/Tom Hiddleston laughter at the end, there?

  3. Now now Eristor. I think you need to wear pink at least once. (Sienna, Tylir, Alec…you three must do something about getting him into that color).

    MIRRIAM! You MUST keep the gun plot line! Even though I don’t even know what it is/was…you MUST!!

    Those were pranks Tylir played as an Adult? Well done Tylir. Well done.

    • HAHAA, I think Eristor really WOULD rather die before he wore pink. XD He considers it a very feminine color. Oh goodness, the gun plotline… oh dear…. it’s very complicated… XD
      I know. I thought Tylir showed extraordinary… um…. friendship. XD

      • Aw Come on Eristor. Any TRUE man can wear punk and still be manly.

        Oh dear. Chakra is in a fit of giggles. She is hatching a plot to get Vice to wear pink. And sparkles. Good gracious Chakra, NOT a unicorn headband!!!!

        Exscuse me. Vice is threatening to kill Chakra. Pardon me while I intercept this duel between my characters….

  4. Eristor… I must agree with his opinion on pink, though XD I loved Sienna’s comparison of Eristor and chocolate =D

    Gorgeous drawing!!! The hair is lovely!

    And as a last thought… I am jealous of you finishing algebra. I failed Algebra 2 last year (which, ironically, I was taking in 8th grade… :P) so my mom is making me go through Algebra 1, 2 and geometry again <_<

  5. I think Tylir needs to prank Eristor more often, because those were hilarious. 🙂 *ducks before Eristor can throw something*
    And I concur–you simply must keep the gun plot!

  6. I still see “kebab.” I know it’s “kelehb,” but I still see “kebab.” Probably always will. Glad to make you smile. Sorry, Eristor – though probably don’t know what kebabs are.

  7. He has a BROTHER??? O_O WHAT. EXPLAIN.

    Tylir pranks? ❤ !!!

    Sienna totally needs to call them kebab sticks. And Alec can say Eristor would shish-kebab her if she did. XD

    Dark bitter chocolate bar! Now I want one…

    Eristor with a GUN??? O_O WHAT.

    Pink! XD ("They always say that about pink. Does that mean when they're dead we can bury them in pink coffins?"–my sis's contribution… XD)

    Don't give Alec ideas! Laughing so hard it hurt! Faint echoing laughter! Fanclub! XD There is much hilarity here. 😀 😀 😀

    *highfives you on the Algebra being defeated and crushed. Like a grape*

    LETTERS YAY! (Mine was too long, wasn't it? And four months old and all. Whoops… Sorry! XD)

    :O LOVELY DRAWING. It's sooo beautiful!! ❤

  8. Oh my goodness! Eristor, you’re hilarious! Don’t wear pink, thankyouverymuch. I’m strongly against males in pink.

    Miri, (mind if I call you that?) you’re simply epic!!!!! The pink thing… I was at a youth conference and I must’ve been very sleep deprived… I was trying to tell someone that I saw a shirt that said, “Only tough guys wear pink” but ‘fat’ came out instead… and many other things happened… so by the end of the conference, my friend and I were going, “Only fat guys wear fluzzy pink turts.” XD

    • You certainly may call me Miri; everybody else does! *laugh* Only fat guys wear fluzzy pink turts – I shall remember this!! I need to try going to a conferene while I’m sleep-deprived. XD

      • Thank you! ^.^ Heh… yeah… *sheepish grin* It was funny. XD But the conference was like 3 days long (went to bed at 12 and woke up at about 7:00/7:45)

        OH! I had a sleepover with Caelan and we had many ditzy moments. XD It was so fun! Her birthday was Sunday!!!!! =D And we had peanut butter pie. I gave her the recipe and now she’s in love with it. XD

        Gee whiz. O.o How on earth do I manage to talk so much???? I guess girls have a knack for that sort of thing…………………………..

    • Oh, yes. They most certainly. They say I’m ‘prying’ to which I sniff and answer that it isn’t prying if I created them in the first place. (They still argue that point)

  9. LOLLLL…. Eristor has been getting a nice break, thanks to Mir and Eva… but so nice to see him again! XD
    torture = merely unpleasant? O.o *cough* I so do not envy you your life…
    ‘the most annoying…est?’ XD nice… And no, I cannot manage to picture you in pink. The image simply will not come together in my head without giving me a headache.
    Oooooh… I am DEFINITELY looking forward to this whole brother thing… Very much indeed. 😀

    CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING ALGEBRA, MIRI!!!!! 😀 That is such a lovely feeling… 😀

  10. Eristor… pink… Eristor… pink. Conflicting mental images here… Miri, please don’t force him to wear it. I want you to live til you’ve finished the next book. THEN you can make him wear pink(if you can) XD

    YES! Congrats on algebra! I share your pain, and your victory!!!

    I am officially dying for you to finish the next book. You keep dropping hints of what’s gonna be in it…

    Okay, this idea almost goes along with the gun/chocolate thing, but have you ever thought of sending Eristor, Sienna, Alec, and Tylir to New York? As a kind of reverse of what happened to Sienna and Alec? Maybe not a whole book but a short story for the benefit of your bloggies? *Alec puppy dog eyes**blinkblink*

    I love the way you described him as a chocolate bar. That was perfect.

    Kebab sticks; YESS!!!!!!! Never thought of it that way before, but LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE!!!!!!!

    I am a totally addicted fangirl to your works already. Keep it up!

    • As a matter of fact, the Elmeria peoples ending up in NYC was a big part of the first draft
      of the second book. I’ve scrapped it, but I think I’m going to write a for-fun story where
      that happens anyway XD HOORAY FOR KEBAB STICKS!!!!

        • Oh, and I have a question for Eristor: What was your first impression of Sienna? When she ran into you in the hall, what was the first thing that you thought of when you saw her laying on the floor?

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