I simply remember my favorite things

Now, I don’t have a particular fondness for whiskers on kittens,  there are a great many things that I do have fondness for. I am always keeping my eyes open for new things to love, and so I thought I’d share a list of things that make me smile.  Mind you, these aren’t the huge important things worth living for, but as C. S. Lewis said, they make life worth living. I’d love to see some of yours!

♦ Brightly colored nail polish

♦ Quotes (I have quotes all over my walls, I love quotes!)

♦ Music videos (I especially like the ones with stories. Dancing is great as long as it’s cool dancing, but – I’m looking at you, SM – I get a little tired of just well-dressed guys dancing in oddly-lit rooms. I like stories, like Bang Yong Guk’s ‘I Remember’ or UKiss’s ‘0330’).

♦ That perfect pen that feels right in my hand and writes like a dream

♦ Tearing out pictures from magazines to put on my wall

♦ Emails from friends, those times when they post on my Facebook with things like ‘You make me smile’ or ‘I’m glad you’re my friend.’

♦ When somebody loves the same character as much as I do and we can talk about them for hours

♦ Big, bright sunglasses

♦ Geeky pieces of jewelry

♦ CDs. I burn CDs, sure, but I love having the actual thing. This is why I love Korean CDs -they package them so amazingly, with huge, detailed covers, extra pictures, posters, cards – and often, they’re less expensive than American CDs!

♦ Finding a kindred spirit

♦ Going to pet stores and petting all the animals (I have to do this again; it’s been a long time)

♦ That moment when everything seems perfect and nothing could be better

♦ Looking out my window at night and watching the airplanes make patterns across the sky

♦ Ice cream

♦ Days when I feel exceptionally pretty

♦ Asking a story employee a question and ending up having a fun conversation with them

♦ When mom and dad surprise me by bringing me something from the store

♦ A full inbox

♦ Making trailers and graphics for my books

♦ Blasting a song I love in the car and singing to it at the top of my lungs while my arm hangs out the window and catches wind

♦ Getting inspired on Etsy for all sorts of do-it-yourself projects

♦ Anything that reminds me of a fairytale or favorite book, movie, TV show, band – you know, when you see something and go “Oooohhh, hey look, this is exactly like the one in so-and-so!” or “This looks just like whatshisnose!” No? You don’t know what I’m talking about? ……….Sad. Just sad.

♦ When I make a cup of tea and it’s perfect

♦ The fairy lights in my room

♦ When I see something cool at a store and I can actually afford it

♦ Hearing a new song that I love and listening to it over and over and over and over and over…

♦ NaNoWriMo! The prepping, the writing, the inspiring, the writing, the panic, the writing…

♦ Those moments when you really feel God speaking to you

♦ Beautiful pictures that transport me to another place

♦ Doing random crazy things like asking perfect strangers if they’re professors. (Yes, I did that at Starbucks – turns out he worked at a nuclear power plant! I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long ways toward being extroverted, especially if you consider how shy I was when I was younger)

♦ Plotting deliciously hilarious things to do with friends when we get together

♦ Finding the perfect model for one of my characters

♦ Reading to my nephew Silas at Starbucks every Thursday

♦ When I finish school early and have lots of free time

♦ When my sister and I keep glancing at each other and trying not to laugh because the surrounding conversation is connecting with dozens of private jokes

♦ Finding the sheet music for a song I love – and it isn’t filled with sharps! (I can play 3 flats just fine, but more than one sharp and I have the hardest time…)

This music video. It really makes me want to write a story about it…. I’m not gonna lie, it made me tear up the first time I saw it. And the second. And,  I do believe, the third.


39 thoughts on “I simply remember my favorite things

  1. Mirriam, you make me smile! Doing crazy things was my favorite, I must admit *cough* XD I do that all the time…

  2. Couldn’t help nodding and smiling at all of the above! I love reading about my friends stories, learning new things about characters, and so much more. ^.^ That music video was beautiful! Here are a few that make me smile 😉


  3. Tea, that perfect magical cup of tea……… BUT!!! Nanowrimo – you and I had very different experiences…….

  4. Ah, many of these go for me as well. “Finding kindred spirits”, “Full inbox”, etc. Only problem with full inbox is that panic you get when you get a deliciously long email and then don’t know what to say in reply… 😉

      • Haha, yeah, that doesn’t always happen to me; and even though it occasionally does, I love long emails so much it kind of outnumbers the panic (…if that made any sense). ;D

        • Oh, definitely. =D I usually feel bad when they’re so long (I ADORE long emails) that I have to wait like a day or two to answer them!

          • And does this waiting a day or two kind of triple . . . times a hundred . . . with long letters? *headdesk* Ah, how foolish art I… XD

            I love long emails too! ❤

  5. Love these! It’s funny– we both had random posts today! Mine was just ten random facts, but maybe tomorrow I’ll do a “favorite things” post. 😀

    Bright colored nail polish is so fun– I think I’m going to repaint my toe nails today– they’re gold right now, but I want something more bright and fun for the summer. And definitely geeky pieces of jewelry! My favorite bracelet is a metal bracelet with the words “Bow Ties are Cool” on it, with a red bow tie. $5 from Etsy, and a great purchase. I looove it. Also I have a shrinki-dink necklace with a purple elephant on it, representing my writing group on NaNo. 🙂 These things make me so happy.

    And fairy lights are just so lovely. I have fairy lights on my big window in my room. Though they partly fell down this morning and scared me silly. 😛

  6. tears. That is so beautiful…I was getting shivers through the video, and then the end struck me like a semi truck of beautiful tears.

    (Talking about the Song…BTW. XD)

  7. Hurray for quotes and the perfect pen and sooo many others on that list! As for “you make me smile” and “I’m glad you’re my friend”, who COULDN’T say those things about you?? ^_^ Those are true of me SO OFTEN!

    Hmm . . . a “story employee”? Wow. O_O

    And I’m guessing your inbox is full a lot! =D

    Nano description? Right. On. Target. ❤

    …Now I have "Favorite Things" stuck in my head. You like to get songs stuck in my head don't you? XD

    • I LOVE having a full inbox; I guess because I email a lot, I get tons of replies! It’s great.
      Golden slumbers… Favorite Things….
      sorry. XD

      • Actually, it was “You are My Sunshine” and “Favorite Things”… Hey, at least they’re happy, fluffy kind of songs! 😀

            • I didn’t mean *literally*, you silly person! XD I meant online. Because since you keep mistaking me for her we appear to be either very much the same person OR I’m very forgettable and she is not. Either way. 😀 OR she’s a certain friend of mine who is exactly like me…

            • *laughs* She’s awesome, but lives in another state. Like all my honorary siblings. XD YOU SILLY!!! Neither of you are forgettable in any way, so knock that idea from your head! XD

  8. I will do a favorite things post on my blog tonight! Also, this is kind of random, but can you possibly explain NaNoWriMo to me? I have heard lots of other bloggers talk about it as well, but I have never really known what it is.

  9. Stupid question: how do you “feel exceptionally pretty”? (“I feel pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright” – is that how it goes?)

    If you like music videos that tell a story, you might want to check out Sleepthief’s YouTube videos; some of his tell stories (such as Tenuous and Eurydice) and others that don’t have lyrics that are very deep still sound pretty and some of the other music videos look nice too, even if they’re taken inside a building. For instance, look at the video for Reason Why: I think the song sounds beautiful, and the video looks nice – the location is a church or cathedral or something and looks beautiful, and it’s not oddly-lit; the lighting and dreamy look
    is nice. Perhaps you’ll like Sleepthief like I do after you listen to some of his/their music. 🙂
    Also, you might like OasisUnlimited’s montage videos (http://YouTube.com/oasisunlimited); some are made of clips from action movies and look very cool, and you might like the song, Prelude 12/21, by AFI, used in one montage. (I like it) 🙂

    • *bursts out singing the rest of the song, but stops because I don’t know it all* Ahem.
      Generally speaking, I’m quite happy with myself; 90 percent of the time. Five percent of the time, I just feel like I look exceptionally good that day; my complexion is clear, my hair is doing what I want it to, I feel thin, my makeup goes on well – that sort of thing. And then there’s the five percent of the time when I look in the mirror and want to pull a sack over my head, but it’s only five percent so I don’t worry about it. =D Ooooh, yay! Music videos! Thank you SOSO much!!

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